why is revlon colorsilk so cheap

Why Is Revlon Colorsilk so cheap? This thought might have crossed your mind if you love coloring your hair.

Charles Revson established the company now known as Revlon, in 1932. From that point forward, it became a staple in most stores’ cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sections.

The company has a fantastic range of cosmetics, including blush, mascara, lipstick, and nail polish.

And you just cannot ignore how popular their hair dye Revlon Colorsilk is.

When it comes to permanent hair dyes, Revlon Colorsilk is one of the cheapest options available.

But, you should not let the low price tag deter you from giving it a try because, in this case, cheap is not necessarily bad.

But, it is natural to think, “Why is Revlon hair dye so cheap if it is also good?”

It is because Revlon does not delve into fierce marketing and cuts corners in certain ways to maintain a low price tag.

Tip: Consider going a shade darker than your desired color because Colorsilk often leaves you with a very dark color. 

 Why Is Revlon Colorsilk So Cheap If It Is Good?

why is revlon cheap

Imagine this:

You decide to dye your hair a very dark brown to hide the excessive amount of white hair that makes you look like an old hag.

Why? Because it complements your natural color.

Now, to maintain that color and keep those white buggers off, you will need constant touchups.

Where would you end up if you had to spend so much money every few weeks?

So, what’s the alternative? Go Revlon!

Because it is cheap enough to help you use it repeatedly to maintain your refined hair color! 

What Makes Revlon Colorsilk a Cheap Hair Dye?

It is cheap, but not in the wrong way.

Even though it has been around, it still managed to stick with its low price over the years. And there are a number of factors leading to this. 

Low Marketing Cost

Of course, no business can survive without a marketing campaign, but you do not need to be fierce sometimes.

And that seems to be helping Revlon Colorsilk.

Compare it with companies like Garnier, Koleston, and L’Oreal, and you will notice that Revlon is not in the run in terms of marketing.

low marketing cost

Is it shocking that in the midst of the pandemic, “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria has been using television and social media to flaunt her silver hair and promote L’Oréal’s Excellence line of hair dyes?

To what extent do you believe L’Oréal spent on that advertisement?

A lot more than what Revlon would! Because they know it is hard to compete with large brands in marketing and promotion.

So, understandably, Revlon saves that money and uses it towards keeping its price low. 

High Market Competition

These brands have dominated their respective markets for so long. And now they have a sizable portion of the market to themselves.

To a large extent, their prices are equivalent.

The exact cost is, of course, dependent on a number of variables, including where you live and the store you visit.

But, you can see that Revlon Colorsilk is priced lower than other hair dyes.

Indeed, there is a lot of rivalry in the hair dye industry. Dozens of hair dye brands are vying for consumers’ attention daily.

color dye brand competition

If you want to compete with other hair dyes that are functionally identical to yours, you need to lower your price.

And that is exactly what Revlon does!

To save money, why won’t you switch to Revlon ColorSilk if you find that it provides results comparable to Garnier’s? 

Savings on Packaging

Another critical consideration is the kit presentation and overall packaging.

The boxes of Revlon’s Colorsilk hair dye, for instance, are noticeably smaller than those of competing brands.

That helps keep the price gap while reducing expenses.

Apparently, they know how to play it smartly by delivering quality while cutting corners in a seamless way.

As you color with your Revlon Colorsilk set, you will notice that the gloves are made of synthetic material or nylon.

save on packaging

Gloves offered by competitors are typically made of latex, but these are both more expensive and more uncomfortable.

Tip: Be ready to buy new, latex gloves because those clingy cheap plastic gloves you get with Colorsilk are basically useless. 

Low-Cost Post-Coloring Treatment

Talk about cutting corners, and you will notice Revlon doing the same pertaining to post-coloring treatment.

The sachet has replaced the miniature plastic bottle it once came in.

And, of course, this translates into reduced expenses, which ultimately helps keep Colorsilk the “cheapest” dye on the market.

Many top brands now offer many reusable pre- and post-color treatments.

A color reactivator was something Koleston bundled into their products a few years ago, remember?

post treatment

Adding in extra frills that manufacturers know women will appreciate drives up the price.

And Revlon seems to ignore these tactics, focusing more on doing what they do best – delivering a fine-quality dye! 

Limited Color Palettes

The lower cost of Revlon ColorSilk can also be attributed to another factor – its limited color palettes!

That’s right, the range of colors available is limited.

Comparatively, Koleston has 42 shades, though not all of them are available in every country. Revlon Colorsilk, on the other hand, has 29.

It is not a huge difference, but it matters.

This variation results from a diligent effort from a team of specialists who strive relentlessly to create novel colorways and combinations.

Shade diversity increases returns on investment, but it also pushes the cost of the product up.

limited colors

Revlon ColorSilk is able to provide a more affordable and widely available hair dye for women because it does not produce as many variants. 

Tip: Be sure to slather some Vaseline or petroleum jelly around the hairline because Colorsilk has a runny formula and is difficult to manage. 

Is Revlon Colorsilk Any Good?

Okay, so now you have gathered why Colorsilk is cheap and still manages to maintain a share in the market. But, that leaves you with another question:

Is Revlon Colorsilk good even though the prices are so low?

Definitely, without a doubt!

Online retailers consistently give Revlon ColorSilk hair dye five-star reviews. Nearly all users noted improved hair quality after using it.

But, will it hurt my scalp, and what about the smell?

It is common knowledge that the chemicals in hair dyes are bad for hair, especially when used frequently.

will it hurt scalp

Thankfully, you do not need to worry because it does not smell bad. That is mainly because it lacks harsh ingredients. 

For that reason, it is great for people with scalp sensitivities!

Okay, so how about coverage, especially when you have stubborn grey hair?

Oh, it will surprise you – pleasantly, of course!  Because it successfully hides even the most stubborn grey hair, it is a great all-around product.

And you will not believe how affordable it is! Or, you already know that, don’t you? 

Does Revlon Colorsilk Contain Ammonia?

It delivers great results without damaging hair because of its ammonia-free formulation.

The ammonia in hair dyes is what helps the hair lighten.

However, this colorless substance can damage your hair’s cuticle and cause your locks to dry out if you use it often.

The end result is hair that is dry and prone to frizz.

hair prone to frizz

Indeed, that is not all!

Ammonia can enter the bloodstream through the scalp as well.

Inhaling it can aggravate existing respiratory issues, increase the risk of developing new ones, and aggravate existing eye, sinus, and throat infections.

The good news is that Revlon Colorsilk contains no ammonia, so it will not dry out your hair. Oh, you can finally rest easy! 

How Permanent is Revlon Colorsilk?

Revlon Colorsilk is a long-lasting hair dye, yes. But that does not mean it will stick around forever.

Though they are called “permanent,” hair dyes of any brand can eventually lose their intensity. So, you do still require periodic coloring!

The good thing is that Revlon ColorSilk only requires touchups every 6-8 weeks, depending on hair growth. 

hair color
Tip: Do not wash your hair too often to help your Colorsilk results last longer.


Revlon Colorsilk is one outstanding dye, and you may already know that if you use it.

But, you may also be wondering, “Why is Revlon Colorsilk so cheap despite its incredible performance?”

Many factors play a role, but the low price tag is mainly due to their reduced costs for presentation, marketing, and kit contents.

If you can live with its limited color options, Revlon will continue to surprise you with its performance.

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