why is my black hair turning brown

You asked “Why Is My Black Hair Turning Brown?” and I’ve come up with answers. Your black hair turning brown can be a real menace, annoying and frustrating.

You will therefore be a lot interested to know why it started. If yours already has, then read this article for answers and more. 

Your hair quickly turning brown from black might be from either nutritional deficiency, low-quality hair products, or UVA and UVB rays. 

Why Is My Black Hair Turning Brown?

why black hair turns brown

I can’t keep you waiting on this, it is a matter of urgency and we need to paint it in black and white.

Your black hair is a treasure, you do not want anything happening to it and you will do whatever it takes to maintain it. 

So if you’re asking the question, “why does my black hair turn brown?” just know that it signals that something must be wrong.

As much as black hair turning brown happens to most individuals, it is uncalled for and unwanted.

It is therefore in order that you find out why your good black hair started to turn brown and how you can stop it.

In the meantime, below are some of the reasons black hair might be turning brown. 

UV Rays

uv sun rays

UVA and UVB sunlight rays are the greatest threat to your black hair.

The more you get exposed to the sun, the more chances of your black hair becoming brown.

This happens to individuals who are exposed to sunlight rays for too long either because of their profession, during games, or meetings. 

Try as much as you can to avoid direct sunlight rays to save yourself from losing your black hair. 

UVA and UVB rays are high between 11 AM and 4 PM, and they are worse at midday when the sun is above the head and burning. 

This is when you should avoid it and stay indoors or in the shade a lot more than at any other time.

Washing Hair With Mineral Water

wash hair mineral water

Next on the list is the type of water with which you are washing your hair. Most people do not care about the type of water they wash their hair with. 

They don’t care whether it should be warm or cold is quite irrelevant to them. The lack of knowledge in this is what raises the chances of your hair tarnishing quickly. 

There are two types of water, soft and hard types.

Soft water is made of minerals such as sodium, while its hard water counterpart comprises magnesium and calcium. 

Mineral content is higher in hard water and that is why you shouldn’t be washing your hair with it.

It deposits the minerals into the scalp, which in the long run, tamper with the texture and color. 


genetic characteristics

Is it right to say that you should put the blame on genetics?

Do your parents or any family members had this as an underlying issue and it was rooted in their blood? 

If so, then there are higher chances that your browning hair might be resulting from genetic programming.

You start to lose your dark hair color and in this event, there is very little that can be done about it to restore the natural hair color. 

Note: Usually, this happens more as an internal factor than an external one. 

Melanin Count

There is the coloring pigment that defines whether one is darker or browned. This chemical known as melanin also has a hand in whether your hair color is darker or browner. 

The color of the hair is determined by how much melanin is produced in your body. The more the count, the darker your hair strands and vice versa. 

Melanin is a product from special body cells known as melanocytes. When their count gradually begins to decline, it will mean that there is less melanin being produced. 

Hence there won’t be enough hair coloring pigment. The darker hair will begin to fade and a browner tone will start to take over. 



Ageing comes with a lot of body changes. Other than the wrinkles on your face, the black hair starts to disappear and is replaced by white hair or brown hair. 

So, if your hair is browning as a result of your age, then do not fret that is normal, and you should feel good about it. 

What You Should Do When Your Hair Starts To Turn Reddish Brown

reddish brown hair

You asked “why is my black hair turning reddish brown” and now you have the answers.

Your dark hair turning brown shouldn’t be the death of you!

You still could restore your good natural hair, but this would only happen if you had the willingness and the drive. 

Getting out of your comfort zone and fighting for your dark hair shall help more than worrying.

So below are the things you must do to protect your quickly fading dark hair in chronological order following the reasons above. 

Tip: The more you wait, the browner your hair color gets.

UV Rays

Sunlight UVA and UVB rays accelerate the decolorization of melanin.

They are the greatest threat to good-looking dark hair and higher in people who spend most of their time operating in the open sun. 

You have two options that will save your hair from turning brown. 

That is, you either invest in sunscreen, that, other than saving your hair from browning, will as well prevent it from drying out.

Second, you can keep off the sun, especially when it is too hot and that is at midday. 

Tip: Cover your hair with a cap while working in the hot sun. 

Washing Hair With Mineral Water

wash hair mineral water

Mineral water, especially hard water, has more minerals than soft water so it’s hazardous to your dark hair. 

What you should do here is either avoid hard water as much as possible and use the softer option while washing your hair.

Or boil hard water first before using it to wash your dark hair if that’s what’s available.

Tip: Boiling hard water softens it by breaking down the minerals. 


Genetic programming may not have a way back. This might end up being natural and if you do nothing, then the old dark hair will be lost for good.

In the event that you realize your dark hair is fading because of genetics, then opt for dark artificial hair color if you like it. 

Melanin Count

melanin count

Although there is no clinical way to improve your melanin count, a good diet has been revealed to increase the amount of melanin.

You should feed on more proteins and Vitamins and use antioxidants. 

Other Ways To Protect Your Black Hair from Turning Brown

how to protect hair

Other than the methods highlighted above, you can also protect your black hair from browning by doing the following. 

  1. Cover your hair in a cap whenever the sun is hot. 
  2. Use a leave-in hair conditioner
  3. Use more natural hair products than those made with chemicals. 
  4. Stop washing your hair with cold water, hot water is also not advisable, instead use lukewarm water. 
  5. Regularly wash your hair with vinegar to maintain good black look. 


I’m glad that you now know the answer to the question “Why Is My Black Hair Turning Brown?” 

From reading this article, you realize that your black hair turning brown might either be from the inside or the outside. 

If it is from the inside when it is affected by genetics and age. If it happens and the reason isn’t either of the two, then you should start worrying.

In this article, you have also learned of the best practices that will keep your black hair black.

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