why doesn't makeup look good on me

Why doesn’t makeup look good on me no matter what I do? If you ask this yourself, know that you’re not alone.

Makeup application is an art that doesn’t always lead to flawless results like any other human activity. In fact, even A-listers had their imperfections airbrushed out of photos just like everyone else.

Makeup’s main purpose is to highlight a person’s attractive features.

However, it may not appear perfect on all skin tones without something like a primer. It’s also possible to make mistakes. 

After all, blush can also smudge unintentionally, the foundation can look cakey, and drawn-on eyebrows might look too harsh if applied too heavily.

So, why do I still look bad after makeup, you ask?

You may not look good in makeup if you don’t consider your skin tone and learn how to use the right tools to create the right effects.

Tip: Simply apply some micellar water to a cotton swab and use it on your eyes to get rid of smudged mascara quickly. 

Why Doesn’t Makeup Look Good On Me All The Time?

why makeup doesnt look good

Many women don’t realize that makeup is only a way to enhance your special features.

If you say, “heck! I don’t look good with makeup, ” it could be because you failed to handle the process correctly. 

Here are some reasons why your makeup might not look perfect on you. 

You Pick The Wrong Foundation

Choosing the wrong foundation means your makeup doesn’t blend in with your skin.

It might cause your head to stand out in stark contrast to the rest of your body. Don’t do this unless you’re planning on dressing as a vampire.

What To Do?

Having clear boundaries between your neck, face, and chest is not ideal.

When picking out the perfect shade, make sure it blends in well by swiping a sample over your jawline. 

You Use Under-Eye Concealer Incorrectly

eye concealer

There is a qualitative difference between a gently brightened under-eye area and an unflattering glow. 

What To Do?

Use a concealer in a peachy tint to cover up any shadiness. It works because it’s universally flattering and helps cancel out blue tones.

To finish, apply a liquid concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone and contains light-reflecting particles.

If you find that your under-eye makeup has begun to crease by midday, try setting it with a translucent powder in a flesh tone. 

You Hide Pimples Incorrectly

No one wants to live with those pimples, but they seem to hit you at the wrong time.

Does that mean you should use a bright concealer to hide it? Probably not. 

What To Do?

As unpleasant as it is to have a pimple, the last thing you want to do is call more attention to it.

So don’t cover it with a lighter concealer and pick a color-correcting concealer to get better results.

You Forget To Focus On Your Chest

foundation on chest

You’re not going to look good in makeup if you wear a dress that reveals ample chest but you don’t use your foundation there.

Your décolletage will look awful if you don’t apply foundation all the way up to your chest.

You have to do it if you don’t want to end up with a two-toned appearance that’s not attractive. 

What To Do?

Apply foundation smoothly to your neck and chest using a moist makeup sponge. 

You Ignore Ears When Applying Makeup

No matter how you wear your hair, if your ears don’t match the rest of your face, you’ll look like a mess.

For example, when celebrities walk the red carpet, they look more even because the flash bulbs capture all of their exposed skin. 

What To Do?

Be sure to use a beauty sponge and blend your foundation right on your ear area for a uniform look.

Tip: Consider blending with your fingers if your makeup looks a bit cakey later in the day. 

You Use Blush Incorrectly

wrong blush

Don’t expect to look good in makeup if your blush is in all the wrong places.

Blush’s intended purpose is to provide the appearance of a flushed face.

The area of your cheeks closest to your nose and a little bit lower will naturally flush first.

What To Do?

To avoid seeming like you have a stuffy nose, blush shouldn’t get close to your nose or be applied too heavily to your temples.

It needs to spread outward from your cheekbones, giving you a healthy glow. 

You Do Nothing For Smudgy Eye

No one can resist the allure of a smoky eye. But be careful not to let it smudge over your cheeks after a few hours.

It may be the case if you wear dark eye makeup and apply it close to your lower lash line. 

What To Do?

Makeup smudges and spills can be quickly remedied with the help of some good quality makeup eraser kits.

You can carry one in a clutch and use it as needed throughout the evening. 


Your Eye Liner Makes You Look Tired

You won’t look any better with reddish-brown liner because it will make your eyes appear red and weary. 

What To Do?

If you don’t want to wear black, you can choose from a wide variety of other colors for your liner, like grey, aubergine, navy, and real brown.

These tones will highlight your natural eye color while drawing attention to the whites of your eyes, giving you a refreshed appearance.

Tip: Make use of a translucent setting powder if you're worried about undereye concealer creases during the day.

Tips To Help You Look Good In Makeup

makeup tips to look good

Now that you know why you might not look good in makeup, let’s talk about some tips to help you look stunning. 

Pick The Right Tools

Remember, using the wrong tool only translates into a wrong look.

Makeup application is a lot more precise if you use the proper tool. Also, what works for someone won’t necessarily work for you as well.

While many who swear by moist beauty sponges would insist that it improves the quality of any foundation, this is not always the case.

Because blending in a moist ingredient can ruin the effectiveness of many different formulas.

While a makeup brush allows you to apply foundation precisely where and how you want it, a beauty sponge might leave your skin looking cakey.

To get an airbrushed finish, many ladies favor using domed round brushes or dense oval-shaped brushes. You may consider the same. 

Always Make The Right Use Of Primer

use right primer

Some women just don’t see the need to apply primer, but if you’re having trouble with your makeup, know it was intended for you!

Does your eyeshadow fade throughout the day and makes you look tired? You need primer, gals!

The best primer will keep your makeup in place all day and night. Your primer may be the culprit if your face makeup seems to evaporate, migrate, or settle unevenly. 

Use Enough To Create An Effect

If you’re going for makeup, don’t stop halfway. You need to do it wholeheartedly to look stunning in makeup. 

Far too many women think less is more when it comes to makeup. For the most part, it’s true, but you still need to know how much is actually needed.

Also, it’s not all about wearing “more” makeup but understanding that some products need more.

If you’re not using enough of your eyeshadow, it won’t create the desired look.

If your complexion looks lifeless even after applying blush, it could be because you’re not using enough. And if you are, try switching up the shade to get better results. 

Know When It’s A Bit Too Much

too much makeup

Many women make the mistake of focusing on too many areas.

While certain celebs seem to effortlessly pull off smoky eyes with a bold lip color, the look can be a bit much for the average person.

Just put some eyeliner on your upper lids and leave, or some lipstick on your lower lip and you’re all set to go. 

Learn To Use False Lashes The Right Way

Don’t try false lashes if you don’t know how to use them flawlessly. Putting on false lashes is a risky endeavor that can quickly go wrong.

What if you don’t want a pro to handle the task but still want to use a whole strip?

In this case, put the band of lashes as near to your lash line as possible. Then, trace over it with eyeliner after they’re dry.

To some extent, this will conceal where the fabrications start and stop. But if you’re skilled at applying individual lashes, the results will always be more realistic.

false lashes
Tip: Opt for a spoolie and use it at the base of your eyelashes if your clumpy mascara makes you look bad in makeup. 


When you constantly worry about, “Why doesn’t makeup look good on me?” the chances are you’re making a mistake somewhere.

You can work wonders using the right makeup and tools. 

Learn to identify mistakes that keep you from getting the desired look and you’ll fall in love with yourself, all over again!

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