why does my makeup look dry and cracked

Oh, God! Why does my makeup look dry and cracked after all the time spent making it look perfect?

After hours of hard work, watching your foundation look cracked on your face is not a pretty sight.

To learn how to prevent makeup foundation from cracking and looking patchy and flaky, you must first fix certain issues.

So, why does your makeup look dry and bad?

Well, it is because of the mistakes you make during the application process and the products that may not be best suited for your skin type.

Tip: Use a fluffy brush to dab translucent powder on your skin and cover any imperfections that make your makeup look cakey. 

Why Does My Makeup Look Dry and Cracked and How to Fix It?

why do makeup look dry and cracked

Trying to deal with cracked foundation or dry makeup can be extremely frustrating, but know that you can avoid it.

You just need to identify what may be causing it. Fixing the following may help make things right. 

You May Not be Using Cleanser

If your skin is dry and you do not use the right cleanser, expect your makeup to turn out all dry and cracked.

Instead, pick a gentle cleanser that keeps your skin’s natural oils intact.

If your skin is already dry, you should probably stay away from harsh chemicals like alcohol.

Instead, try some nourishing face wash, which is mild and has a creamy composition.

It removes grime from your skin while hydrating it with hyaluronic acid and ceramides. 

How to Do It?

Using a mild cleanser on dry skin is essential if you want your face to look and feel healthy all day long.

  • Apply the right amount of cleanser to your face
  • Massage it in circular motions
  • Wait for a while, and then wash it off. 

You May Not be Exfoliating Properly

you are not exfoliating properly

Another reason behind your dry and cracked makeup is improper exfoliation.

In most cases, the skin’s natural exfoliation process is sufficient, but it may not be the case for everyone. 

When to Exfoliate

You should exfoliate if your makeup always seems to dry out and crust over.

It will make applying makeup easier and give you a flawless finish. 

Why Does It Matter?

When our pores become clogged with dead skin cells accumulated on the skin’s surface, we look older and less healthy.

This can make skin dull and prone to breakouts. If you want radiant skin, exfoliate at least once a week. 

What to Keep in Mind When Exfoliating?

keep in mind when exfoliationg

The skin can be exfoliated using one of three distinct techniques. Ultimately, you should base your decision on your own skin type and any specific skin issues you may have.

Harsh exfoliants can further irritate dry skin; therefore, it is best to stay away from them.

Try an alpha-hydroxy acid exfoliant for better results. Removing dead skin cells and smoothing out wrinkles are two of its many benefits.

Lotion exfoliant containing AHAs also works great to get rid of dead skin cells and perk up your dull skin.

Be sure to avoid “over-exfoliation” because it can weaken your skin. You should especially avoid it if you have sensitive skin and notice any redness or irritation. 

You May Not be Moisturizing Properly

When applying makeup on dry skin, you risk causing the foundation to crack and peel.

It is important to get an excellent moisturizer formulated for your specific skin type if you want your face to feel less greasy during the day. 

What to Consider When Moisturizing?

what consider when moisturizing

Try applying a thick layer of moisturizer before bed if your face tends to get dry. Then, leave it there through the night for it to take effect.

Apply a lightweight moisturizer before you put on makeup in the morning to ensure your skin stays hydrated throughout the day.

Wait for 5-10 minutes between applying the lotion and putting on makeup to let it fully absorb.

Avoid using heavy moisturizers before applying makeup, since they may take too long to absorb.

Makeup that contains heavy formulae may separate, thus they are best used at night. 

You May Not be Using the Right Primer

As mentioned, applying moisturizer before makeup is essential for a flawless finish.

No matter what your skin type, whether oily or dry, you need to hydrate it.

If you have oily skin and skip moisturizing before applying your base, you may experience the dreaded rebound effect.

As a result, your skin produces more oil to compensate for the loss. Using the right primer can fix the issue. 

What Makes Primers Useful?

what makes the primer useful

Primers are recommended for longer-lasting and more uniform makeup application, although they are not always required.

Primers serve to separate your skin from the foundation. They are used to even out skin tone so that cosmetics may be applied more easily and seamlessly.

They also aid in preventing your makeup from fading or cracking. 

What to Consider Before Using a Primer?

Before applying foundation or powder, those with oily skin should first use a primer formulated to reduce shine and soak up excess oil.

Use a primer made of silicone if your pores are noticeable. Filling in wrinkles and minimizing pores are two of the many benefits it provides to the skin.

A primer containing moisturizing ingredients can help restore moisture to dry skin.

Among the best face primers for dry skin is one that contains vitamin-infused emollients.   

How to Use It?

how to use use primer

Apply a little bit of moisturizing primer over your foundation if you need to retouch your dry makeup during the day.

This tip is useful for avoiding the appearance of flaky makeup.

Tip: Apply a little layer of eye primer over the area you want to cover before applying concealer to make it work longer and better. 

You May Be Using Heavy Foundations

The use of thick makeup can make the skin appear dry and flaky. Use lighter items if you want your makeup to seem flawless.

By minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you may give your skin a more youthful appearance using a lightweight foundation.

Remember, when applied on dry skin, many foundations look and feel terrible.

This is because they can be overly cumbersome and can sometimes blur delicate lines.

You should not pick a foundation carelessly or you won’t be able to fix your makeup issues.

Picking the wrong foundation and using it incorrectly are the biggest reasons why you have dry, cracked makeup. 

Consider Your Skin Type

consider skin type

Use a powder or liquid foundation that does not include oil if you have oily skin.

These powders contain oil-absorbing ingredients to give you a matte appearance.

Oily skin might also benefit from mineral foundations, as the powdery formula helps control oil production.

Those who suffer from dry skin should use a foundation containing hydration, whether a liquid, powder, or stick.

These are extremely hydrating and provide excellent coverage because of their thick, creamy texture.

With sensitive skin, avoid using products with alcohol or fragrance, both of which have the potential to aggravate the skin. Both mineral oil and talc are strictly forbidden.

Tip: Pick your concealer that blends with your skin and use it after foundation for the best results.    

How Do You Fix Cracked Makeup?

fix cracked makeup

Cracking makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make any adjustments and get a flawless final result, especially if the skin has already been sealed.

Additives do not play well with the powder. There are, however, a few techniques that can be employed as a last resort to concealing this minor issue. 

Try Moisturizing Mist

Applying a super-thick layer of hydrating mist all over your face and waiting for it to dry could be the answer.

All of the products you use, whether they are creamy or powdery, will be more effective because of this.

Carefully apply a tiny quantity of base, but this time highly diluted.

Use a moist sponge to spots where the base displays a lot of breaking in the mist; this will make the open regions less noticeable.

Tip: Always use an exfoliating peel pad to get your skin glowing, or else you will just be applying cosmetics to dry, dead skin.

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Finding the answer to “Why does my makeup look dry and cracked?” is essential.

It can save you from wasting hours you spend putting on your makeup.

And considering the fact of how challenging it is to fix cracked makeup, you should be as careful as you can during the makeup process.

Know which products to use and how much to avoid dealing with cracked makeup.

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