why didn't color oops work for me

I get that you’re asking the question, “why didn’t Color Oops work for me?” out of frustration.

If it works on others, why shouldn’t it work on you? Maybe you had planned ahead of time to get rid of the artificial color of your hair.

Then on the said day, armed with color oops, it fails terribly, that can be devastating and tiring.

But relax, take this article for consolation, and a guardian angel on the way forward.

If color oops didn’t work, then it’s because you were trying it on hair not darker than your natural hair or on wet hair. Or maybe it is because of the kind of artificial color you used.

color oops didn't work

Why Didn’t Color Oops Work For Me? 

So now, if color oops didn’t work, then you will have to establish why and find a way to fix it. There are several reasons why color oops may have failed to work for you. 

Below is quickly why color oops may not have worked for you. 

Reason #1: You Applied Color Oops To Wet Hair

apply wet hair

This is the commonest of reasons color oops has detrimentally failed to work with most people. The rule of thumb states that color oops should be used only on dry hair.

That is why, as you plan to get rid of your artificial hair color using color oops, you are not supposed to wash or soak your hair two to three days before removal.

If you do, then this chemical is going to fail terribly.

The campaign for dry hair is just because washing your hair leaves water molecules in it. Now, these molecules dilute color oops, which will quickly become absorbed.

Therefore, I insist that you plan for the artificial hair removal thingy and know when you want to do it.

And in as much as you can, ensure that water stays far away from your hair in the days preceding the application. 

Note: If you had washed your hair before using color oops, then you realize that is the big mistake you made. 

Reason #2: You Chose The Wrong Color Oops For the Wrong Color Tone

While buying color oops for your hair, it is best that you first get to know the color tone of your hair.

Most people buy color oops blindly without putting the tone of their hair into consideration. 

There are two types of color oops in the market, sold based on the tone of the hair.  And they are meant to remove their artificial color.

There is the color oops with extra strength and the second with extra conditioning.

Individuals with darker hair tones, such as black, dark brown, and red, should go for the extra strength option.

While those with lighter hair, such as blonde or orange, should use the extra conditioning color oops option. 

Reason #3: You Did Not Massage Your Hair

massage hair

While applying color oops to your hair, the failure to thoroughly massage it may make it not work well. Although some of the artificial colors will shed off, not all.

Color oops must be massaged deep and rigorously into the root hairs. The faster and better oops penetrates your hair, the safer and better it works.

So if you do not massage your hair to get color oops into it properly, then it is destined to fail.

Tip:  Massaging adds even a lot more warmth to the process hence speeding up its penetration.

Reason #4: You Have a Very Long Hair

At times, very long hair makes it even more difficult for color oops to penetrate. If you do not want to trim it a little, then thoroughly massaging it might help.

However, the main problem with long hair is that you might well run out of color oops if you only had one packet.

The impact of a single packet might not get you the results you need.

Therefore, the quantity of your hair and the corresponding quantity of color oops you have is a determining factor in if it works well or it does not.

Tip: Get enough color oops packets before embarking on treating long hair, two to three packets should work.

Reason #5: You Wash Your Hair Daily

wash hair daily

I understand that it is always right to keep your hair clean and tidy. However, unlike most other body parts, the hair isn’t exposed to a lot of dirt.

If you wash your hair daily, then color oops may not just work appropriately or like it should.

The hair produces oils from the scalp that help it to moisturize. Regularly washing your hair puts this moisture in jeopardy when you will need it.

The thing is, limit how much you wash your hair. If you fear dirt, then get something to cover your hair with.

In the meantime, before a color oops application, keep your hair unwashed for two or three days prior to the main event.

Reason #6: You Bleached Your Hair

Finally, if you got your hair bleached, your color pigmentation got lightened. So, no matter what, color oops won’t do a thing to restore your natural hair color.

So it might have failed but it wasn’t to work either on bleached hair.

Tip: Color oops does not remove bleached hair.

The Right Way To Use Color Oops

right way use color oops

With all that has been said about why color oops didn’t work on black hair, it leaves us to wonder what the proper way of using color oops is.

Here is a step-by-step process to help you with it; 

Step #1: Dry Your Hair

dry hair

Before Applying Color Oops to your hair, it is highly recommended that you completely dry the hair with a towel or absorbent napkin.

It is a step you do not want to skip, color oops like you already know, does not work well on wet hair, and drying it is one of the prerequisite steps of getting your hair set for the process.

Step #2: Thoroughly Mix The Color Oops  

The Color Oops hair color remover comes in two parts, which requires that you thoroughly mix them until they are evenly distributed.

You should carefully go through the instructions and the indications before making any move. If there are videos you can access on how to do the mixing then get them.

The goal is to be sure that color oops works and that it works well.

Step #3: Apply To Affected Areas

apply affected area

When applying Color Oops hair color remover to your hair, do ensure that you do a deep massage until every part of the scalp is reached.

By deeply massaging the hair, you ensure that the hair color remover is evenly distributed.

Put even more emphasis on the most affected areas if, in any case, you would love to see the best results.

Step #4: Cover The Hair and Leave to Process 

The Color Oops needs time to work its magic so we highly recommend that you cover your hair with plastic, and then leave it to settle in for a period of 20 to 30 minutes.

There is no hurry and the longer you wait the better. Half an hour should be enough for this to work. 

Step #5: Apply Shampoo

apply shampoo to hair

Once it has been fully processed, the next step is to shampoo the hair. This should be done 2 to 3 times before moving to the next step, and ensure you use top-quality shampoo.

Then fairly but genuinely get shampoo applied to your hair. Repeat this step until you are certain.

Step #6: Rinse Your Hair

With the major work being done, what comes next is to rinse your hair. This should be thorough, leaving no trace of the Color Oops hair remover behind. 

Step #7: Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

shampoo condition hair

Once again, you are required to use a top-quality shampoo on your hair and then finish it off with a color care conditioner, to keep your hair protected. 


frequently asked questions color oops

Does Color Oops Work On Dyed Hair?

Color Oops, you must know, is the leading artificial hair color removal brand. It works well to remove all colors.

However, it takes a lot of effort to remove darker shades, especially black. If not done well, there still might be traces of the dye.

Will Color Oops Affect my Natural Hair color?

No, not, color oops has been tried, tested, and approved, it has no effect on your natural hair color.


You now get it that color oops should work, but if you did any of the things as shown above, then lower your expectations and plan well for next time. 

Doing any of the above-listed points will only lead you to ask, “why didn’t Color Oops work for me?”.

No brand outshines color oops in artificial hair color removal. But you are the one who decides whether or not it works for you.

And I believe you want it to. So then avoid the things that will make it not work.

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