why are my lips bigger in the morning

We’ve all been there, waking up and seeing our lips big and wondering, “why are my lips bigger in the morning”. 

Sometimes the cause can be something simple that shouldn’t be of concern but sometimes it could also be dangerous if not looked into properly. 

To deal with swollen lips in the morning is to know what could possibly cause it. Well, today is the day you get answers.

This article will be taking you across all the possible things that could make your lips bigger in the morning.

Waking up with swollen lips could be a result of what you ate before sleeping or how you slept, amongst many other causes

Why Are My Lips Bigger In The Morning

lips bigger in morning

There are numerous reasons for your lips to be swollen in the morning, ranging from common ones to potentially harmful ones.

Though the vast majority would be happy to have swollen and fuller lips, it is best to know the cause.

Visual Distortion

Why do my lips look bigger in the morning? Have you considered visual distortion?

This is the first thing to consider when your lips look bigger after waking up. Sometimes, things seem different when we are tired. 

In that same regard, the lips can sometimes seem bigger if observed by a pair of exhausted eyes.

The information sent to our brain might not be processed well if we are extremely tired.

full lips gravity pull

Gravitational Pull

When sleeping, the body is horizontal, which causes fluid to move to the head and build in your face and brain.

This explains why people frequently wake up with not only swollen lips but puffy faces as well. 


If you expose yourself to the sun for too long, you can get sunburned.

The thing about being sunburned is that most of the symptoms don’t show until after some time.

So your swollen lips could be a result of overexposure to sunlight.

taking blood pressure

Blood Pressure 

The average human blood pressure increases while they are asleep, which means that we produce more blood at night. 

Due to the increase in blood pressure, some parts of the body swell, and the lips just happen to be one of them.

Note: Sometimes, it's not just swollen lips, you can sometimes wake up to puffy eyes and a bloated face.


As we all know, heat causes expansion. Under high temperatures, the fatty tissues in the body expand.

This could be a possible reason why your lips are swollen in the morning.

table salt

Salt Accumulation

Another reason for a swollen lip when you wake up could be because of your salt consumption.

As we all know, too much salt causes swelling in some parts of the body, like our feet for example. 

If you consumed a meal that had a very high concentration of salt before you slept, it is likely for your body to retain fluids.

This, in turn, is what causes not just your swollen lips but swollen eyelids when you wake up.


A lot of people have the typical nighttime fluid retention that causes swollen lips and puffy faces.

If someone sleeps too little or too much, the fluid retention will cause swelling.

sleeping position

Not only that, your sleeping position can make fluid gather on your face, so even if you get a good night’s rest, your lips and face will be swollen. 

Even with all that has been said, we are still yet to answer the question, “why are my lips so big in the morning?” fully.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be in the morning.

Over time, it has been discovered that no matter the time of day, the symptoms are persistent in those who just woke up. 

So it could be an afternoon nap and you would still get swollen lips after awakening.

In some cases, the reasons are harmless, and swelling will go down after some hours. But sometimes, the cause of the swelling could be something serious.

allergy swollen lips

Here are the other causes of swelling lips people rarely consider:

Allergic Reaction

Swollen lips could be a result of an allergic reaction to particular foods or a reaction to a certain medicine.

It could also be associated with insect bites. As we all know, we are exposed to insect bites when we are unconscious. 


I woke up with swollen lips one time and I thought it was harmless and would go away after some time.

Then when it didn’t go I applied ice and it only got worse.

I later found out when I went to my doctor that I had a cold sore and that my tampering was what made it worse. 

lip wounds

Sometimes, your lips can be swollen as a result of an infection or, in my case, a virus. It could also be a pimple close to the lips. 

Tip: Whatever it could be, it is best to consult a doctor.


An injury to the lip could result in swelling, which develops gradually over time.

You can also injure yourself when biting your lips without knowing. 

Sometimes, sleeping on a hard surface or in an awkward position can cause minor and sometimes major injuries to some parts of the body.

This could also cause inflammation.

swollen lip remedy

Remedy For Swollen Lips

From all that has been said so far, it is safe to say that sometimes, the remedy for swollen lips is to wait it out.

Yes, you heard me right. All you have to do is to wait for an hour or two, you’ll see that your lips would go down on their own. 

Most of the cases of swollen lips are just cases of temporary morning swelling. But in cases where it isn’t your typical morning swell, it is best to visit your doctor.

Then how would you know if it is a temporary morning swelling? Well, a temporary morning swelling is sure to go down after a few hours.

If the swelling doesn’t go down, then you know to consult your doctor.

General Prevention Tips For Swollen Lips In the Morning

tips prevent swollen lips

We all want to wake up looking like sleeping beauties, no one wants to look bloated.

Here are ways to prevent swollen lips in the morning.

Tip #1: Right Sleeping Posture

If you think that sleep has no direct effect on how your body functions, then you are in for a rude shock.

It starts with how comfortable you get, to how you wake up in the morning. You do not want to wake up to a swollen neck and worse still, swollen lips. 

Sleeping in a weird posture will result in swollen lips.

Why should this happen when you get the right posture to save you from the menace? 

So, elevate your head a little when sleeping to avoid fluid gathering in your face. This would prevent you from getting swollen lips and a puffy face. 

Note:  Other than preventing swollen lips, the right sleeping posture also improves blood circulation to your face. 
using ice packs

Tip #2: Use Ice packs

A towel-wrapped ice pack applied to swollen lips can frequently lessen the swelling.

Do not apply ice to the skin directly as this can lead to severe harm trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

Ice packs have been used in several medical fields as an inflammation neutralizer.

If you wake up to bigger lips in the morning, there are higher chances that your veins get inflated due to poor blood circulation.

Ice packs will quickly help relieve the situation. 

apply moisturizer

Tip #3: Apply Good Moisturizer 

Using aloe lotion or lip balm can help reduce sunburn-induced swelling of the lips by moisturizing them. 

From the stores near you, you can find a moisturizing lip balm that gently gets rid of the cracking, the dryness, and the unwanted big size of your lips.

Tip #4: Eat Right

What do you understand by the term eating right?

It is not eating plenty of food, but instead having a balanced diet whenever you are having a meal. Not forgetting to drink enough water.

Watch your salt intake and your food intake generally to avoid getting allergic reactions.

go on check ups

Tip #5: Go On Regular Check-Ups

Lastly, if swollen lips transform into a persistent problem, then there might be an underlying issue probably with your blood circulation

Immediate attention is required before this grows from worse to worst. Make sure to go on regular checkups.

Sometimes, swollen lips could be a symptom of a serious disease.

Tip: Fumigate your sleeping area to get rid of any insects that could give you infections.


Waking up to swollen lips can be scary sometimes.

Now we know what to do when faced with swollen lips because we are now more aware of the possible cause. 

It could be a normal morning swell or something more serious. So for those of us who like fuller lips, rock your swollen lips while you can.

But make sure you see the doctor as soon as possible if the swelling doesn’t recede.

So that’s it, the question “why are my lips bigger in the morning” has finally been answered. I hope you were able to gain a thing or two.

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