what to do after keratin treatment

What to do after Keratin treatment is a popular question amongst most people. Especially with ladies going for a Keratin hair treatment.

It is the answer for most people with retarded hair growth, resulting from the unavailability of enough proteins in the hair. 

People without these proteins tend to have hair that is curled and fizzy. Keratin comes in as a treatment option to restore good hair.

However, most people do not understand what they should do after a Keratin treatment.

Post Keratin treatment is a determining factor in how long the treatment lasts. Keep it dry, wash it irregularly, and keep the hair loose.

after keratin treatment

What To Do After Keratin Treatment?

Getting a keratin treatment is one thing, but keeping it is another.

The better you handle your hair after getting treatment, the longer in good shape, and your hair will last. 

There are things to do and what not to do after a keratin treatment. Below are the things you should do, and those you should avoid following a keratin treatment.

Method #1: Keep The Hair Dry

keep hair dry

As much as you may incessantly want to shower, wash your hair, or even swim, make sure that your hair is left as dry as possible.

This water might cause some of the keratin treatment to be washed off. 

And because there are various hair treatment options, make adequate inquiries. Ask your hairdresser how long it should take before water touches your hair.

Tip: Normally, it should take the first three days after treatment for you to wash your hair.

Method #2: Wash Your Hair Irregularly

After crossing the three-day line, do not wash your treated hair very often. Avoid washing your hair regularly. 

This measure helps you to keep your hair treatment for as long as it should. Make use of a shower cap often during a shower.

TipWash keratin-treated hair irregularly, that is at least once each week.

Method #3: Keep Your Hair Loose

keep hair loose

For the first three days after your treatment, ensure that you keep all your hair loose.

Avoid tying your hair or tucking the hair at the back also. 

During the first three days of the treatment, treated hair is quite vulnerable. Keeping it loose is great care after treatment.

Method #4: Blow Dry Your Hair After Working

If you engage in activities that make you break a lot of sweat, then beware of the chances that sweat will damage your treatment. 

Try as much as you can to ensure that you limit how you get engaged in activities that make you break lots of sweat.

And if you do, get to blow dry your hair immediately after the workout.

Method #5: Use A Silk Pillowcase

silk pillowcase

If you rest your head on a cotton wool pillowcase as you sleep, then getting a keratin treatment demands that you change that.

It is not for the sake of it but because cotton wool

Method #6: Style Your Hair

Keratin treatment makes it a lot easier to get your hair styled. The styling is part of the post keratin treatment care measures.

The six ways highlighted above are the things you should be doing to care for your keratin hair treatment.

This basically is to ensure that Keratin stays for as long as it is meant to and thus;

How Long Should Keratin Hair Treatment Last?

keratin hair treatment last

If you follow care after keratin treatment caution, then your treatment should be able to last.

Just make sure you keep your hair dry, rest your head on a silky mattress, and blow dry it every time it gets wet.  

Try to wash it irregularly, keep it loose and style it. Only then can keratin-treated hair be able to last for six months at least while in good shape.

Post Keratin Treatment Hair Products

post keratin hair products

Away from those Post Keratin treatment best practices, there are these products that are a deal breaker after you get one.

As much as Keratin is meant to last, it will make even more when you use these products to keep your hair shiny and glossy. 

Therefore, you need to complete those best practices together with these products to keep Keratin in place, checked, and working.

This way, it will last longer and be in good shape than you ever expected.

Product #1: Serum

use hair serum

Serum is a hair smoothener and ingredient that keeps keratin-treated hair checked. It smoothes it and keeps all strands treated and in place. 

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shine is one of the leading industry serum brands with a bunch of benefits, from making your treat softer, boosting its shine to taming flyaways

Product #2: Heat Protection Spray

These products spray your keratin-treated hair with a healthy sheen.

They are responsible for shielding and safeguarding your hair against hot tools that are likely to stress and damage your hair. 

Beat the heat today by using the Tresemme post Keratin treatment spray.

Product #3: Hair Mask

If you are quite outgoing, then you will be needing a hair mask, or else that keratin treatment won’t last as long as it should.

I recommend that you go for the Dove Hair Mask. It comes packed along with mineral smoothes and pink clay to keep your treated hair more than safe.

The Dove Hair mask shields keratin-treated hair from unwanted humidity, it does too keep away any frizz, thus keeping your good hair silkier and smoothened all day.

Consistently using this product lets your hair maintain the shine it had on the first day of the treatment.

use shampoo conditioner

Product #4: Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the most important post keratin treatment care for your hair is that you should not wash your hair much often.

However, any time you are washing it, then go to the bathroom carrying along these two products, a shampoo, and a conditioner.

Those from TREsemme are the most common keratin shower treatment shampoos and conditioners. Go for them.

They work together to smoothen and loosen your hair, setting it free from any freezy breezy strands, while replenishing your Keratin.

Tip: Keratin hair treatment should last for six months at the minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions

keratin faqs

Is It Okay To Tie My Hair Post Keratin Hair Treatment? 

Not immediately. It is highly advised that you wait for a period of at least 3 days after you have had a keratin hair treatment before you proceed to tie up your hair. 

If you intend to use any hair accessories on your hair, the wait would be longer as it is also recommended you wait for a period of 2 weeks before using any hair accessories. 

This is because keratin is malleable, and tying your hair can leave it damaged. 

How Should I Sleep Post Keratin Hair Treatment?

sleeping post keratin treatment

 You should always ensure you keep your hair straight after a Keratin Treatment. This requires you to sleep in a horizontal position. 

By simply sleeping with the back of your head fully resting on a pillow, you ensure you keep your hair straight and therefore, promote proper hair growth.

We recommend you use a silk pillowcase, as this is gentle on your hair. 


What to do after keratin treatment is all I have outlined in this article. It is normal for hair to be damaged but you should not stop at anything until you have it fixed.

Your hair might frustrate you a lot but you must realize that getting you a Keratin treatment will save you the pressure. 

And the sooner you do the better. But once you have it done, do not forget that your hair needs care after keratin treatment. Hope you take good care of it.

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