what not to use on hair extensions

Hello there! Did you just get a hair extension, but you do not know what not to use on hair extensions?

I know it looks good on you. Listen carefully, because if you do not, I am not prophesying doom but I can see it. 

Your hair, together with the extension, is on the verge of spoiling. But if you can read this article, then maybe it won’t.

That is when you abide by the guidance you are set to receive.

There are countless things that you shouldn’t use for your hair extensions. Some are sulfate shampoos, bleaching agents, and organic hair products amongst many others.

What Not To Use On Hair Extensions?

things not to use hair extension

Hair extensions are a good thing. They make you look much better, finishing your hair with elegance and color.

If you are struggling with short or thin hair, then hair extension has always been your go-to. 

You do not have to wait when modernity has made things a lot easier. That is why hair extensions are common in this age and time.

Most people do not seem to understand that it needs to be taken care of.

That is why, in six out of ten people who went for a hair extension procedure, their hair appears to be damaged beyond recognition within a very short time. 

This article is here to make you look better, and to save you from the yoke of destructive hair products. Sit tight, enjoy and take notes. 

You will need this information next time you get a hair extension.

Put these instructions in use, and see how long and better your hair extension lives. Come with me. 

bleaching hair

Here are what products not to use on hair extension: 

Product #1: Bleaching Agents

One thing that I have personally witnessed most people do is bleach their hair extensions.

I must mention I have met these people again, and the next time we meet, it is usually never the same. 

So, as much as you may be pressured to bleach your hair, that can wait, friend. You do not have to bleach hair extensions, after all, you look too cool with them.

Why would you again need to bleach? You do not have to.

Although I have seen and heard of other people advising their clients that they can get bleach using semi-permanent bleach, I refuse to understand the need. There is none. 

Note: As much as you can, do not use bleaching agents on hair extensions. It is unwanted and destructive. 
normal bristle hair brush

Product #2: Normal Bristle Brushes

Next in line among the things you should never use on hair extensions is a normal bristle brush.

I am sorry if you have been, you realize that your hair extension has been breaking.

But they say better late than never. So, stop that habit immediately. 

There are special hand brushes designed for hair extensions. Those that do not break the hair strands, unlike the normal ones.

These special brushes are usually looped so that they do not damage the extensions. 

You surely won’t skip getting yourself a looped special hair extension brush. Ask your hairdresser or visit any beauty shop in your proximity for one. 

Tip: The Spornette Hair brush is one of the best-looped brushes there is for hair extensions. 
shampoo with sulfate ingredient

Product #3: Shampoos With Sulfate Content 

As much as shampoos are a good thing, once you get that hair extension they become unnecessary.

Shampoos, and especially those made from sulfate, are good hair cleaning agents. They dive deep into the roots and clean extremely well. 

Unfortunately, unlike real hair that will, in time, reproduce its natural oils, hair extensions cannot.

Therefore, while cleaning your hair with shampoo that has sulfate, the natural oils are done away with.

And this shouldn’t be because these oils are essential and would have kept the hair moisturized.

Tip: In the end, you have brittle and kinky hair if you continue using shampoo with sulfate content.
hair product with alcohol

Product #4: Alcoholic Hair Products

If you want your hair extension to shed and matt, try using alcoholic products on your hair. Oh, you can’t let that happen. 

No one destroys their hair extension. There are several hair products out there from moisturizers to jelly. And most of these contain alcohol as an ingredient alongside others. 

Check the can to see whether alcohol is an ingredient in the hair product you are using. If it is, stop and stop this early. Alcoholic hair products are dangerous. 

If you keep on using them, your hair will be of constant worry to you. In very little time, it will break off. Be on the watch out and avoid such products. 

coconut oil products

Product #5: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is quite a dynamic product. It can be used for cooking, skin application, and treatment.

Once you get a hair extension, you should better use coconut oil for the many other purposes it can serve, and honestly, not for hair extensions. 

Regardless of how much it has been famed for being a treatment to your hair, believe me, it does none of that to hair extensions.

Instead, it ruins them and makes them look crazy. 

So, if you have coconut oil in your home, you’ll need it when you have just your natural hair on, not when you have hair extensions sitting wonderfully on your head. 

non professional products

Product #6: Non-Professional Hair Products

From the shops, you may find chemical hair products without being given any recommendations.

I strongly advise against using hair products from regular shops. 

Instead, visit a stylist or a beauty and fashion shop whenever you are purchasing products for your hair extension.

Apart from being served with the right ones, you will be advised on what to and what not to do with them.

Product #7: No Wet Hair

Should I say that you should not use water on hair extensions? Yes, do not.

Do not sleep with wet hair. It is one way of accelerating hair extension damage.

The Best Products For Hair Extension

best hair extension products

Now, for ultimate hair extension maintenance, there are a whole load of products in the shops near you.

Most of them will help in keeping your extensions cool and beautiful like they were on the first day you had them. 

The best of the best, also the only hair extension products you should be using must meet the following threshold. 

  • They should be natural.
  • They should have no alcohol or sulfate content.
  • Should comprise all the essential oils.
  • Should be deep moisturizers.
  • They should have only natural color and aroma. 
shampoo and conditioner

Below is a brief outline of the various hair extension maintenance products that you should be using. 

Product #1: Shampoo

If you must use shampoo, then you must know what shampoo not to use on hair extensions.

Shampoo for hair extension must be fully natural. Naturals provide moisturizing and food for your hair.

The Shea Raw Moisture shampoo is one of the colorful natural brands you should try out. 

Product #2: Conditioner

A hair conditioner is one of the few products you should not miss. If you are traveling, travel along with it.

It helps to keep your hair extensions moisturized and healthy. It as well is a hydrant and texture strengthener for your hair. 

Tip: Other products include hair masks, serums, and oils. 


What not to use on hair extensions? It is a subject you need to be compliant with.

These things must always be at your fingertips for the good and the care of your lovely hair extensions.

If you do as this article suggests and advises, then you will have no problem with your hair extensions. 

They will outshine many others. Do you want to be referred to as an example of one who knows how to maintain their hair extensions?

So heed my advice, so that you can proudly advise others too.

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