what makeup color intensifies red in the skin

It is often a question to be asked what makeup color intensifies red in the skin.

This is because having a red blush on your face is pretty much attractive. It gives your face that extra glow. 

But at times it seems difficult to attain that rosy blush in the face naturally and would require the use of makeup.

Selecting the right makeup color to get that intensified rosy red can be a bit of a hassle.

When every other thing has been put in place but you just can’t seem to combine the right makeup colors that match your skin tone.

An application of red, pink, blue, and purple blush or a combination of these colors can give your skin that reddish glow, depending on your skin tone.

when to wear red blush

When Is It Appropriate To Wear A Red Blush?

There truly is no specific time that is considered appropriate for wearing makeup that intensifies redness in the skin. Wearing makeup or intensifying redness on your face depends entirely on your choice. 

However, depending on the occasion or the purpose, wearing a blush can range from a light touch to a more visible touch.

A casual coffee date might not require a blush or just a fair touch of it. Whereas a birthday or dinner event might require a more visible touch.

Ultimately it entirely depends on your choice of when and how much lush you desire to wear.

A hands-on approach but only for people with fairer and lighter skin tones would be to have a more natural red glow on your face. 

This would eliminate the need for constant makeup. In the next header, we will briefly look at ways to intensify red naturally in the skin.

How To Naturally Intensify Red In The Skin

naturally intensify red

Having a natural red glow on your skin could reduce the number of times you need to apply makeup on your face. 

While this is only possible for people with fairer skin tone. 

Below are some of the ways to naturally intensify red blush in your skin;

Step #1: Massage Your Face 

A soft facial massage on the face can cause blood to circulate more to the face.

A gentle massage with your fingertips will do the trick and give you a nice glowing blush.

Step #2: Wash Face With Warm Water

Warm water is another way to improve blood circulation in the face.

On a regular basis and just before you head out for your day, wash your face with warm water, to give you that red rosy glow.

exfoliate your skin

Step #3: Exfoliate Your Skin

 Dead skin cells and dust are major causes of a damp color on your face. A good way to remove dead skin cells is by exfoliating them.

This involves applying either simple homemade scrub or one purchased from the store.

This will remove dead skin cells that are deeply rooted in your face and give you a bright reddish look.

Step #4: Living Healthy

Practicing proper health hygiene can help intensify redness in the skin.

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and drinking enough water is a general way of taking care of every part of your body, including your skin. 

This healthy habit not only provides you with the strength and confidence to go about your daily life.

But also gives your skin a clean and glowing color which in turn allows your face to blush naturally.

use natural beauty products

Step #5: Use Of Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products such as lemon juice, milk, honey, cucumber juice, or apple cider vinegar can be used to clear out dead skin cells.

It will also give your skin a red rosy glow. Either by using this product individually or as a mixture, you can achieve excellent blush results from them.

What Makeup Color Intensifies Red In The Skin?

Having a natural red blush can be very lovely. However, not all skin tones can show a natural blush.

And a natural blush is only ideal for people who would rather not wear so much makeup or no makeup at all.

Therefore, knowing the right makeup and what color intensifies red in the skin can also be very handy.

As different skin tones require different colors.

makeup intensify red skin

You don’t want to apply the wrong makeup color and look out of place.

There are color variations and are divided into Warm, Neutral, and Cool variations of red. Depending on the look you are going for or the variations that suit your skin tone.

It should be noted that the common colors which are red, pink, plum, and oxblood go with almost all skin tones. 

However, knowing the right combination and the shades of each color is what differentiates each skin tone.

Note: Consult a professional and use the proper shade if you are unsure of your skin tone.

Variations Of Skin Tones

Let’s look at the different skin tones and the colors that suit them just right.

pale white

Type #1: Light & Pale White

The colors best suited for this skin type are a blend of red or pink and blue.

The blend of these colors gives the users a nice glow of red. Depending on how it is blended, the user can get either of the three color variations.

Note: The blue used is to give the blend a cool look. And not make it appear too red.

Type #2: White & Fair

A combination of pink, orange, and blue is very much suited for people with type II skin tone.

Just that, white and fair, and if your skin is any of this, then these colors, pink, orange, and blue are uniquely meant for them. 

Type #3: Medium White To Light Brown

medium while to light brown skin

If you have a light brown skin tone, you may be wondering what colors look best on you.

There are a few things to consider when choosing colors for your skin tone. First, think about whether you want to go for a natural look or a more dramatic look.

If you want a natural look, choose colors that are close to your skin tone.

If you want a more dramatic look, choose colors that contrast with your skin tone.

Second, consider the season. If it’s summer, you may want to go for brighter colors. If it’s winter, you may want to go for darker colors.

Here are some of the best colors for light brown skin tones:

  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Black

Good color for people with type III color is oxblood or red.

Type #4: Olive & Moderate Brown

moderate brown skin

Just like the type III skin tone, you can use oxblood and blend it with a lighter shade of plum.

Type #5: Brown & Dark Brown

Brown and dark brown skin tones are the most common in the world.

In general, people with brown skin have:

  • dark brown eyes
  • dark brown hair
  • a medium to dark complexion
  • a yellow, olive, or reddish undertone to their skin

Some people with brown skin may also have freckles.

The combinations that are suitable for type V skin tone are Oxblood, plum, and red.

Type #6: Very Dark Brown To Black

dark brown skin

Plum and a darker shade of red will do the trick for people with darker skin tones.Very dark brown to black skin tone is the second darkest skin tone.

It includes people who are from Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, and Latin America.

People with very dark brown to black skin have more melanin in their skin than people with lighter skin tones. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its color.

People with very dark brown to black skin are at a higher risk for certain health conditions, such as skin cancer and vitiligo.

They may also have trouble finding makeup and clothing that match their skin tone.

Note: The ideal shade should be light enough to accentuate your face and eyes' natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Question

faqs red in skin color

What Colors Do I Avoid When Try To Intensify Red In The Skin?

There is no doubt that certain colors are not appropriate when trying to attain a rosy red blush.

Using colors such as green or brown could give off a funny look no matter the skin type.

Or using a type 1 blush combination for a Type 5 or 6 skin tone will make the blush way too obvious and out of place.

Tip: Combining the wrong colors or using the wrong color for your skin type can give a funny and unattractive look.

What To Do When The Redness Of Your Face Is Too Much?

too much redness in skin

It is quite ironic that redness which can be seen as an extra source of beauty can also be a skin defect for others.

Acne and rashes can cause the redness in a person’s skin to be way too intensified and unattractive.

However, if you have tried so many beauty products to no avail, you can conceal the redness with makeup. Using a combination of primer, concealers, and foundation.

Ensure they are the right blend for your skin type. This will cover up the excessive redness.


Ultimately, when it comes to applying a red blush on your face, it is important to know what makeup color intensifies red in the skin.

As we can see there is a combination of different colors to achieve the best red rosy look that matches your skin tone just perfectly.

Looking good and attractive has a lovely feeling. It gives a boost of confidence which is why you need to put into account every necessary detail of your makeup. 

Having a red blush requires little effort but it can stand out a lot since it will be applied lastly. Therefore you have to get it right as much as you can.

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