what does 180% density wig mean

What does 180% density wig mean? You may be thinking about it if you are new to the gigantic world of hair systems.

The density of a wig is a metric that indicates how thick it is. The density of your wig will affect how it looks and feels while worn.

What it means is that a wig with a lower density will appear less full. And wigs with a high density can make your hair appear thicker and fuller all around.

So, does 180 density wig mean it is good, or does a lower percentage correlate to a higher-quality wig?

Wig density means the amount of hair on the cap, ranging from 60% to 250%, with 180% sitting somewhere in the middle, but it offers impressive fullness and volume. 

What Does 180% Density Wig Mean In General?

what 180 wig density mean

The density of a wig is the total number of hairs sewn into the cap in order to achieve a fuller appearance.

It is useful for gauging the realistic appearance of the wig cap’s hair.

A larger density %, regardless of the wig’s material or texture, will provide the impression of fullness. On the other hand, a smaller percentage will give the impression of thinness.

When you talk about a 180% density wig, it means you are looking at a wig that is high on fullness and may actually have a higher volume than most natural hair.

Tip: Be sure to consider your natural hair density to ensure that the wig you choose will blend in and look perfect. 

Understanding The Differences Between Wig Densities

You may believe that the wig’s color and length are the only two criteria you need to consider while making your purchase.

However, the density of the wig impacts how it will feel and look when you put it on.  

long 180 wigs

Speaking of wig densities, 60-100% is the standard for the lowest density.

It gives people who do not want a lot of volume an option for a wig that looks flatter and/or leaner. 

And the highest is 250% density, which represents the maximum fullness and volume. These high-scale wigs are quite expensive and are usually used by celebrities.

Now, when you talk about 180%, it hits the sweet spot quite perfectly. It offers the right mix of volume, fullness, and price. 

Both 150% and 180% wigs are probably the most commonly used wigs these days.

Tip: Opt for a lower-density wig if you are more interested in using curvy hairstyles. 

Choosing The Right Wig Density

choose right wig density

If wigs with a 150% density are the norm, is that the ideal density for hair replacement? The truth is that nobody knows for sure.

Wigs are a personal accessory, and their use and style vary greatly among their wearers.

130% density is ideal if you want your wig to look and feel like your own hair.

On the other hand, go with 150% density if you want your wig to be noticeably fuller and thicker.

And 180% density is ideal if you want your wig to be extremely thick and full.

In a nutshell, the density you select should reflect your personal preferences and the demands you place on the product.

150 Density Wig vs. 180 Density Wig

When you go out to shop for your first wig, you will mostly have to decide between 150% density and 180% density. 

It is important to take your time and compare both with your personal preferences and how often you are going to wear them.

choosing wig

180% Wig – A Versatile Option!

Wigs with a density of 180% are ideal for those who want to achieve a natural-looking complete head of hairstyle options quickly. These are fuller than those with 100% density.

Its versatility is its biggest benefit. Because of its good volume, you can experiment with a wide range of luxurious new dos.

That is another reason why it is such a hit among the A-list.

While these wigs offer more volume and style options than lower densities, they are heavier and may be a little more irritating to wear. 

150% Wig – A More Natural Option!

When comparing wig densities, you will quickly notice that 180% density wigs look impressive but 150% density wigs are far more popular.

The main reason behind the popularity of 150% density wigs is that they look natural.

150 wig density

They are medium density wigs, so the volume is just about right and a lot closer to how your natural hair density is. 

It means that wigs with a density of 150% are perfectly average. Furthermore, they provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of bounce, movement, and appearance. 

In light of this, it is easy to see why so many opt for wigs with a density of 150%. 

An Important Consideration

If you are more concerned about wearing a wig that is close to natural human hair density, you may want to consider a 130% density wig.

Like real hair, it is full and looks pretty realistic. If you want to look completely natural but do not want to wear a heavy wig, a wig with a density of 130% will do the trick. 

Will 180% Wig Look Good On You?

will a 180 wig look good

You might have heard that 150% wigs are closest to your natural hair, so it is natural to think that 180% wigs may be a bit too heavy and even look unreal.

The truth is that though the wig density is fuller than most everyday wigs you see, but it still looks quite natural.

However, personal choice, desired hair lengths, and desired hair textures all play a role in determining the optimal wig density to look perfect. 

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to consider a few points when buying wigs in different densities. For instance:

Tip: For older individuals, buying a lower density wig is a better choice because their hair will naturally be thin because of age. 

Consider the Comfort

Depending on your head size, going with a 180% wig may not be a great idea because of its weight.

consider wig comfort

Standard practice dictates that wigs with a higher density will be fuller but much heavier at the same time. 

You may want to go with a 150% wig or even a 130% wig if you value comfort more than looks.

A lower density wig is more than capable of offering a natural appearance and exceptional comfort. 

These two densities come closest to simulating human hair and should be used wherever possible. 

Consider the Length

How long you want your wig to be will also have an impact on whether a 180% wig will work fine for you or not.

For instance, if you want your wig to be 12-14 inches, you should be okay with a 130% density wig

consider the wig length

But if you look for something longer than 16 inches and up to 20 inches, you will be better off using a 150% wig without experiencing any discomfort.

A 180% wig may be a good choice if you want your wig to be longer than 22 inches, but if it is longer than 24 inches, you may opt for a 200% wig. 

Consider the Texture

It is common knowledge that wavy or curly hair, when compared to the same density of straight hair, seems fuller.

Therefore, you should opt for medium to high density if you want straight hair. But, it may be a good idea to stick to a lower-density wig if you love kinky curls. 

What Makes 180% Wigs A Suitable Option?

If you want thick hair quickly and cheaply, a wig with a density of 180% is your best bet.

Wigs with natural hair up to a density of 180% are great if you want to cover your entire head and still have thick, full hair.

This is why this type of hair has become so popular all around the world. It is also an ideal hair disguise if your locks start to thin.

short wigs

From famous people to regular women, anyone can wear a wig with a density of 180%.

The hair unit not only provides the wearer with beautiful hair, but also allows them to swiftly experiment with new hairstyles.

It is available in a wide variety of cuts, colors, and sizes to suit the preferences of any buyer. 

Additionally, it perfectly mimics your hair’s color, density, and texture, which is why it is among the most popular hair systems available today.

Tip: Always opt for the right wig cap keeping the density of your wig in mind to create a more streamlined look.


What does 180% density wig mean? Well, it is all about how thick and voluminous your wig is. The lower the percentage, the thinner the wig will be. 

And in the case of 180%, you get something that is extremely full and offers good bounce. 

But, if you want average coverage with something that looks more natural, you can definitely put your money on 150% density wigs.

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