what color wig cap should i get

What color wig cap should I get?

We truly understand that finding the perfect wig can be daunting, as you want one that complements your face and skin tone.

And the matter of finding the best wig cap makes it even more complicated.

Yes, you can do without a wig cap, but should you skip it really?

We do not think so. Even if you already have a full head of hair, your wig can still cause itching, so a wig cap is a good idea.

But are all of them the same? Probably not.

There is a reason why they are available in different colors, and making a mistake here could leave a dent in your confidence. So, what color wig cap should I wear?

You should find a wig cap in a color that is the same as your wig color, and the right color of your wig depends on your unique skin tone. 

Experience the Magic of Wig Caps

magic of wig caps

Those women who have experienced complete hair loss can benefit greatly from using a wig cap since it adds friction to the wig and makes it stay in place. 

Some people feel more secure knowing their beautiful wig will not fall out during the day if they wear a wig cap.

Without a wig cap, a wig can irritate and chafe your scalp. You can avoid this by always wearing a wig cap, which acts as a barrier between the wig and your scalp. 

In addition to being significantly gentler on the scalp, your wig cap adds a protective layer and also lets the scalp breathe. 

Enhance the Magic of Wig Caps

There are so many reasons why wearing a wig without a wig cap is not recommended.

But buying the right one means paying attention to its quality as well as color. Finding the right color can quickly enhance the magic of your wig cap.

Choosing a wig in a color that compliments your natural hair is crucial for pulling off a natural look. 

complement hair

Wigs are fantastic because you may experiment with different colors until you discover one that works with your skin tone. And they perform much better with the right type of wig cap.

In the most obvious sense, Wig caps serve the same purpose as hair clamps for your own hair. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to conceal your hair entirely under your wig without a wig cap, which is more likely the case if you have thick, long hair.

Tip: Wig caps are an effective way to keep your natural hair tucked under your wig if you have hair loss, whether partial or total. 

What Color Wig Cap Should I Get?

As you may have gathered that the color of your wig cap matters a lot, you may be thinking about how to make the right decision. 

Ideally, your wig cap should be the same color as your wig.

wearing wig caps

And something that will help you pick the most appropriate wig color is your own skin tone.

Your skin tone is the combination of your natural skin pigment and the degree to which your overall complexion leans toward being on the cool or warm side. 

For example, undertones of blue, pink, or violet are associated with cold skin, whereas undertones of peach, red, and yellow are characteristic of warm skin. 

Identifying Your Skin Tone to Choose a Skin Cap

So, do you know your skin tone? Do not know? That is fine, I guess. You can figure it out with the help of a few simple tips.

The simplest option is to consult a makeup artist at a counter, but you may also use a few tests to narrow down your options. For instance: 

Your Makeup is Not Your Friend Here

We know you cannot live without your face powder, contour creams, concealers, and bronzers, but skip them for a while.

wash face

Wash your face and wrap a clean white cloth around your head. This should help you determine whether your skin has a bluish or a yellowish undertone. 

Your Veins are Your Friend Here

Have you ever thought your veins serve another purpose than just circulating blood? They help determine your skin undertone!

Simply hold your wrist and examine your veins. Do they look green or blue?

Your undertone is warm if your veins appear green. But, having bluish veins means your undertone is cool.

Tip: Be sure to wear a wig cap because it can prevent your natural hair from poking out from under your wig and creating unsightly lumps and bumps. 

Picking the Right Color Wig Cap Based on Skin Tone

right color of wig cap

Nothing really matters if you choose a color you love and flaunt it with confidence.

But it might serve as a good jumping-off point for those who have never tried different wig caps.

Again, you should choose your wig cap color based on the color of your wig.

And what color of wig works best for you depends on your unique skin tone. 

The Best Wig Cap Colors for Warmer Skin Tone

To know which wig cap color is suitable for people with warmer skin tones, you need to know the colors of wigs that complement your skin tone better. 

For a warmer skin tone, you can always opt for a wig in colors, such as:

  • Chocolate
  • Chestnut
  • Warm browns
  • Dark mocha
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
brown wig color

A whole wig in one of these colors is one possibility, but picking a wig with lowlights or highlights in one of these tones is also great. 

And you can opt for a wig cap in the same color to keep your natural hair concealed. 

Some Colors to Avoid with Warmer Skin Tone

Some wig colors are best avoided when paired with a warmer skin tone, while others are well-suited.

When paired with warm skin, cool colors like blue, violet, black, and platinum blonde can look harsh. These are not the best choice of colors if you want to avoid looking pale.

Tip: Strawberry blonde, rust, copper, and rose gold are some of the many warm reds that pair beautifully with neutral complexion tones or those with blue undertones. 

The Best Wig Cap Colors for Darker Skin

wig cap for darker skin

There is a large selection of wig colors you can choose if you have a darker skin tone. And once you have finalized a wig, you can stick with a wig cap in the same color.

Here are some good color options to consider for your wig and wig cap: 


Choosing a brown wig can give you a more realistic appearance.

In order to maintain a natural appearance, do not go more than a couple of shades darker or lighter than your original hair color.

If your natural brown is on the lighter side, golden brown wigs coupled with the same-colored wig cap will highlight your skin’s natural glow.


Wigs in dark crimson, burgundy, or copper tones look great against dark skin. The best choice for an all-over red shade is a rich auburn.

Choose a deeper red if you want to draw attention to specific features, and it is easier to find a wig cap in the same color to create a uniform look. 

The Best Wig Cap Colors for a Cool Skin Tone

cool skin tone

When you have a cool skin tone, you want to find wigs that help to neutralize your unique skin tone.  You can opt for wigs in colors such as:

  • Cool blonde
  • Ashy brown
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Auburn

If your skin is on the cooler side, you can get away with wearing more of the bold, unnatural colors like purples and reds. Jazz it up when you want to!

Tip: Choose a warmer blonde wig cap if your skin is pale and has a bluish cast, and play with gold, honey, or caramel colors. 

The Best Wig Cap Colors for Lighter Skin

lighter skin

You can always experiment with browns and blondes when you have a lighter skin tone.

For people with lighter skin tones and brown hair, they should opt for deep browns, with orange undertones that pop against their complexion. 

Warm chocolate highlights are the perfect way to add dimension and texture to an otherwise all-brown look.

Similarly, wig caps in blonde work great when you opt for the same color wigs.

If you have a lighter complexion and want to wear a blonde wig but are worried about being washed out, steer clear of platinum blondes and ice tones.

woman wearing wig cap
Tip: Your wig will not slip off your head as easily if you wear a nylon wig cap, but using a silk wig cap prevents damage and minimizes frizz in your hair. 


What color wig cap should I get? The purpose of wearing a wig cap is to keep your natural hair in place in a seamless way. 

Therefore, you need to pick a wig cap color, considering the color of your wig. And the best color of your wig will always be based on your skin tone. 

So know your skin tone and then select the best color to look perfect.

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