what color hair dye lasts the longest

Hair colors can be expensive, so it’s natural to ask, “What color hair dye lasts the longest?”

Indeed, it has never been easier to try a new hair color, thanks to many professional hair coloring services available today.

But, you know, if you’ve never gotten a hair dye before on your own, it can be a little bit of a challenge.

Furthermore, it requires a wide variety of hair coloring procedures, most of which are beyond the average person's abilities.

Whether you are a seasoned pro at hair coloring or just starting out, it’s helpful to know which hair colors stay the longest with minimal touch-ups.

The fad of dying one’s hair will likely never go out of style, but you always need to pick your color carefully.

So, which hair dye color lasts the longest?”

Brown hair dye is a trendy option and tends to last longer than other colors. 

Tip: Make use of rich hair oils and masks to moisturize colored hair that can be fragile after undergoing a dyeing procedure. 

Factors Affecting What Color Hair Dye Lasts the Longest?

factors affecting hair color lasts longer

You need to consider a few points when looking for a way to enjoy your freshly-dyed hair for the longest time.

Mainly, the results you get depend on two factors:

  • It Depends on Dyeing Technique You Use
  • It Depends on the Color Itself

It Depends on Dyeing Technique You Use

How long your dyed hair stays that way may vary depending on the technique a professional use while coloring.


In Asia, ombre hair coloring is very common because it’s simple to care for.

Your hairstylist applies a darker base color and then progressively lightens it as they move up the lengths of your hair using this method.

Your sun-kissed hair will last for days in this manner. 

How Long Will It Last?

The average lifespan of an ombré style is four to five months.

Using sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos and limiting the number of times you wash the hair can help your color last longer.

Tip: Use a purple shampoo on blonde hair if you want to reduce brassy and yellow undertones. 


the balayage

Try this method if you want to dye your hair for the first color but are nervous about making a radical change.

Because the dye is painted onto the hair one strand at a time, a balayage is best left to the experts.

This gives your hairdresser the freedom to adjust the method to suit your hair’s inherent characteristics, such as its length, and color, texture. 

How Long Will It Last?

The longevity of a Balayage is one of its main benefits.

Balayage highlights can last up to four months, unlike traditional foil highlights that require touch-ups every few weeks. 


Similar to ombre, but with a softer, gentler approach, sombre creates a striking contrast between the hair’s roots and its ends.

It’s the best method for dramatically altering your hair’s color without the hassle of constant touchups.

The time between subsequent dye jobs is negotiable, so feel free to let your newly dyed hair grow out for as long as you like.

How Long Will It Last?

how long dye will lasts

Regular foil highlights require touch-ups every six weeks, but with these, you may only need them once every few months.

Sombre highlights are a universal hairstyle staple that complements any texture and color. 


Highlights are the perfect coloring method if you like your hair color but want to make little adjustments.

For example, if your hair is already light brown or a shade of brown, highlights can give it a fresh sheen and depth. 

How Long Will It Last?

Semi-permanent highlights can persist for up to seven washes with shampoo, whereas temporary highlights last for roughly two to three washes.

And permanent highlights might look great until new growth appears. 

It Depends on the Color Itself

When worrying about what hair dye lasts the longest, know that different colors may have different lifespans.


the color red

When it comes to a cultural celebration like the annual Chinese New Year, many people choose to dye their hair a striking shade of red.

Many people with red hair, in a variety of hues, can be spotted making house calls.

Unfortunately, the enormous molecular size of red hair colors means they don’t stay very long.

Your red hair will last for around six weeks before it gradually fades. 


Going blonde is a great option if you want to dramatically change your appearance.

And it complements almost every outfit and draws attention to its wearer.

Keep in mind that the pigment in your hair makes it difficult to get a successful blonde dye job.

Therefore, the red-yellow pheomelanin pigments must first be bleached to remove the black-brown eumelanin pigments.

It will only look good for a limited time until your natural hair color returns. 


brown color

For naturally dark-haired people, brown hair colors have the most durability.

If your hair has a lot of eumelanin, you can skip the bleaching process and still have vibrant, long-lasting color.

In any case, you can still show off your gorgeous brown hair with the aforementioned coloring methods. 

Tip: Avoid blue color when going for punk colors because it fades the fastest in this category.

The Color of Your Natural Hair and Longevity of Hair Dyes

The pigment melanin determines not only hair and skin color but also eye color.

Hair cortices are the source of this pigment, which can be found in the deeper layers of your hair.

Brown or black hair is a sign that a person has a high eumelanin content.

Conversely, those with red hair have an abundance of pheomelanin, whereas blondes have a deficiency of eumelanin.

the color of natural hair

In order for the dye to reach the cortex of your hair, it must first break through the cuticle, which is a protective covering around the cortex.

Depending on your natural hair color, it’s not as simple as picking up a box of blonde hair dye and applying it to your dark hair.

It’s important to first bleach your hair to remove its natural color before using a dye. 

What Can You Do to Get Better Results?

Lightening your hair using bleach is necessary if you want a shade much paler than your natural hair color.

 As an illustration, if your natural hair color is brown and you want to dye it lavender, you will need to bleach your hair first. It’s essential to help your new color last longer.

However, if your natural hair color is light and you want to dye it a deeper shade, the dye will last longer without damaging your hair.

For example, if you're blonde and you dye your hair brown, the color change will be permanent. 

A Word of Caution

the word of caution

Remember, bleaching your hair too often can cause permanent hair loss.

Also, it’s especially important to keep your hair hydrated to prevent split ends and other damage.

Tip: Avoid a hot shower because it strips your skin and hair of moisture and significantly reduces the life of your hair color.

Other Factors Determining How Long Hair Dye Lasts

A good hair dye will keep making your hair look good for 4-12 weeks. But, many other factors go into determining the lifespan of these dyes. 

Consider Your Hair Type

A person’s hair type is an additional factor in determining the hair color that will last the longest on them.

Hair dyes penetrate those with fine hair more quickly than those with thick, coarse hair. 

Consider Your Hair Health

consider healthy hair

In order to determine the hair color that will last the longest, it’s essential to ensure that your hair is in good health. When your tresses are healthy, the dye will last much longer.

Coarse, damaged hair has more pores than healthy hair. It may take in the hair dye rapidly, but it will eventually wash out. 

The dye is naturally going to last longer when you have healthier hair.

Tip: Don't wash your hair immediately after dyeing because a hair color takes 24 hours to fully absorb into the hair. 


When it comes to the question of what color hair dye lasts the longest, the answer isn’t always a color.

The condition of your hair, your natural hair color, your hair type, and the hair dyeing technique usually count as well.

Therefore, take good care of your locks and always let a professional help with color selection and application.

At the same time, you should not ignore proper aftercare and use appropriate haircare products to prolong the life of your hair dye.

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