what can i use instead of waxing paper

What can I use instead of waxing paper or strips? While you may have enough waxing strips in stock, it still pays to know the best waxing paper alternative.

Imagine you have a pool party in a couple of days, but salons are a bit too busy to book you in for a wax.

You know you put off getting wax until the last minute. And it seems a bit too late, as the beach party you have been planning for weeks starts in just a few hours.

What should you do now? Well, you can always do it yourself!

But wait, where are those waxing strips?

When you are running out of time, you can always use a substitute for waxing paper.

You can try many ways to make your own waxing strips and use them in place of waxing paper for good effects.

Tip: Always ensure you use your hand to hold your skin taut while taking off any waxing paper or you may not get good results. 

What Can I Use Instead Of Waxing Paper?

what to use instead of waxing paper

Whether you are a pro or have never tried it before, you can see why waxing is one of the most common ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

Waxing, despite causing minimal discomfort, provides silky smooth, long-lasting results.

As with other forms of aesthetic care, waxing is just one option for getting rid of unsightly hair.

Though both hard and soft waxes aim to eliminate hair at its root, they go about doing so in different ways.

Hard wax self-hardens and does not require removing strips like soft wax. But if you are doing it yourself, you may need waxing paper to get things done.

Is Fabric Wax Strips Better Than Paper Strips?

Speaking of waxing strips, you will find them in two varieties – paper and fabric waxing strips.

Both these strips are cost-effect, disposable, and made of quality materials, all of which contribute to a more pleasant experience for the customer.

Depending on the type of wax your salon prefers, either choice is great for waxing your legs, private areas, face, and eyebrows. 

fabric strips

In contrast to smoother paper strips, fabric strips may have fibers that you need to shake off before applying to the skin. However, fabric strips have many advantages. 

Suitable For Eliminating Stubborn Hair

Fabric strips offer a more durable weave than their paper counterparts.

They adhere exceptionally well to coarser terminal hairs without tearing, making for easy one-handed removal.

The goal should always be to remove every hair on the first try and remove it from the root. 

Flexible To Apply

Waxing using cloth strips gives the treatment a spa-like impression because of their softer texture.

Furthermore, fabric strips conform beautifully to the body’s shape, especially the bikini region, providing full coverage in all the right places.

Interestingly, it is possible to use fabric strips twice on the same body part of the same person.

Tip: Be sure to firmly press the strip against your skin and leave it in place for a few seconds before removing it quickly. 

What Are The Best Waxing Paper Alternatives?

waxing paper alternatives

So, you have run out of your waxing paper and want a practical yet efficient way to get things done. Here’s what you can try. 

Make Your Own Wax

Instead of finding a way to use waxing paper, you can go without it as well.

You do not have to buy a premade paste, as you can make it at home.

All you have to do is make a paste using water, lemon juice, and sugar, and apply it for the best results.

The sugar will not crystallize because of the acid in the recipe. But, keep in mind that the paste will become rock-hard if it is overcooked. 

How To Do It?

  • Put everything into a big stainless-steel pot.
  • Keep stirring constantly as you begin cooking over low heat.
  • Take it off the heat when the sugar looks like honey.
  • The appearance of the mixture usually changes in about 7 minutes.
  • Test a little bit of the past in cold water to ensure it is ready.

Fill a glass or pyrex bowl with the paste and set it in the oven to keep it warm. Test it periodically to ensure the paste maintains its malleability. 

make own wax

Use A Glossy Magazine

If you do not have any premade paste and do not want to make any, try a magazine instead of waxing paper.

When you are done reading a magazine, set it aside. They could come in handy again down the road, like you can make waxing strips, which prove really effective.  

The front and back covers, which are often the thickest parts of a magazine, are what you will be using. 

How To Do It?

Remove the spines from these magazines and cut them into strips.

Many people have found that using strips made from magazines with wax is just as effective, if not more so, than commercial waxing strips. 

Give Any Oil A Shot

Strange as it may sound, ant oil has a long and storied history in the Ottoman Empire.

Many people have used it to permanently remove unwanted body hair and significantly reduce future hair growth.

body oil

Special cream, structural elements, and ant egg extract are the basis of this alternative wax solution.

When applied to the scalp, the oil works at the roots and weakens them, ultimately preventing new hair from developing.

Because of its all-natural composition, ant oil can even be used on the most delicate skin types.

The vaginal and facial regions fall within this category. 

What To Consider?

Before applying it to big parts of your body, try it on a small patch of skin first.

Applying a tiny bit of the ant oil to your skin a day ahead of time will allow you to see if it has any effect. Stick it somewhere inconvenient like your areola or a bodily orifice.

If the ant oil is applied sparingly and you do not experience any skin reactions the following day, you can use it liberally.

How To Do It?

Wash the area you want to wax properly with soap and water.

massage oil

Apply it after the area has dried. Get the best results by massaging it all over your skin.

After a few minutes, the cream will be dry and ready to be removed. Make sure to leave it in place for about four hours before washing it off. 

Utilize Clothing Materials

Like mentioned already, you can also find fabric strips today, and you can always try making one by yourself to use in place of waxing paper.

Even if you do not like reading and do not have any magazines laying around, you can still make strips out of an old shirt.

But before you cut out a few strips, check to see that the cloth is clean.

Cutting up an old pair of jeans to use as waxing strips is a great idea if you need extra-thick material for the leg area.

One of the best features of fabric strips is that they can be cleaned and reused indefinitely.

Tip: Consider taking an OTC pain reliever before using a waxing paper alternative to ensure you minimize the discomfort. 

What Should I Not Use Instead of Waxing Paper?

what not to use

We have gone through some alternatives to wax strips, so you should be good to go.

But here are some things you should stay away from to keep your skin healthy and free of pain, discomfort, and infection. 

Stay Away from Duct Tapes

All right, let us get right down to business. Yes, if you are in a real pinch, you can use duct tape to wax.

You may use it just like a regular wax strip by slicing it up and placing the pieces on top of the wax.

Duct tape’s stickiness makes it useful for pulling hair from the skin.

But doing so comes with a high price: intense pain and possibly even skin damage. 

Do Not Waste Time on Parchment Paper

Using parchment paper is futile. You will rip it apart as you try to peel it off your skin because of how thin it is. Just a complete waste of time.

Parchment paper is a special kind of paper that has a silicone coating.

parchment paper roll

When used to line baking sheets and trays, it keeps baked goods from sticking during the cooking process. So, it is not meant for hair removal in the first place.

Tip: Stay away from using paper towels as a waxing paper alternative because they are so thin and would not be effective. 


Running out of waxing strips or paper at the wrong time can put you in a spot.

But, knowing the answer to, “What can I use instead of waxing paper?” can save the day for you. 

There are many alternatives, but not all of them are equally effective. And you actually need to avoid some “so-called” waxing paper substitutes. So, educate yourself to do it right!

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