what are the clips inside a wig for

What are the clips inside a wig for? You may be wondering about it if you have just started exploring the vast world of natural and synthetic wigs.

It took me a while to figure it out myself when I first turned to wigs because of my unstoppable hair fall. You may have decided to wear wigs just because you want to look fabulous.

In any case, knowing how to properly fasten a wig on your head is essential, especially in breezy conditions.

And that is when you have to learn about clips and how to apply wig clips like a pro.

The clips inside your wig are to help you fasten it properly and keep it in place securely, even in the most demanding conditions. 

What Are The Clips Inside A Wig For?

clips in wig

Beginners who worry about how challenging it will be to wear a wig can relax. Changing into a wig is a simple process.

A wig is delivered to the customer already styled and ready to be put on. But, it is also true that there are so many different wigs and wig accessories available. 

Therefore, knowing where to start when learning how to make one fit comfortably and securely on your head can sometimes be tricky.

And that is when wig clips come into the picture! 

Wig Clips are Always At Your Service!

Also called toupee clips, wig clips are metal clips used to fasten a wig to your scalp.

They can be securely sewn into place and available in a wide variety of hues to match the shade of a wig.

Wig clips are a practical option that may be attached to your natural hair for added security.

They are versatile and can be used in place of glue or tape to keep a wig in place.

wig clip

For added comfort, rubber pads can be attached to the clips.

These are made to act as a buffer between the scalp and the clip, protecting both. 

Interestingly, you can use clips with extensions or wigs. 

An Important Consideration

Glue-free clips are the gold standard. Glued clips can easily come apart, and some even include chemicals that might damage the wig. 

You should always secure your hairpieces using clips that do not include glue or anything else that could harm your wigs. 

Wig Clips For All Modern-Day Wigs

Do all wigs have clips? Probably not! 

Today, you can find all sorts of hair systems, but lace front hair systems and glueless wigs are more popular.

And interestingly, you can use wig clips to keep them secure all the time. 

Lace Front Hair System

They have a pre-taped lace front that secures the wig properly and mimics a natural hairline as well.

lace front hair

Because the hairline can be adjusted to fit your preferences, more lace than necessary is included in the front. 

Together, these elements give you a realistic hairline and a more complete hairstyle. 

Glueless Wig

Lace can be used throughout the entirety of a glueless wig. Lace is a one-of-a-kind material because it allows air to circulate while still securely holding the wig in place.

The wig’s complete cap design allows for easy adjustment of the fit around the head.

Like your regular lace front wig, you have to secure a glueless wig using clips on the side, close to the temple.

At the peak, the lace cap will expand. The straps, however, are adjustable in the rear. 

Higher hair density, especially close to the hairline is what gives the wig its natural appearance.

Tip: If you are worried about the cost, you can always opt for plastic clips instead of metal ones and buy them in bulk. 

Discover The Best Way To Use Wig Clips

best way use wig clips

When you know you can benefit greatly by using wig clips, you will have to determine how to use them properly. 

In most cases, you can benefit from having their wig clips professionally sewn into your wig.

Although you may have to spend a little more time on the sewing process, the clips will be more secure.

With proper sewing, the clips are more likely to stay in place and less likely to dislodge while being worn. 

Getting The Right Numbers Of Clips Sewn Into Your Wig

A wig can have as many clips sewn into it as desired.

A couple of clips may be all that is needed to keep your wigs in place. Some people may need multiple clips to secure their wigs, though.

The good thing is that wig clips are dirt cheap, so one need not worry about their budget if they want to sew a lot of them onto their wig. 

Pick Your Color As Per Your Wig

wig color

With wigs available in a variety of shades, it is important to buy your clips keeping the color of your wig in mind.

Thankfully, you do not have to worry about anything because you can find wig clips in a variety of colors.

Ideally, you should not pick at random, but rather think about what colors will work best with your wigs.

In most cases, it is easy to decide that you need black clips to go with your black wig. But it may be more challenging to match with other colors.

If you want to get clips that are a perfect match for your wig, you might want to bring them with you. 

Of course, it is possible to use wigs with clips of a different hue, but anyone who takes a careful look will likely notice.

Tip: To attach hair clips properly, ensure that your hair is smooth and flat, usually depending on your hair type, length, and texture. 

How Do You Use Wig Clips Properly?

using wig clips

Clips are convenient since they eliminate the need to purchase additional items, like glue or tape, to secure the hair system in place. 

Wearing your wig using clips does not have to be difficult. 

But, remember, that putting in the hair system will be less of a challenge if you work from front to back. 

Follow these directions to get good results!

  • Take your wig and carefully put it on your head.
  • Stick to the “four-finger” method to decide where your hairline should be.
  • Now place the wig on your head and smooth it out gently on the scalp.
  • Take the clips and place them into the side first.
  • Now place those clips into the back of your head, directly into your hair.
  • Keep attaching while ensuring the teeth of the clips face toward you.
  • Secure them well to ensure the wig stays in place. 
Tip: Before using any hair system, ensure the wig and scalp are spotless, and you can use cotton balls dipped in alcohol for that.

Important Things To Remember

things to remember

Remember, the clips are available in different sizes and what works for you is often determined in part by the volume of hair on the back and sides of your head. 

Once the clips are properly aligned, you can press down on them to secure them in your hair.

While wig clips offer many benefits, they eventually wear out and become loose. 

This is when you have to replace them; in fact, you have to buy new ones often, sometimes even more so than the wig itself.

On the plus side, if you tend to experience headaches when wearing a regular wig, you may find that the clips reduce the amount of strain exerted on your head. 

Maintaining Your Wigs With Clips

Proper wig maintenance should be prioritized above all else when you first get one.

girl with colorful wig

This is because you will be attaching and detaching it multiple times over the course of its use. 

As a result, take care not to harm your hair structure inadvertently. That being said, you should be aware of two important things. 

Wash The Wig Regularly

To keep your wigs with clips in the best condition, you need to wash them often.

If you use your hair system every day, you should wash it at least twice a month. It is recommended that a shampoo with a modest pH be used to clean the hair system.

Your clip-on wigs are likely to feel softer and more natural by conditioning and washing with cold water. 

Avoid Rubbing Hard

When cleaning your wigs with clips, you should avoid rubbing them vigorously.

Too much rubbing will increase the likelihood of hair falling from your cut wig, so be gentle. 

dont brush hair wig

The hair should not be brushed while wet for the best results.

You should wait until the wig is dry to style it. This aids in maintaining a full mane of hair for long.

Tip: When you have nothing else available, you can make use of an elastic band in place of clips to help secure your wig.


What are the clips inside a wig for? You already know it now, don’t you? 

Basically, they are there to help you attach your wigs more securely.

Just be sure to take your time to find the wig clips in the right size and color to achieve the most professional look.

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