how to wear clip-in extensions without damaging hair

Learning how to wear clip-in extensions without damaging hair is essential.

Or else, you might get sucked into a bottomless pit of hair extension horror stories.

Going down that rabbit hole might change your mind about buying hair extensions.

But, the truth is that they are totally safe if you know how to wear clip-in extensions. So, do clip-in hair extensions damage hair?

No, they do not cause any damage, so long as you use high-quality extensions and wear them properly.

Tip: Take care to gently detach your natural hair from the extensions before you remove them to avoid any damage to your natural hair.

Are Clip-In Hair Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

are hair extensions bad for hair

The added weight of hair extensions causes the hair to be pulled at its roots, weakening them over time. 

But, you need to understand that not all hair extensions are created equal.

Clip-in hair extensions, for instance, are much safer than their sewn or taped-in counterparts.

You may still want to avoid using them daily if you are concerned about thinning hair due to a genetic predisposition.

Using these hair extensions is a practical and low-cost way to improve your hair’s volume and overall appearance.

Because they are so simple to install, take out, and restyle, it is possible to overuse them, damaging your hair accidentally.

How to Choose the Right Extension to Avoid Damaging Hair

choose the right extension

The first step toward learning how to wear clip-in extensions without increasing the risk of damaged hair is to pick the right product.

Selecting the best Clip-in extensions or hairpieces for your natural hair prevents harm and yields superior results.

To make a good decision, start by checking the weight of different hair extensions or brands of clip-in extensions.

It is also important to consider your hair type and thickness before selecting an extension to ensure you do not damage natural hair.

Clip-In Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

Most people who want to get hair extensions already have somewhat short, fine hair that they wish to bulk up and lengthen.

In order to keep your hair from breaking, it is important to not put too much stress on it.

Know the Maximum Weight of Extensions

know the maximum weight

People with thin hair should not put more than 180g of weight on it. And the weight should be spread out equally throughout the head.

The ideal weight for single-piece hair extensions or hair parts like Ponytails or fringes is 50g, while the maximum weight is 80g.

Some clip-in options feature as many as eight separate parts that may be placed in various configurations across the head.

This helps distribute the wearer’s weight evenly and prevent strain in any one area.

Keep in mind that finer hair makes it more difficult to conceal the seam of thicker hair extensions.

Tip: Damage to your natural hair can occur if you pull or rip out cut-in hair extensions too often or handle them too roughly. Be gentle!

Can You Wear Extensions Daily without Damaging the Hair?

wear extensions daily without damaging

Clip-in extensions are a great way to produce fuller hair and a more voluminous appearance for an evening out or a casual day.

Daily use is possible due to the extensions’ simplicity and safety.

Hair extensions are fantastic since you may wear the whole set or just a few wefts to get the look you want.

They can be worn in a variety of ways and are quite convenient; regular use should not cause any harm to your hair.

Take special care to remove them before getting in the shower, going to sleep, swimming, or engaging in any other strenuous activity.

Of course, you should avoid over-use and do a few things when interested in wearing them daily.

Handle Them with Care

Always treat your hair extensions and natural hair with care. Damage to your hair can result from a hasty or rough removal of clips.

This could result in your hair being tangled in the pin and pulled painfully.

To remove hair extensions without damaging your natural hair, simply lift them slowly off your head.

Keep Checking Your Hair

keep on checking hair

The danger of regular use of hair extensions is that you come to rely on them and stop caring for your own hair.

Irritation of the scalp is a common side effect of wearing hair extensions. It may mean you have to skip them for a few days if you are not careful.

Also, inspect your hair frequently to ensure the clips are not causing any bald spots.

Take Care of Your Natural Hair

Daily use of hair extensions requires that your natural hair is in pristine condition.

Use protein, conditioner, and other items to help enhance and retain moisture to keep your hair in good condition.

You should also limit the use of heated appliances like curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers, etc.

These can lead to brittleness and other heat-related damage, making it difficult to use extensions.

Steps to Put in Clip-In Hair Extensions Without Damaging Hair

steps to apply hair extensions

Now that you know how to find the right extensions and what to do to wear them daily, let us share how to put them in without damaging hair.

Step #1: Begin with Sectioning

Using the rat’s tail comb, part your hair in a horizontal line across your scalp, approximately 2 inches from the base of your neck.

Put the big clips in the hair just above the part.

Step #2: Use Clips

When you are ready to attach the weft, position the hair clips so that they are near the base of your hair.

Now, gently clip them down without damaging your hair.

Step #3: Blend with Natural Hair

Unclip your hair and gently comb the extensions into your natural strands. Styling your hair with a curling iron, straightener, or blow dryer can help you achieve a more professional look.  

Do not worry if your first attempt at clip-in extensions does not yield perfect results.

Remember that clip-in hair extensions are just temporary, so if you do not like how they appear after a few tries, you can always remove them and try again.

Tip: Wear your natural hair in complementary braids or upswept styles on days when you do not want to sport your clip-in hair extensions.

Learn How to Wear Clip-In Extensions Without Damaging Hair

how to wear without damaging hair

Clip-in hair extensions are probably the safest for your hair compared to other options.

The truth is that anyone can wear them with ease without damaging their hair.

Actually, you have to learn how to separate myths from facts. For instance:

Do Clip-In Extensions Pull Your Hair Out?

The fear that clip-in hair extensions will cause your hair to fall out is extremely widespread.

However, these problems won’t arise because of high-quality clip-ins’ safe “clip” technology.

Extensions can be quickly and simply clipped under natural hair with the help of these new extensions’ tiny snap clips.

Many of these extensions use stainless steel metal clips with rubber grips to make them discrete and add very little bulk to the hair.

Does Wearing Clip-In Extensions Cause Traction Alopecia?

this can cause alopecia

Alopecia is caused by extensions is one of our more outlandish worries. But, except when worn in a really high ponytail, clip-in extensions rarely cause serious harm.  

Clip-in extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair without the risk of damaging your natural hair.

They are temporary, so you can take them off if you feel any pressure.

Will Clip-In Extensions Disrupt Your Natural Hair Growth?

Of course not!

It is natural to worry that using clip-in extensions will stunt your hair’s development because of the extra bulk they contribute.

But, be assured that this is not the case.

A halt in hair development can only occur if your hair is severely damaged due to improper care.

Clip-in hair extensions, on the other hand, pose little risk and do not stunt natural hair development.

Tip: Be sure to remove your extensions before going to bed or else you might tangle them and risk damaging your natural hair.


Clip-in extensions are the best when you worry about how to wear clip-in extensions without damaging hair.  

Wearing hair extensions is a quick and easy way to bring your hair back to its natural glory.

The fact that you are clipping in extra materials and adding some extra weight to your hair does not signify anything negative for your hair.

Only if you carry your clip-ins incorrectly and use substandard clip-in extensions will this happen to you.

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