should i wash my hair before using color remover

Answering the question “should I wash my hair before using color remover?” will go a long way in helping lots of people.

Of course, a time comes when you will need a hair color remover because of one reason or the other. 

Most people have used color remover but failed at it, it just did not work. And that is why in this article, there is a lot in store for you.

Read to the end for so much more. 

No matter what, before you use a hair color remover, strictly avoid washing your hair. Doing this helps a long way in attaining the best removal. 

How To Prepare Hair For Color Remover

prepare hair

Before using a color remover, you need to prepare well and adequately for the D-day.

Otherwise, like most people, you will end up frustrated when your color remover doesn’t seem to work. That is why you need to always prepare adequately for this. 

There are best practices that you must put in place to attain your goal. It starts with preparing fully for the color removal. 

Below is a step-by-step procedure for prepping your hair in anticipation of color removal. 

Plan Ahead

You will always need a plan while doing anything. You will need to start by preparing your hair for color removal.

By doing so, get all the tools you will need in place

Also, make sure that you are doing it in the open. Put on protective clothing and a face mask, and wear gloves as well. 

Tip: Ensure that all items you will be using are made of either plastics or glass. 

Brush Your Hair

brush your hair

In the first place, brush your hair, begin by creating rows in your hair using the brush. 

Making vertical rows at the top and horizontals at the lower are advised while brushing the hair.

Repeat over and over while tinting and brushing until your hair is straight. 

Tip: Brush the hair until it gets tangle free. 

Divide The Hair

Once your hair is tangle free, divide it into four sizable but equal portions, ready to now apply the color remover. 

Should I wash my hair before using color remover?

wash hair color remover

You’ll need to wash your hair to use certain products like Colour B4, this is because this particular product doesn’t work on dirty hairs.

Wash your hair twice with a shampoo to get rid of dirt and silicone build-up from the hair root, then allow it to dry. 

Mix The Dyes

Color removers come packed in two separate containers. One comprises an acid while the other is a sulfur-reducing agent. 

There are indications on the package on how you should mix the two chemicals.

Follow the instructions appropriately to make sure that you come out with the right mixture for color removal. 


apply on hair

This is where a lot of work lies. It is when you need to be extremely vigilant and cautious. Do it with a lot of professionalism as if you have done it before.

At this stage, you also need to practice speed, because with the two chemicals mixed, they begin to lose their strength too fast. 

It is advisable that you use hand gloves so that in a leaning posture, you pour down the chemical on your hand gloves.

Only at this stage can you evenly distribute it with speed. Also, you can use a hair comb to ensure even distribution. 

Blow Dry

For about twenty minutes, after you have applied the remover, blow dry your hair.

This helps accelerate the opening of hair cuticles which speeds up the removal of the artificial color.  

In the absence of a blow dryer, use a processing cap wrapped with a towel to maintain the warmth in the hair. 


rinse hair well

Rinsing is an equally important part of the removal of color from your hair process.  Rinse off the color as much as you can and as many times as possible.

If you do not, you risk spreading the color again in two to three days. 

Therefore, shampoo the hair twice or thrice, while thoroughly rinsing your hair each time.

Because color removal comes with a pungent smell, the more you do it, the more you drive out the bad smell. 

So, rinse your hair until there are no traces of the now unwanted color. 

Tip: Do not use cold water or hot water while rinsing the color from your hair, instead use lukewarm water. 

Should  I Wash My Hair Before Using Color Remover?

should i wash hair

Just above, I have explained to you the pre-color remover preparations and how to do it. Artificial hair colour removal is no easy feat.

It calls for a lot of input and hard work. At the slightest blunder, everything goes into shambles and that’s not what you want. 

What greatly determines and influences the results is whether you get your hair washed before the removal or not.

And therefore, the question goes, should hair be washed before a color remover process? Is it a yes or no? 

Regardless of the situation or the pressure, do not give in to end up washing your hair before color removal. In fact, start two days before the day designated for color removal, to plan not to wash your hair.  

For if you do, the results are fatal, unwanted, and heartbreaking. You won’t see the color remover work and you will be to blame for it.

Except if you’re using a product like Colour B4 then you certainly do need to wash your hair before applying it as it doesn’t work well on dirty hairs.

Tip: You should not wash your hair before a color remover; DO NOT COME TO THINK OF IT. 

Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Hair Before Colour Remover?

don't wash hair

You are now aware that regardless of the pressure, you should never wash your hair before going in for a color removal process. What are the reasons?

This is because washing your hair before color removal takes away all the oiliness. 

This oiliness is extremely needed during this time. The oil is a defense mechanism that protects you from the chemical reaction of the remover.

The oil especially protects the hair cuticles. There is moisture and dirt on the scalp. 

Although dirt is unnecessary, it becomes at this time. So that is why for 72 to 48 hours preceding the day you remove the color, you should not wash your hair.

Both help to protect your mane and prevent your hair from falling stiff, dry, and damaged. 

Can You Dye Your Hair After Colour Remover?

dye hair after

Lastly, do you think that hair can be dyed after color removal?

Now, you are getting rid of the previous color to replace it with a new and different one or to get your natural hair color back.

You can dye your hair well after a color remover process. 

However, it is best that you wait for at least 72 hours before embarking on the process.

You should wait because, once you have the previous color removed, the hair shaft opens and is likely to absorb any color you add to your hair. 

Tip: Adding a colour immediately or a few hours after removal will make your hair appear darker. 


Should I wash my hair before using colour remover? Well, if I was to wash my hair before a color removal process, upon reading this article, I would stop immediately. 

You realize that it is totally unwanted and detrimental to wash your hair following a color removal process unless you’re using products that instruct you otherwise.

So go for whatever products you prefer.  I hope you find this article as a guardian that will see you remove the existing color well without any problems.

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