can you use regular nail polish on gel nails

Recently, I had just come from a nail salon and badly wanted to know, “Can you use regular nail polish on gel nails?” And what was the reason?

It was my immediate dislike of the gel nail I had just received. 

I had loved it before but then came to the painful realization that it would match none of my lovely outfits. I had to do away with it?

Did I succeed?

For this and more, read this blog.

You are at liberty to use regular nail polish on gel nails if you like me in all of a sudden happen to dislike them or for a different reason.

What Are Gel Nails?

gel nails

For people who love things that last, then for nail beauty, gel nails are an amazing option. It will outlive any modern nail polish.

Trouble begins when you want to get rid of the gel, unlike polish, the gel is difficult and almost impossible to remove until its designated time is up. 

It takes special chemicals to get rid of it and if not attended to properly, the procedure might easily damage and rip off the nail bed. 

Gel nails last much longer, nor are they easy to chip, which is why removing them becomes a walk uphill.

So the question is, do you want a quick change in the color of your nails? 

Maybe your reason is that you are dissatisfied with its shine and color or want a quick color replacement that matches the outfit of the day.

Do you see regular nail polish as the easiest and fastest way to achieve the desires of your heart?

Well, before we guarantee it, can regular nail polish be used on gel nails?

regular nail polish

Can You Use Regular Nail Polish On Gel Nails?

The good news you have been waiting for is here. Yes, you can use regular nail polish on top of gel nails. In as much as you can, it calls for a lot of caution. 

You need to do it technically and professionally. Most people have tried and it did not just work right for them. Instead, they hated the results much more.

Remember that gel polish is resoundingly beautiful and extremely visible.

But then if you want to cover it up with regular nail polish it is not impossible to be hard, but it won’t be easy. 

That is why you need to be extremely vigilant or else, there will be very thick layers of nail polish that will end up making your nails ugly. You do not have to regret this move. 

It is a good one and you should carry on with it.

If you do not like gel nails or want them hidden for the meantime, then you can use regular nail polish for the meantime.

And now that you can, how are you going to do it?

how to use regular nail polish on gel

How To Use Regular Nail Polish On Gel Nails

So can regular nail polish be used on gel nails? As far as we have come, you realize that you have that option too.

And as soon as you realize that you can, you will find yourself sinking deeper into mystery and will be asking, then how? 

Regular nail polish is a great way to add a little beauty to your nails and it’s also easy to use. No scrubbing skills are necessary!

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to use regular nail polish on gel nails. 

It can be used on both natural and manicured nails and will give them the appearance of being freshly polished. The result? A new shine that lasts all day long! 

If you want to use regular nail polish on gel nails, there is a procedure to follow that won’t have any flaws. We have a step-by-step procedure compiled for you that will see you to success.

Here are the steps you should follow while using regular nail polish on gel nails so that they appear professional. 

Step #1: Wash Your Nails

wash your nails

Even though your nails are painted with gel, you always need to do a little cleaning.

In this circumstance, before applying regular nail polish, wash your nails with soap and rinse them.

Leave them to dry for about five minutes before moving to the next step.

Step #2: Apply Polish

Then, normally, just like you would apply it on plain nails, practice a lot of caution and professionalism while brushing the polish on your nails. 

Buff it to all corners and in thin films to speed up its drying. While using thinner films, allow them to dry before adding another coating of nail polish. 

Tip: The nail polish should not appear to be thicker on your nails.
let nail polish dry

Step #3: Let The Polish To Dry Completely

One thing that most people do not seem to get right is the fact that polish always has to dry.

You do not need to be speedy when you just did it amazingly well. Be patient, and allow your nails to dry. 

That means, for about 6 to four hours based on the thickness of your films. Do not handle any objects that might tamper with your polish. 

Tip: Sit and let them completely dry. 

Step #4: Cure The Top Coat

Finally, if you are in proximity to a UV nail lamp, then let the nails cure in it for a maximum of thirty seconds.

Other than the UV lamp, you can too use the LED light lamp for the recommended time only. 

Tip: Control your exposure to UV and LED lights, they are fatal in time and are known to be cancerous. 
how to remove nail polish

How To Remove Regular Nail Polish On Gel Nails

Because regular nail polish is what they are, regular, won’t last for long, you will need to get rid of them. 

After all, you probably just wanted to put them on for the meantime, to match a particular outfit or for whichever reason.

But at the end of the day, you will want to get rid of them and here is how. 

Step #1: Wash Your Nails Clean

Wash your nails thoroughly and dry thoroughly.

Use a nail dryer to remove the excess oil from your nails, followed by a nail moisturizer to keep your nails soft and ready for business.

Step #2: Use A Nail Polish Remover 

use nail polish remover

Using a nail polish remover, thoroughly clean your nail of all drier thanage.

Using a mild soap, such as washed and rinsed white vinegar, black pepper, or olive oil-based cleanser, gently clean your nails of all excess oil. 

Using a nail moisturizer, such as your favorite mani or top coat, you’ll keep your nails soft and ready to go. 

Step #3: Moisturize 

Mask any spots that may have developed during the previous day’s manicure or those that seem to be stubborn. 


Use a mild cleanser to remove traces of glue and old polish, then a stronger moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

Step #4: Repeat the Same Step For The Other Hand

Repeat the steps above for both your hands until all the regular nail polish is gone. 

Tip: The length of time it takes to remove regular nail polish depends on the type of nail polish you used. 


So can you use regular nail polish on gel nails? In this article, you get the green light to go ahead with your ambition.

It is okay to use regular nail polish on gel nails. You realize that getting rid of gel nail polish might not be a walk in the park. 

Fortunately for you, in the event you suddenly begin to dislike the gel or want it hidden for the meantime, then that can be fixed.

You now have the resources and the knowledge it would take to apply regular nail polish. And when you want to get back to your gel, you have the process.

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