how to style hair extensions to look natural

In this article, I will discuss how to style hair extensions to look natural.

The main point of hair extension is to make our hair look better and fuller while still looking beautiful. 

It is a natural beauty enhancer. Just like all the beauty hacks, it’s accepted by almost every female, so read along with me!

There are several ways to make your hair extension look natural and this article will be taking you through all of them.

Can Hair Extensions Look Natural?

hair extensions look natural

Of course, they can. What is the whole point of an extension if it can’t look natural?

Although many people have issues with making their extensions natural, they are ways to maneuver this. 

There are procedures with detailed explanations on how to make extension hair look natural.

How To Style Hair Extensions To Look Natural

The following procedures are detailed explanations of how to make hair extensions look natural.

Option #1: Get Adequate Hair Extensions

With extensions, you have to go all in. It is either all or nothing. To be able to go all in with extensions, you must have enough, to begin with. 

adequate hair extensions

You have to have enough extensions to match the volume of your hair. If you have thick, full hair, you need as much extension as you can get your hands on.

But if you are blessed with thinner hair, then you don’t need that much extension. 

Note: Everything else will fall into place as long as you have enough hair. 

Option #2: Find The Appropriate Hair Extension

The best option for you may not be typical clip extensions if your hair is thin or fine. They won’t look good, they’ll drag your hair down.

It would also be too heavy for your hair. The invisi tape hair extensions are the greatest option for those with thin hair that only wear hair extensions occasionally.

They are seamless, thin clips resembling tape-in. 

Invisi tape hair extensions are the most natural-looking extension. This is so because it has a transparent tape that gives the extension a look of growing from the scalp.

Note: The easiest way to have your extensions blend in and appear natural is to use the proper type of extension.

Option #3: Find The Right Color

right color hair extension

After getting the right extension, you have to get the right color. Using a color that is different from your hair color is the first giveaway.

It is easier for those who have a normal hair color to find the right extensions online. 

But for those who have distinctive hair colors, I would advise checking closely before choosing an extension.

Some vendors offer free color samples before purchase, so you can get one of those to make sure the extension matches your hair. 

And for those who have double-colored hair, it is best to go for the extension matching the tips of your hair.

This is because that’s where the extensions will be more obvious.

wash hair extensions

Option #4: Wash The Extension

The ideal practice is to wash your extensions before making use of them. The washing is necessary to make them mix in with your hair properly. 

This is because a lot of extensions typically have a gleam that does not quite match the normal hair textures.

You can use a little shampoo and conditioner to wash them and then leave them to dry, or you can just air dry them.

Tip: Not only does it help with the color, but it also gives the extension a fuller look.

Option #5: Use Different Hair Extension Lengths

hair extension length

The only people who can wear extensions and make them look natural without much work are those with thin shoulder-length hair.

This is because they require a single length to make their hair look great.

Sadly not all of us have that kind of hair. Those who have long or layered hair, they require different hair lengths. 

You will need a long length to give you a longer appearance and a short length to match your existing layers.

It is a wonderful approach to making your hair extensions look natural and match your natural layers.

Option #6: You Can Layer Or Trim Your Extensions 

trim or layer

Some people’s hair has a different, dynamic cut which makes it hard to find the right hair extensions.

Since their natural hair is quite different, the extensions end up being positioned in odd ways.

If you can’t get different extension lengths, you can trim the extensions you have. While chopping off the hair you’ve bought may seem wasteful, it’s crucial to obtain a normal flow.

It would make it less visible to discern where your genuine hair ends and the extensions begin. 

Option #7: Backcombing

Backcombing is when you comb the end strands of your hair towards your scalp to give your hair a fuller look and a thicker base.

What does backcombing have to do with hair extensions? 

You see, hair extensions can start to droop if not held down properly. And this can cause pain for the person wearing it and it can also make the extensions visible to everyone. 

backcombing hair extensions

By backcombing your hair, you will be providing a stronger foundation for the extension clips to hold on to.

This would keep your extensions secure and also give you a more natural look. And let’s not talk about the absence of pain.

As much as backcombing is advantageous, it also has its downsides if done too much. Backcombing damages the integrity of the hair by rubbing against the cuticle scales. 

This can be quite damaging and result in hair loss over time. This eventually causes the hair to weaken and break. 

Note: Additionally, it may result in knots close to the root that is exceedingly challenging to get rid of.

Option #8: Arrangement Of Hair Extensions

hair extension arrangements

Try positioning your hair extensions at an angle if you’re having difficulties getting them to blend in naturally with your facial hair at the front. 

It will look softer as a result, and you will also gain length and body. Besides, it will make your hair appear more natural and feathery.

Option #9: Curtain Hair Extension Closer Together 

Girls who have short hair or short layers may look more natural by spacing their hair extensions closer together.

Try layering many strands all over your head rather than just adding hair extensions to the back and sides of your head.

This will give you a bigger head of hair without making it look unnatural and will help break up layers.

Option #10: Brushing Your Hair And The Extension

brush hair extensions

Even though our hair extensions are made entirely of human hair, you still need to take some time to make sure that your natural hair and hair extensions are identical. 

Brushing your hair and the extension simultaneously is the most effective way to do this.

Place your extensions first. Brush your hair collectively from the bottom to the top once they are firmly in place.

Brush your edge, and then style how you like. By doing so, the hair will blend in more naturally and the style will last longer.

Option #11: Curl Or Wave Your Extensions For A Polished Look

Even though a lot of people look stunning with straight hair, wavy or curly styles can appear more natural.

And it can help cover the gap between your hair and the lengthier extensions.

Option #12: Place Upside Down For Up-Dos

updo hairstyle

A lot of people like making lovely updos using hair extensions. The approach for updos is just slightly different from that of a falling style.

Try inserting extensions upside down if you want to give your updo an extra body. 

Placing your hair upside down will be comfier for you and give you a more covert appearance because you will be tugging your hair up rather than letting it fall.


That’s all;  the question “how to style hair extensions to look natural” has finally been answered.

Get enough hair, find your proper color, and have them professionally mixed and clipped if you can’t do them yourself. 

If you do all that has been listed above and you take proper care of the extension, it can even last for well over a year.

With these simple steps, you can make your extension look natural and also save money in the process.

I hope this article has been helpful, thank you very much for your time and attention.

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