can you sleep with clip-in hair extensions

When you fall in love with your hair extensions and want to wear them all the time, it’s natural to ask, “Can you sleep with clip-in hair extensions?

And if you can, what’s the comfortable way to do it?

Clip-in hair extensions can be a quick and easy way to add volume to your hairstyle.

Most of the time, the extensions are made from 100% human hair for a great appearance. 

They are then sewn together, and the bundle is attached to a single-prong metal clip.

The clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths, and are suitable for different styles.

Whether or not it’s safe to sleep with Clip-In extensions is one of the most debated topics in the industry.

You may get different answers from experts, which baffles most people to the point that they start looking for other hair extension options. So, can you sleep with clip-in hair extensions in?”

Yes, you can, but you should probably avoid it because there’s a risk of those extensions getting tangled and causing damage to your natural scalp while sleeping.

Tip: Avoid clarifying or volumizing shampoos because they remove oil from natural hair and are bad for extensions because you don't already have enough oil to start with.

Can You Sleep with Clip-in Hair Extensions without Damaging hair?

can sleep with clip in extensions

You should not sleep with your glamorous clip-in extensions in, no matter how tempting it may be.

This is because proper maintenance of your extensions is crucial for keeping the hair healthy and looking good for as long as possible.

Sleeping with your clip-in extensions might stress the attachments unnecessarily and cause the hair to become tangled. That can cause your natural hair to break off easily.

The risk of damaging hair is even more significant with low-quality, ridiculously cumbersome extensions with many clips. Sleep in them and you’ll wake up with a sore head the following day.

 Instead, remove your hair extensions and store them in a dry, cool, and dark place, or better yet, hang them up in a luxury hair extension storage bag.

The quality of your extensions will be preserved, and you will save time and energy by not having to untangle your hair.

Can You Wear Clip-In Extensions Every Day?

can wear every day

If your hair extensions are of high quality, yes.

The finest 100% human hair extensions are the best option because they’re gentle on your own hair and created from the finest hair available.

This is only one of many valid justifications for constantly sporting your clip-in hair extensions.

Tip: Stay away from over-washing your extensions because they don't need it without natural hair oils.

What to Know When You Want to Sleep with Clip-In Extensions?

As mentioned, it’s best to avoid it, but if you really have to, there’re ways to lower the risk of damaging your hair.

Ensure They’re Not Loose

You need to ensure that you don’t leave your extensions loose. They need to stay attached to your natural hair to avoid getting tangled through the night.

Remember, sleeping with clip-in hair extensions still on can cause damage to the hair.

It mostly happens around the clips if the extensions get tangled in bed linens or if you pull on them in your sleep.

Stay Away from Your Scalp

stay away from scalp

You’re finally starting to catch some shut-eye. But when you do, you might feel the clips from your clip-in hair extensions rubbing against your scalp.

This may prompt an itchy desire to scratch your head.

The area of your scalp where your clip-in hair extensions are fastened is particularly vulnerable to harm from scratching.

The risk is greater if you tend to yawn and scratch your hair more vigorously than you mean to.

Avoid it if you really have to wear your extensions to bed.

Use Accessories to Keep Extensions Secure

If you really have to sleep with your clip-in hair extensions, you need to ensure they are in place and won’t come loose while you’re sleeping.

Avoid waking up with tangled clip-in hair extensions by sleeping with your hair in a high upswept bun or low ponytail, secured with hair elastics or a headband.

Cover Your head Properly

Protect your natural hair and clip-in extensions from being tangled or broken while you sleep by wearing a satin headpiece or wrapping your hair in a satin scarf.

Wearing a cap or scarf to bed will keep your clip-in hair extensions in place and shield them from your bedding.

You could try wearing a bonnet to bed to reduce the itching and breaking of your hair from the clips pushing against your scalp while you sleep.

Tip: Never use alcohol-based haircare products on your extensions because they leave your hair dry and severely shorten the life of your extensions.

What Other than Sleeping with Clip-in Extensions is Damaging?

what other than sleeping cause damage

Can you sleep with clip-in hair extension? You already know the answer, but there’s more you should know about wearing these extensions.

While clip-in extensions are great, you need to avoid certain mistakes to ensure you don’t damage them in the process.

Not Removing Your Extensions Carefully

You need to get familiar with the process of removing your clip-in extensions.

The more experienced you become, the easier it is to remove the extensions.

This way, you can quickly remove them before going to sleep and save yourself from all the damage.

Taking additional care when removing hair extensions helps protect both your own hair and the clip that holds them in place from damage.

Getting strands of your natural hair tangled up in the clip is easy, and yanking it out will damage your hair.

Quickly removing the extensions raises the danger of them detaching from the clip and necessitating an early replacement than anticipated.

Not Washing in a Timely Manner

not washing timely

Because hair extensions are unaffected by the oils produced by your scalp, you only need to wash them once or twice a month.

Furthermore, the quality of things used on your extensions is crucial.

Choose hair care products free of any sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals.

If you limit the use of chemicals while maintaining your clip-in hair extensions, they will last longer.

Also, use a thermal spray to protect your hair before using heat.

Failing to Brush Properly

Your hair extensions will last longer if you brush them carefully before and after each use.

The extensions will mat less frequently and last longer if they are untangled.

Investing in a brush made specifically for use with hair extensions will safeguard against any snagging or yanking that might occur otherwise.

Avoid damaging your hair extensions by brushing them while they’re still wet and always store them in a dry environment.

Exposing to Heat and Sun 

The good thing about premium quality extensions made of 100% human hair is that you can style them in any way you like.

You can easily straighten, curl, or diffuse those seamless hair extensions. But, you need to understand how much heat you can use while styling.

expose to heat and sun

You may stick to gentle touch-ups once you’ve styled your hair. Just avoid restyling and trying to straighten the extensions again.

You may simply want to wash the extensions and then try another style to keep them protected.

The level of heat is another consideration. Use a straightener or curling iron with a heat setting that allows you to choose between low and medium heat for the greatest results.

When using clip-in extensions, it is unnecessary to apply excessive heat.

The hair can be flawlessly groomed with low or medium heat (or anything below 375 degrees).

The hair extensions can remarkably retain curls and styles, possibly even better than your own hair.

Tip: Don't resort to any heat styling when you've applied hair oils to your clip-in extensions or you'll end up dealing with brittle hair extensions.


Clip-in hair extensions are the most popular type of hair extension but Can you sleep with clip-in hair extensions?

You can apply them in minutes, avoid damaging the natural hair and remove them with ease.

You can wear it for a variety of purposes including special occasions, fashion shows, and on a daily basis. 

But, when you become a fan of these extensions, you may be thinking, “Can you sleep with clip-in hair extensions?”

Well, don’t do it unless you absolutely have no other choice. Those extensions are delicate and expensive, and sleeping with clips still in your hair can lead to damage.

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