should you get a haircut before braids

When you love braids and want to try the hairstyle, it is natural to ask, “Should you get a haircut before braids or after?

In the world of hairdos, braids are hugely popular.

With braids, you can experiment with various new looks because of their adaptability. They are versatile enough to be worn to work or supper or even out with friends.

Interestingly, there are many options to consider when going for braids. Do you want twists? Are you interested in faux locs? Or, maybe you look perfect with box braids?

But, even if you have decided what type of braids you want, you still need to know if it is important to get a haircut before braids or not.

Technically, you do not need a haircut before braids, but it may be a good idea to trim if it has been six weeks or more since your last cut.

Tip: Be sure to let your stylist know if the scalp feels tight after a few braids or else it may damage your hair over time. 

Should You Get a Haircut Before Braids or Not?

get a haircut

If you ask experts, you will get different answers.

But, the thing is that you should not get a haircut if you do not need one.

In most cases, you are likely to get a haircut when you take the braids out. So, why get it before when you are always going to get it later?

You would probably benefit from a trim before braids if you need a haircut and notice those little knots on the ends.

You do not have to do it if you take good care of your hair and do not spend hours detangling it.

It would be more important to consider if your hair is healthy enough to handle the extra tension than worrying about trimming. 

Is It Better to Get a Haircut Before or After Braids?

As mentioned already, it depends on your unique circumstances. If your hair is in good condition, go ahead without getting a haircut.

Many experts recommend trimming your hair at least every 6-8 weeks. And if you have not done it in the last 6 weeks, you might consider getting one before braids.

If you have no clue about when you had your last haircut, you may consider getting those ends snipped before your braids. 

When Does It Make Sense to Get a Haircut Before Braids?

when to get a haircut

Before you braid or try a protective hairstyle for an extended period of time (three months or more), you should cut it first.

Your efforts to achieve growth with a protective style will be undermined by ends in bad condition if they are already knotted split, or otherwise damaged.

 If you postpone trimming because you are afraid of hair loss, timing your cut before braids or another protective style is an excellent option. 

Should You Get a Perm Before You Go for Braids?

Braids are great for protecting your hair from damage, whether your hair is relaxed or natural.

Just remember dermatologists advise against relaxing your hair before wearing braids.

This is because the pH balance of your hair is altered. It also stretches your hair’s elasticity when you use a relaxer, making it more susceptible to breakage and damage.

Tip: Make use of a moisturizing leave-in conditioner after braiding to keep dryness at bay. 

How Do You Know It is Time to Get a Haircut Before Braids?

how to know it's time for haircut

Whether you are rocking braids or not, there will be times when you just cannot avoid the need to go for a trim.

Although stylists, experts and bloggers may disagree on how often you need to snap those ends, there is consensus on one fact: good ends are crucial to healthy hair.

Thankfully, a few telltale signs indicate it is time to break out the hair shears. 

You Find Detangling a Hassle

This is the most obvious warning sign; you might realize it as you braid your hair before bed.

Because the ends keep tangling, you will have a tough time parting and detangling your hair.

If your hair is well-moisturized but you still spend an inordinate amount of time detangling it, it is time to get a haircut. 

You Notice Raggedy Twist Out

Whether you decide to replace twist out with Bantu knot out or braid out, nothing would work if your ends are in no good shape.

notice hair twists

Even your usual go-to style will seem a little strange!

If you are overdue for a trim, you will notice that your twist-outs are more frizzy than usual, or that your ends are particularly protruding.

It is hard to attain the voluminous style that natural hair often affords us if the ends are substantially thinner than the rest of the hair.

You Cannot Curl Up the Ends

Particularly after using heat tools extensively, you may find that the tips of your hair can no longer curl or kink as easily as they once did.

It may force you to roll them under or otherwise conceal them so that they mix in with your natural hair.

Sadly, my darling, it is possible that you have suffered heat damage, which is permanent.

Spend a full five minutes faffing, and then get to work on the pruning!

 The inability to cut off heat-damaged ends means you will have to keep doing things like braiding and curling or twisting.

If your hair has been damaged by heat, do not try fixing it; just let it fall out slowly.

Tip: Change your style regularly after braiding because thick braids can add stress to your roots if you do not change styles often.  

What Should You Do Before Braids Other than a Haircut?

what else to do before braids

The steps you take before a protective style can determine whether or not it provides the much-needed rest from styling that you seek.

It seems like a lot of effort, right? Try not to worry. Every detail is laid out below! 

What Should You Do Before Hair Braiding?

Since your hair will be in braids for a minimum of two weeks and maybe up to four, it has to be in the right condition now.

Wash Your Hair

You should never braid grimy hair.

It is a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo before you have your hair braided.

The buildup on your scalp and hair is no match for the power of a clarifying shampoo.

Remember, if you start with clean hair, the braids can stay in for longer before you need to wash them out. 

Condition Your Hair

It is also critical that you condition your hair. It aids in the penetration of moisture into your hair.

apply hair condition

The hair should not be dry while the braids are in place. If it is dry, your hair strands will become more brittle, which is a major cause of breakage.

A conditioning treatment should be applied to your hair a few days before braiding. Go with deep conditioning for even better results. 

Detangle it Properly

Before getting your hair braided, you should thoroughly detangle it properly.

Your hairstyle will remain unchanged for several weeks. Therefore, it must be in pristine condition.

As a bonus, detangling helps fix the braids easier and decreases the danger of breakage as you manage each section to complete the braid. 

Oil Your Hair and Scalp

Be sure to oil your hair before braiding.

apply oil to scalp

 It prevents your hair from drying out by sealing in moisture. Therefore, you have to perform it on around 10% damp hair.

After oiling the hair, allow it to dry completely before braiding.

Moreover, oiling calms the skin. But, if your scalp is sensitive, you should use a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil before massaging it into your skin. 

Be Sure to Section it Right

This is especially crucial for people with thick hair.

You must take care not to pull out any of your hair while achieving this protective style. And, keeping your work in distinct chunks can help you avoid this problem.

The final result will be much neater if you divide your hair into sections before styling.

Sectioning may also come in handy the next time you wash or oil your scalp while the braids are in place.

Whether your braids are small or enormous will determine how many sections you use and their sizes.

section hair
Tip: Do not let your braids in for longer than six weeks or you might end up dealing with breakage.


Getting your hair braided is a great way to enjoy a new hairstyle with some protective effects. But, you need to know how to prepare before the appointment.

And that is when you need to answer, “Should you get a haircut before braids or do it later?

It all depends on when was the last time you had your hair trimmed. If it has been long, you will benefit from a trim before your braids.

Otherwise, you can just go ahead without trimming!

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