should i do hair or makeup first

Should I do hair or makeup first? This question has been the basis of a fair share of beauty debates.

And if to date you still reel in mystery and the unknown of what you should do first, then this blog has the honest answers. 

It is a battle of prioritization, one that interestingly doesn’t seem to have the right answer.

Fortunately, here is the expert advice for you on whether you should do makeup first and hair last or vice versa.

Do hair or makeup first, that should be the way to go, it is a double-edged sword that way. However, whatever your preferences are, either of them is acceptable.

Why Is This A Debate After All?

It feels good to discuss these things, to agree and disagree. It opens up my understanding and triggers me to do some more research on the matter. 

And that is why, in this article, I am going to table my argument which I am certain and believe should be the way to go.

I will give my reasons to support it.

do hair or makeup first

Should I Do My Hair Or Makeup First

So now, without wasting much time, I know how restless you are to learn these things. We will dive right in and figure things out with you.

Think of when you are going out for a date, dinner, a wedding ceremony, or a job interview.

You must look amazing, beautiful, cute, and lovely. And save for ladies, beauty, and color mean a lot. 

It makes you cut over the rest and none wants to skip being noticed, so then the littlest things matter a lot. As a beauty consultant, I have found myself in all forms of beauty debates. 

These range from whether a shower can do better than a bathtub to whether oils are better and friendlier than lotions.

applying hair and makeup

I have disagreed with most on none more than on whether hair or makeup should come first.

So, What Is The Right Thing To Do?

According to me and my little research, there is no one-sided answer to this question. How you do it entirely depends on you.

You can choose to do makeup first and your hair last, or, hair first and makeup last.

It is based on personal preferences, a few influential aspects and so much more. 

While you may take ages with this type of answer trying to figure out what to do first, a little speedy decision-making would help a lot in saving time.

doing hair or makeup

After all, why would I lie to myself? or why would anyone lie to you? Neither hair nor makeup must come first unless they have their reasons.

But as far as I trust my understanding, there is nothing big that should incline you to one practice here. 

In fact, you should learn to be diverse. At one time, start with makeup and the other end with it. Try it and see how you love it.

Tip:  Whether you want makeup to come first or last, the order is subject to your personal preferences.

So, sometimes, you may consider having your hair come before the makeup and vice versa, following would be the effects at play:

When Your Hair Comes First

when hair comes first

Therefore, if you are asking should you do hair or makeup first?

Sometimes you will have to do your hair first, not that it should be the order in which things are done, but because there are circumstances when it suits to start. 

Below are some of the key scenarios when you can do hair before makeup.

Case #1: Summer Time

If it is summer, then that might be the reason you came asking.

Because, during this season, you will be sweating throughout and even before you have your makeup ready to go, you are sweating all over. 

It is even worse when you are making up your hair and using the blow dryer.

In a short period, all of your makeup will have melted away and, might just make your lovely clothes dirty.

Note: So, if it's summer, do your hair first then makeup should follow.
wedding day hair style

Case #2: On A Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the day you have been waiting for all your life, the mood is joyful and people are bubbling with happiness.

Whether you are the bride or the groom or just a guest, you will want to be very comfortable the whole day. 

That is why you have heard of rumors that the bride is made to wear diapers on this day so that whenever they are pressed they do not have to worry and run around.

That is funny, I do not know whether it could be true. 

Anyway, because there will be makeup all over you, it helps to do your first so that the hair spray and the blow dryer do not end up melting or forming layers on your makeup.

oily skin

Case #3: On An Oily Skin

Those who are susceptible to having shine peek up and wreck their makeup look should style their strands first. 

This allows you to wash your face right before applying makeup to give you a freshly applied face. 

Case #4: If Your Style Should Set

Certain hairstyles, such as hot roller curls, must be set. Then, while your hair is drying, apply your makeup!

This is more of a multitasking program but that lets you make your hair first. 

When To Do Makeup First

when makeup first

And so when is it better when the makeup comes first?

Also below are four possible scenarios when makeup suits are done first before the hair is attended to. 

Case #1: If Your Tools Do Not Use Heat

In the first case scenario, if you happen to not use heavy heating tools on your hair that might make your makeup melt, then it is okay for it to come first. 

It is when using heating tools to style your hair that making it should come first because these tools have a tendency of melting makeup.

But when they are not in use, then makeup can come first. 

Note: When making up, ensure that the room is cool and at room temperature to ensure your make-up sets well.
make up first

Case #2: If Pinning Your Back Worries You

Are you afraid of creases?

Then if you are, maybe you should consider starting your beautification process first with makeup so that hair does not get in your way. 

Tip: You can get clips that prevent creases even as you pin your hair back. 

Case #3: If You Do Not Have Time

Because the makeup is known to take a lot of time, in the event that you are in a hurry, it helps to have it come first. 

Dedicate a sizeable amount of time to it to get your hair makeup done.

And because there is not much to do with your hair, you can hurriedly mend your way as you step out of your home. 

if hair is fresh

Case #4: If Your Hair is Still Fresh

If you just made your previously or before you went to bed and covered it well, then you do not have to worry about your hair. 

You can give more time to your makeup because you can’t go to bed with makeup, and neither does it last for more than a day.

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So should I do hair or makeup first? From reading this article, you can now make informed decisions.

If all along you have been thinking that there is a chronological order in which both of these activities must happen, then you have been worrying for free. 

The decision on which one to come first and which one to come last is yours to take.

In the meantime, there are special events when either of them should come fast or last as indicated in this article.

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