how long do keratin hair extensions last

Preferred among A-listers due to their durability and inconspicuousness, many people ask, “how long do keratin hair extensions last”

These days, you can find all sorts of hair extensions with ease.

High-quality hair extensions, expert application, and careful maintenance should keep your new locks looking great for up to eight weeks.

Your stylist may be able to take out, wash, and reapply the extensions if you get the right kind.

But, if you go specifically with keratin extensions, it is natural to wonder about their longevity.

“Keratin hair extensions last 3 months on average. With proper care and maintenance, you can make them last for up to 5-6 months.” 

What are Keratin Hair Extensions?

what is the keratin hair extensions

Even if your hair is already long and thick, you may want to consider trying hair extensions if you feel like it’s losing volume and sheen.

Keratin hair extensions are only one of many that you’ll learn about along the way.

Known as one of the most popular virgin hair extensions, keratin extensions look natural and last long, depending on how much care you practice.

How Do You Define Keratin Extensions?

Unlike tape-in or clip-in extensions, keratin hair extensions are applied to your hair one strand at a time using adhesive or tiny beads.

They are typically constructed out of real human hair that has been dyed.

And despite the fact that the phrase “keratin hair extensions” may have only recently entered the public vernacular, these extensions have literally been around for ages.

The Natural Look to Impress You

natural look to impress

The rows of discrete extensions are arranged in such a way that your natural hair will always conceal them.

That’s the case even if your hair is done in an intricate updo or ponytail.

Some salons keep samples on hand that a stylist can use right away. Others will ask you to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

This way, you can order the exact sort of extension that compliments your hair color and structure.

Pro Tip: Keratin extensions are the way to go if you have patchy, thin hair and want to cover it up naturally.

Different Types of Hair Extensions and How Long They Last

Installing keratin extensions requires some time and a little twirling of the fingers since they are attached using a hot adhesive.

This extension choice allows people with fine hair to wear their hair up or down in any style without anyone noticing those extensions.

These extensions are low maintenance and can possibly last up to six months. 

But, sometimes, you’re a good candidate for other types of hair extensions.

For instance: 


Wefts are great for adding extra length to thick hair and may be combined with different installation techniques to create the look you want. 

Perfect for those with average to thick hair. They rest gently and snugly against the scalp; no adhesives or heating are necessary for setup.

How Long Do Wefts Last?

how long does wefts last

Weft hair extensions, once applied, can stay in place for up to a year. But, it usually needs adjusting every 6-8 weeks based on how fast your hair grows. 

Tape Extensions

Simple, stress-free, and convenient! Tape extensions are fantastic for continuous down styling because they lay so flat against the head.

This makes them perfect for adding length and volume to your everyday look. 

How Long Do Tape Extensions Last?

Tape-in hair extensions have an average lifespan of six weeks with correct installation and upkeep.

But, more like four or five weeks if you shampoo your hair daily.          

Pro Tip: Tape extensions are invisible at the scalp, easy to apply and take out, great for fine hair, and reusable.

I-Tip Extensions

I-Tips are little, durable extensions that attach to your hair with a bead and may be styled in a variety of ways.

These are easy to install and maintain without adhesive or heat. 

How Long Do I-Tip Extensions Last?

how long itip extensions lasts

Proper maintenance and care will extend the life of the installation to around 8 months, and the hair itself will last around a year.

Pro Tip: Those who don't want to dye their hair but still want some dimension might achieve it using different colored I-Tips.

 Make Your Choice

As you can see, different hair extensions are suitable for different hair types. In addition, you can make them last longer through proper upkeep.

But, keratin extensions are better because they look natural and have a good lifespan as well. 

What Makes Keratin Hair Extensions Popular?

what makes keratin hair popular

Today, one can choose from a wide variety of extensions, including clip-in styles, microbead extensions, and tape-on.

While you can find many different types of hair extensions, know that not all of them are created equal. Longevity is a concern.

So, how long do keratin-bonded hair extensions last?

A long time!

Especially compared to many other available options, and that alone is the big reason why they’re so popular.

But, throw their natural look in the equation and you have the perfect way to enjoy fuller, beautiful hair, quickly and effectively! 

How Long Do Keratin Hair Extensions Last Based on Installation?

The stylist’s experience plays a significant role in determining how long those hair extensions would last.

The procedure requires a skilled stylist and may take a few hours to complete.

U-shaped, dried glue on the tip ensures a smooth and reliable application.  

Keratin glue is melted with an extension iron and then applied to your original hair.

How Does the Installation Work? A Step-by-Step Guide! 

how does the installation work

The installation takes a while and requires an experienced stylist to achieve the best results. 

Step #1: Washing Your Hair

To start, a clarifying shampoo is used to wash your natural hair and strengthen the keratin connections.

Step #2: Hair Sectioning

Secondly, the hairdresser will section your hair, beginning at the bottom and working their way up. 

Step #3: Placing the Extensions

Next up, your stylist attaches pre-bonded individual extensions of the same length and thickness as your own hair about half an inch from the root. 

Step #4: The Heat Treatment

Your stylist then melts the keratin bonding glue with a hair extension instrument, and the extensions are secured to your natural hair.

Step #5: Securing the Attachment

Finally, the stylist rolls the keratin glue between their fingers to mold it and make a secure bond after the glue has melted.

What it means is that how well a stylist performs during the installation process greatly impacts how long your keratin hair extensions will last.

Pro Tip: Keratin extensions are tricky and may take a skilled stylist up to two hours to complete the installation process. 

Things You can Do to Make Your Keratin Hair Extensions Last Longer

tips to make last longer

Keratin pre-bonded extensions have the potential to last anywhere from two to six months when properly applied by a trained hairstylist.

But, you can make them work longer through proper maintenance.

The following are some fundamental recommendations for maintenance: 

Stick to Careful Shampooing

Shampoo in a slow, circular motion, working from the top of the head down to the ends.

Do not scrape too vigorously, though. It can cause mats to form and even break your hair. Always stick to a sulfate-free shampoo. 

Use the Right Extension Brush

Always use a good extension brush, as a conventional brush will tear through your extensions and weaken the ties. 

To avoid pulling out a tangled knot, brush the tangled area while holding it away from your head using your other hand.

Know When to Go for a Trim

know when to get trim

Having your extensions trimmed is a necessity. Maintaining your extensions with frequent trims will keep your hair appearing healthy and current.

Stick to your regular maintenance routine of getting your extensions trimmed every 4-6 weeks.

This way, you can maintain them looking as good as the day you had them bonded. 

Learn to Condition Properly

Coat your hair’s tips in a conditioner. Comb through any knots carefully while using a high-quality conditioner as a lubricant. 

Remember, only a professional-grade conditioner can safely detangle your keratin extensions.

Pro Tip: Dry your hair completely before sleeping, whether you blow-dry or air-dry, as wet extensions would lead to matting. 


You may be astounded by the fantastic results you get from keratin-bonded hair extensions. You look great with the increased volume and cut you have. 

But, you know it’s not permanent, which leaves you with, “how long do keratin hair extensions last?” 

Several factors can play a role, including the stylist’s experience and your upkeep.

But, remember, just by taking certain measures, you can make your hair extensions last longer and keep looking stunning.

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