do lip fillers last longer the second time

Do lip fillers last longer the second time? What should I do to make my lip fillers last longer?

What aftercare can help prolong the life of lip fillers? Well, it’s natural to have all these questions when going for lip fillers, and answers can help get better results.

We hope and pray for a miracle that our newly plumped lips will not gradually lose volume over the next few months as soon as we leave the doctor’s office.

We are confident in our good fortune and intend to do everything we can to assist and sustain these outcomes.

But, to your surprise, it eventually fails you, and that’s when you begin to ponder if going again would make a difference. Do they last longer the second time?

Yes, lip fillers are likely to last longer the second time, but a lot depends on the type of injection and the experience of your doctor.

Tip: Try not to put much pressure on your lips and consider drinking through a straw for at least 24 hours after getting your lip fillers.  

Do Lip Fillers Last Longer the Second Time or Not?

will lip fillers last long the second time

A number of factors are at play here. How long do lip fillers last the second time?

Well, the effects of lip filler the first time around will most likely last 6-12 months. And it may last much longer if you fill it up again.

Knowing your options when deciding what kind of injection you want is crucial.

In the past, the most popular lip filler was collagen, a form of connective tissue found in animals.

But it’s hardly ever used these days, as it doesn’t last long and may cause allergic reactions.   

Does Repeat Treatment Matter?

repeat treatment matter

To make your lip fillers last longer, you should continue to work with a board-certified doctor.

In most cases, your fillers will last longer the second time. Therefore, getting regular lip injections is often the way to make them last longer.

Ask anyone with first-hand experience with lip fillers, and they’ll confirm that the first filler is likely to dissolve in a few months.

But, the second or even third dose may continue to work for well over a year.

This is because you create a more substantial collagen barrier around the filler as you continue to use it.

Because of this, you receive short-term puffiness from the HA gel and long-term plumpness from the new collagen growth. 

An Important Consideration

Our body’s natural ability to make collagen decreases with age, thus younger people are more likely to have a longer-lasting effect from lip filler.

In addition, the cumulative effect of filler parts can be useful.

It means a touch-up every six to twelve months keeps you from getting back to where you started.

It means you continue adding to the gel left over from prior injections, which makes the final outcome last longer.

Tip: Pick the right variations of lip filler that may be suitable for how fast your metabolism is to prevent it from breaking down too quickly. 

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last Based on Their Types?

how long will based on lip types

When it comes to lip enhancement, everyone agrees that hyaluronic acid (HA) is the best choice. 

These fillers are absorbed gradually and can be altered in consistency to provide the perfect appearance.

It’s a naturally occurring substance in the body that can be used as a lip filler because of its ability to bind to and hold onto water.

Therefore, it helps preserve the fullness and smoothness of the lips.

Both injectors and patients should rest easy, knowing that hyaluronic acid fillers are transitory and can be reversed with the enzyme hyaluronidase. 

Are All HA Fillers Last the Same Amount of time?

Probably not.

While hyaluronic acid (HA) is used in many lip fillers, each formula has its own unique cross-linking and chemical features.

Because of a difference in flow, density, and flexibility, making broad statements about lip fillers is impossible.

AII HA last same amount of time

At least, most of them don’t last as long as they claim. Interestingly, some fillers claim to last a whole year, but that’s not always true.

Moreover, the continual motion of our lips is a major contributor to the rapid disintegration of lip fillers and other similar products. 

How Long Do Popular Lip Filler Brands Last?

Hyaluronic acid is sold under four different brand names; how long they last vary considerably. 

Juvaderm and Restylane

These two are the most well-known choices. When you opt for these two, you’re likely to notice a very natural appearance for roughly six months.

Restylane, a lip-specific gel, has been studied extensively due to its durability and natural range of motion.

Many of its newer variations may last up to 12 months, like Restylane Kysse.

The product has hyaluronic acid that is chemically bonded. This quality allows the filler to adapt to the shape of your lips after injection, becoming an organic part of your lips. 


a vollure

The newest item available to consumers is called Vollure.

It’s the most long-lasting and doesn’t swell, creating an even more natural elevated look. It’s likely to last up to 18 months. 


The fourth product available is called Volbella.

It’s ultra-thin, so it won’t bulk out your lips while helping you eliminate those pesky vertical lip lines. Volbella lasts roughly 12 months. 

What to Remember?

Other than these, you can also find a short-term option, called Belotero. 

It’s another HA alternative; it serves as “an excellent starting filler” due to its brief duration of action.

You need to remember that its use as a lip filler is off-label because it’s approved only for facial wrinkles.

Treatments can be repeated every six months. Injections of hyaluronic acid stimulate the skin to manufacture more collagen, leading to a more natural fullness of the lips.

It may also be why your lip fillers are likely to last longer the second time. 

Which Lip Filler to Pick for You?

which lip filler for you

Given the variety of available fillers, how does one go about making a selection?

Well, you don’t need to worry much and let your board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon make the final decision.

They’re the expert and always decide based on factors such as your age, unique goals, genetic factors, and so on.

Tip: Stay away from bleaching, waxing, or using any hair removal cream around your lips for a few days after the procedure.

How Do You Make Lip Fillers Last Longer?

Many people who go for lip fillers often ask, “why do my lip injections not last? ”

Finding the right lip filler product is surely going to help make them last longer, but the longevity of lip injections depends on other factors too. 

Protect from the UV Rays

protect from the uv rays

Wearing sunscreen daily and avoiding sun exposure between 11 am and 3 pm is highly recommended.

In addition to improving your overall health and skin, taking sun safety precautions may also increase the longevity of your lip fillers.

This is because some fillers degrade more rapidly when exposed to sunlight, increasing the likelihood that your body will take them in before you’d prefer.

Put on plenty of sunscreen while on vacation, keep your face and lips covered with a wide-brimmed hat, and take advantage of the shade whenever possible. 

Manage Your Stress

You may already be aware of the many ways in which stress is harmful to your health, but it can also hurt your new implants.

An overinflated pout may deflate prematurely because of the stress hormones that speed up the breakdown of filler.

We can’t avoid all of life’s challenges, but be sure to try techniques, such as meditation, deep breathing, etc., to deal with stress that may help you significantly. 

Exercise Carefully

Physical and mental well-being benefit enormously from regular exercise. But, you need to be careful about exercising after getting a lip filler.

Remember, people with faster metabolisms will ‘work’ the filler out of their systems faster, although this is not conclusive.

you should exercise carefully

We’re not saying you should stop working out so your lip fillers will last longer.

But, if you lead a particularly busy lifestyle, you may want to schedule touch-ups every three to six months instead. 

What Else to Consider?

Taking good care of your lips after getting lip filler injections is essential, but you should start thinking about upkeep long before your appointment. 

Doing it properly would also increase the life of your lip fillers.

Since the lips are so delicate, those prone to cold sores or bruises should use a prescription [medication] before getting injections.

It’s also important to avoid blood thinners like aspirin and fish oil.

You should use something to keep your lips as moist as possible, as it helps with the procedure.

Moreover, Bruising and swelling should be left alone except for the time immediately following an injection when you should be treated with cold packs.

 Tip: Be gentle when cleansing your skin for 24 hours after the procedure and don't use an exfoliating product or abrasive cleaning brush. 


Do lip fillers last longer the second time?  They do. However, most people who get lip implants choose to get periodic touch-ups and other forms of maintenance to make them last as long as possible.

Be sure to work with your doctor before settling on a filler, as the choice depends on a number of factors. 

As the lips move and the filler wears out, many medical professionals recommend waiting two to three months following injection.

So, find the best surgeon for the most satisfying experience!

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