what happens if you leave color oops on too long

What happens if you leave Color Oops on too long? How often has this question popped up in your head while using this color remover? Quite often, we believe!

Color Oops is extremely popular mainly because it’s gentler on the skin compared to other color removers on the market.

But, at the end of the day, you’re still exposing your hair to chemicals. Therefore, improper use of any color remover, including Color Oops, can lead to all sorts of problems.

But, what if you’ve just used Color Oops, and it failed to produce satisfactory results? 

Is it because you didn’t leave it in your hair for long enough? Or maybe, it’s because you’ve left it there for longer than intended?

So, what really happens when you let it sit there for long?

It loses its efficacy after 20 minutes and may actually cause harm to your hair instead of doing any good.

Tip: Be sure to massage Color Oops into your hair before washing to get good results. 

What Happens If You Leave Color Oops On Too Long After Use?

color oops after use

While it may feel tempting to leave your hair remover for as long as possible, it’s not going to change the outcomes.

Instead, you need to understand that removing color from your hair is a precise science.

  • Mix part A with part B
  • Apply to your hair
  • Leave it on for a while
  • Wash it off!

The steps are simple, aren’t they? But, you should never confuse the “leave it on” part.

Depending on the brand you use, you’ll find the manufacturer’s instructions about how long their product takes to produce results.

Follow that!

So, how long can I leave Color Oops in my hair?

In this case, it’s not a good idea to let it sit in your hair for more than 20 minutes. Why?

Because it would fail to work past that time, and may even prove counterproductive. Right, it can make your hair darker! 

Can I Leave Color Oops On Longer Than 20 Minutes?

color oops longer than 20 minutes

You really shouldn’t. Although a lot gentler than other color removers, it could still cause damage to unhealthy hair.

Moreover, why would you want to keep it in your hair longer?

The Color Oops formula permits many consecutive applications. Therefore, you need not leave it on for longer than the recommended 20 minutes.

But, what if you don’t get the desired results after 20 minutes? Well, you can apply it again if you need to remove hair color repeatedly. 

A Word of Caution

Though the manufacturer encourages the use of Color Oops multiple times, we don’t recommend that. After all, you’re still exposing hair to chemicals.

It’s better to wait at least 48 hours between consecutive applications to get good results without risking any damage to your hair.

What Can Go Wrong If I Leave Color Oops On Longer?

leave color oops on

Do you really believe it won’t make a difference if you leave it on for a few more minutes?

You probably get away with it if you have healthy hair. Make this mistake on already dry, damaged hair, and you’d regret it for sure.

That being said, stretching the time by a few more minutes may not matter a lot.

This is because so many people leave it on longer than 20 minutes but never go past 30 minutes. 

What To Consider?

If you’re planning to leave it in your hair for up to half an hour, be prepared to rinse really well. 

You have to rinse multiple times, using the right shampoo, and finish it with good deep conditioning.

In fact, be prepared to keep washing for as long as you leave it in your hair – that is, 30 minutes in this case.

What if you don’t follow the advice? Be prepared to deal with brittle hair that will break easily!

Even if you get good results after leaving it in for longer than instructed by the manufacturer, you’ll have to deal with the dreaded frizz.

Expect all sorts of styling difficulties after that.

dry and frizzy hair

For starters, you should use Color Oops only on healthy hair. But, if it’s less than perfect, never exceed the 20-minute time before rinsing it out.

But, it doesn’t contain peroxide or ammonia so why would it hurt my hair? Stop believing that!

Although Color Oops is ammonia and peroxide-free, it does contain a significant number of sulfates and sulfur.

These substances are extremely destructive to hair.

So, never ignore the manufacturer’s instructions if you want your hair to remain undamaged during the process. After all, THAT IS THEIR PURPOSE!

Tip: Consider using semi-permanent hair dye after using Color Oops and before going for a permanent color change. 

How Prolonged Use Of Color Oops Damages Your Hair?

prolonged use of color oops

If you’re under the impression that Color Oops is totally safe no matter how many times you use it and for how long, guess what – you’re wrong! 

Newsflash: Leaving Color Oops on too long and applying multiple times a day can hurt your hair like anything.

But, people make many other mistakes as well, rendering Color Oops ineffective and even damaging. 

Not Rinsing Hair Thoroughly

Do you know why Color Oops stinks so bad? It serves a purpose – it tells you that you still need to wash your hair to get it out of your hair.

Be sure to wash your hair until you no longer feel that smell! Yes, if you use Color Oops, the smell will permeate your hair.

This is due to the sulfur, which has a pungent stench that lingers even after being exposed to it for a short while. 

What To Do?

You should get back in the shower and rinse it again if the odor stays after washing your hair.

rinse hair again

What does it represent? It says you still have product residue in your hair, so wash it out.

Your hair will dry out and break easily if you don’t wash it thoroughly, so don’t make this mistake. 

Not Conditioning Your Hair

Expect your hair to become extremely dry after using Color Oops. And the effects will be stronger if you do it multiple times on damaged hair.

To prevent breakage and frizz, you should always moisturize and condition your hair.

You need to counter that drying effect setting in after using Color Oops. And besides conditioning, you should also hydrate your hair.

How do you hydrate your freshly-treated hair? Simply go for coconut oil!

It creates a layer over your hair and helps it become hydrated. You can also use argan oil, almond oil, and some micellar water every couple of hours after Color Oops.

Tip: Wait at least 72 hours to re-color your hair and ensure no Color Oops residue is in your hair. 

What Else To Avoid When Using Color Oops?

what to avoid

Leaving Color Oops on for too long is a big no-no, but many other similarly mistakes can cost you big time. 

Not Applying Color Oops to Dirty Hair 

That’s right – you’re making it hard to get good results when applying Color Oops to freshly washed hair.

Washing eliminates the buildup on your scalp and the natural oils it produces. The hair, from its roots to its tips, is deeply hydrated by these oils.

Therefore, daily shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils.

To save time and energy, we advise skipping daily washes. In fact, it’s a good idea to not wash your at least 72 hours before applying Color Oops. 

Not Using Color Oops on Dry Hair

dry hair

Hair color removers are only effective when applied to dry hair. Hair will keep on holding water if it is already damp.

If you try to use a hair dye remover on damp hair, you will merely dilute the product.

Because of their interactions with water molecules, chemicals “dilute.”

That would lead to the same thing you wish to prevent.

Remember, your hair absorbs water and chemicals like a moisturizing mask, resulting in a permanent color that cannot be removed. 

Not Choosing the Right Color Option

Not choosing Color Oops based on your existing hair tone is also a big mistake.

You can get it in two varieties – Strong and Extra Strong – and they both work for different hair colors.

  • Extra Strong: For dark brown, black, brown, or red hair
  • Strong: For orange, light brown, or dark blonde hair

Using Color Oops extra strong on your light hair is a recipe for disaster. Avoid it!

colored hair right color option
Tip: Be sure to stick to an extensive hydration routine after using Color Oops and before you recolor your hair.


Knowing the answer to “What happens if you leave Color Oops on too long?” can save you from hair disasters.

Leaving it on for too long can hurt your hair in many ways. 

So, avoid it and also pay attention to other mistakes that can make Color Oops ineffective and even damaging.

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