how to remove waterproof makeup

It seems everyone loves waterproof makeup, but they are also interested in learning how to remove waterproof makeup quickly and effectively.

If you do not have time for touch-ups, waterproof makeup is a lifesaver. These makeup products are great, with only one drawback: they can be a pain to remove.

It would refuse to get off.

Even after subjecting it to my tried-and-true methods of removing makeup every night before bed for several exasperatingly ineffectual minutes!

What is the best way to remove makeup or waterproof mascara without snagging your eyelashes in the process?

It is different for everyone, as it can be as simple as using warm water, or it may require makeup-removing towelettes and other commercial products. 

Learning How To Remove Waterproof Makeup Properly

removing waterproof makeup

If you know what you are doing, cosmetics are completely safe to wear anywhere, including to a party, a wedding, a holiday celebration, or the office. 

The right makeup application, even if it is only eyeliner or a touch of blush, may work wonders.  

Having makeup that can withstand water is really convenient, but removing it is another matter! 

Everybody probably agrees that removing it at the end of the day is a major hassle.

So, how to get off waterproof makeup? Well, whether you have waterproof mascara or are worried about removing stubborn lip stains, here are a few ways to help.

Tip: Using the right type of cold cream can help you get rid of all traces of dirt and waterproof makeup. 

Use Warm Water

warm water

Is it crazy to try to wash off waterproof makeup with warm water? Not really. But, you need to understand that heating the water is only the first step!

Previously, I would just use any makeup remover to get rid of waterproof makeup. 

Now, however, if I have really difficulty removing eye makeup, I first run a washcloth under warm water and then to my skin.

This is a completely discretionary step, although it can be really helpful if you have any mascara that refuses to budge. 

Opt For A Bi-Phased Cleanser

A bi-phased cleanser combines both oil and water, allowing you to easily remove all traces of makeup.

With its lightweight, dermatologist-tested composition, a good bi-phased makeup remover makes quick work of removing makeup while leaving skin feeling soft and supple. 

Try Honey And Baking Soda

honey baking soda

This hack works for both dry and oily skin and is very easy to use as well. By mixing honey and baking soda, you will get a fantastic cleanser and exfoliant. 

And it is effective against stubborn waterproof makeup.

Take a bit of the honey you have sitting around the house and spread it out on a clean towel. To remove makeup, just rub it over your face and then rinse thoroughly. 

An Important Consideration

Even while face washes are an option, they can remove the beneficial effects of honey on the skin. 

Therefore, it is best to merely rinse using warm water and let the honey’s healing properties work overnight to restore your complexion.

Tip: Make use of baby products because they are not harsh on your skin and help clear any traces of waterproof makeup. 

Give Cucumber Juice A Shot

use cucumber juice

Have you ever noticed that many beauty products use cucumber as a primary ingredient?

That is because of its amazing anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

As it turns out, this everyday kitchen staple is a powerful healer with minimal fuss. It can reduce inflammation and help calm skin that is prone to breakouts. 

Because of its watery composition, you can use it as an effective makeup remover, especially for oily skin. 

Make Steam Your Friend

Let steam be your friend when you want to remove waterproof makeup without hurting your skin. 

Many famous people swear by steam as their go-to method of skincare since it is effective at decongesting pores and washing away dirt and oil.

Steam works because it is a gentle cleanser that helps skin look and feel better all the way down to its cellular level. 

The use of steam followed by a cotton pad and rinsing of the face is an option.

steam your face

You can use steam to get rid of any lingering impurities after using any other makeup removal methods. It is likely to work even if you are wearing thick or waterproof makeup. 

Try Some Cleansing Milk

When waterproof makeup says no to go, you can always make use of some cleansing milk.

Thankfully, many nice options are available from different brands, so you can easily find one suitable for your skin.

However, it is still a good idea to use them sparingly because they have a tendency to dry out your skin. 

Use only about a quarter of your favorite cleansing milk and rub it on your face. Then use a wet washcloth to wipe it off your face. 

Try Towelettes To Remove Makeup

makeup towelettes

When you deal with stubborn makeup, and waterproof mascara in particular, makeup-removing towelettes can work wonders.

It is quite natural to feel livid that you have to stand for hours in front of your mirror and use your emery board to scrub your lashes. 

Still, there is no guarantee that all traces of that waterproof mascara would go away.

If you would rather remove your mascara before heading to bed, try keeping a pack of makeup-removing towelettes handy. 

These ultra-soft, alcohol-free makeup remover towelettes are quite effective in removing your long-wear makeup. 

An Important Consideration

These towelettes work great, and using them is quite straightforward too.

The process entails nothing more than removing a towelette from the package and wiping it.

You should reseal the package after use to prevent the remaining wipes from drying out. 

Use Your Petroleum Jelly

use petroleum jelly

While it may sound like a novel approach, it is possible to remove makeup using your petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly may turn off some people because it is a product of oil drilling, but you will be surprised to learn how prevalent it is in everyday items.


Petroleum jelly is not something I would normally put near my eyes, but if it helps you out or you are in a pinch, I guess it is fine.

Lipstick and smudges are easily removed with petroleum jelly as well. 

Utilize Some Olive Oil

It may be new to you, but hundreds of thousands of people swear by the effectiveness of olive oil as a makeup remover.

Olive oil is commonly used to get rid of waterproof mascara, but it also works well to remove lipstick, foundation, blush, and stage makeup.

This oil has so many uses that we should always have some on hand. For instance, after steaming your face, you can remove eyelash extensions with it. 

use olive oil


While olive oil is a natural remedy, it is advisable that people with oily skin use it carefully.

Tip: When you have oily skin and olive oil may not be the best choice, you can try coconut oil to help remove waterproof makeup. 

Use Baby Shampoo

Do not get one at random, but specifically look for “no-tears” baby shampoo to use as a makeup remover. 

Many people may have never tried this hack, but you should certainly give it a try to see how it works for you.

To prepare the solution, simply combine water and baby shampoo in a 1:10 ratio and store them in a bottle.

Just shake it up and use it as you normally would on your face.

Rely On Jojoba Oil

use jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is a more common, albeit still not widely known, way of removing waterproof makeup.

The best thing is that it is a natural remedy with several applications.

Prepare a makeup remover with jojoba oil by filling a small bottle with equal parts jojoba oil and water. 

Just give it a good shake, then apply some to a cotton pad and wipe away the day.

Tip: A good idea is to go to your drugstore and ask for a specialized makeup remover, which usually works just fine for all sorts of waterproof makeup. 


Learning how to remove waterproof makeup can save you from wasting hours getting rid of that stubborn makeup after a tiring day. 

You can certainly use many commercially made products, but using a natural hack is always a better option. 

Remember, you may have to experiment with a few remedies before you find something that works perfectly for your skin type.

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