is o'keeffe's lip balm vegan

O’Keeffe’s lip balms are regarded by users as one of the best, but is O’Keeffe’s lip balm vegan?

This lip balm gets as much as a 5-star rating from most of its users. 

Due to its numerous advantages, it is a very popular and widely used balm. But in a time like this, a common question arises. And that is; O’Keeffe’s lip balm vegan?

According to the official website, O’Keeffe’s lip balms are 100% cruelty-free. This means they don’t cause any form of damage or harm to any animals in the process of production, thus vegan.

Why Do We Need To Know If O’Keeffe’s Is Vegan?

o'keeffe's vegan

We are in a time where a lot of the cosmetic and skin care products available are either made with animal products or are not cruelty-free.

It is therefore necessary for users to do a background check of their favorite skincare products. 

And O’Keeffe’s comes in as an important balm, but before we inspect it and figure out whether it is vegan or vegan, let us start here briefly. 

O’Keeffe’s is considered to be one of the leading brands in the cosmetic and skincare sector. Their products are known to serve a lot of skin benefits to users. 

Some of the benefits include helping with damaged skin, restoring broken and dry skin, and a few too many benefits to mention.

Their products are of top quality and therefore are used by a lot of customers.

The Real Deal Behind O’Keeffe

real deal o'keeffe's

For us to determine if O’Keeffe balms are vegan, it is only appropriate that we know the story behind O’Keeffe products.

The first O’Keeffe product which is helping hands, was produced by Tara O’Keeffe.

She was a pharmacist and was looking for a solution for her diabetic father. Her father was a rancher and had dry and cracking skin on his hands.

After years of searching and trying out numerous products on her dad’s hands, she brought home ingredients from her pharmacy and produced the first ever O’Keeffe product. 

This product turned out to work perfectly fine for her dad, words got out and more people sort after her products.

lip balm differences

Differences Between Vegan Lip Balms And Others

The difference between a vegan lip balm and a natural or organic lip balm isn’t very much. In fact, a lot of times, they pass as the same thing and are used interchangeably. 

However, not all products that claim to be natural are completely natural.

Some are sometimes misleading because, unlike vegan products, they use artificial preservatives.

Certain vegan products contain dairy ingredients such as cheese and others contain beeswax. However, they still pass as a vegan because no harm was done in the process of collection.

Vegan products are generally better than products with lots of artificial ingredients.

Tip: These artificial ingredients can somewhat be harmful.

How To Identify A Vegan Lip Balm

identify vegan lip balm

Knowing how to identify a vegan lip balm can be very handy, especially if you have decided to use only vegan products. 

A lot of cosmetic and skincare products tend to hide under the pretense of a natural product.

But some are not entirely natural or cruelty-free. Here are a few pointers to easily identify vegan lip balms.

Pointer #1: No Added Chemical Products

In addition to being cruelty-free, vegan lip balms do not contain other forms of chemical mixture or products, like preservatives, parabens, petrolatum, colorants, or added perfumes.

They are made from essential oils, natural preservatives, vegetable waxes, shea and cocoa butter, and other plant-based additives.

Pointer #2: Non-Vegan Seal

Depending on the country in which you reside, true vegan products always have a seal or a sticker to tell the authenticity of the product.

A vegan society logo will be placed on one corner of the product’s packaging.

is o'keeffe's vegan

Is O’Keeffe’s Lip Balm Vegan?

The motive behind telling you the origin story of O’Keeffe’s was to place in your mind the basic reason for the initial story of O’Keeffe’s product. 

It was born out of love, and a deep desire to help her father. And hence she put her best to ensure her father had a cure for his excessively dry hands.

And she did all this with products from her pharmacy, which is to tell you that they were completely organic and hence cruelty-free.

And just like her first product, the O’Keeffe organization has upheld that standard of cruelty-free products.

With constant improvements, the O’Keeffe lip balm was made from 100% organic and natural products.

And it does not contain any form of artificial additive. 

And that is why your question on whether O’keeffe’s lip balm is vegan or not finds an answer.

Therefore, if you have been contemplating and biting your lips on the chances of this generous lip balm being vegan, stop the worry.

O’Keeffe’s lip balm is entirely vegan and cruelty-free.

Is O’Keeffe still vegan with the presence of beeswax?


For years on end, lip balm from O’Keeffe’s remains vegan and there seems to be no space for shifting gears to making it non-vegan any time soon nor in the future. 

However, something seems to upset most individuals, the presence of beeswax has raised eyebrows and made the idea and the belief of this lip balm as a vegan could be the cause of most convoluted debates.

Does it still remain vegan even with the presence of beeswax?

The answer is yes because it is not tested on animals, Lip balm from O’Keeffe’s is vegan. 

Note: O’Keeffe’s lip balms are made from a combination of beeswax, shea butter, essential oils, and a couple of other natural additives.

Benefits Of O’Keeffe’s Lip Balm

benefits o'keeffe's lip balm

For 20 years, O’Keeffe’s has proven its worth by providing users and customers with unending value with its products.

And their lip balms are not left out, being a widely used product.

The O’Keeffe’s lip balms come in a variety of unique flavors but all serve the same purpose.

Below are some of the tested benefits of O’Keeffe’s lip balm:

  • Repairs and soothes severely dry, cracked lips
  • They are suitable for all skin types.
  • They are made from allergy-free ingredients.
  • creates a flexible sub membrane that glides with your lips to aid in protecting dry, cracked lips.
  • Quickly absorbs to give lips that are smooth and supple.
  • Keeps your lips moisturized.
Note: To achieve optimum results, use O’Keeffe lip balm at intervals, morning afternoon, after each meal, and before going to bed.

Are All O’Keeffe Products Vegan?

all o'keeffe's vegan

A common question a lot of people ask is how vegan is the O’Keeffe brand.

O’Keeffe has a limited number of products, all serving the purpose of healing your skin from any skin damage.

The most popular are Working Hands and Healthy Feet.  

However, O’Keeffe’s products just like lip balm, are all vegan. They are made from natural and organic ingredients and are entirely cruelty-free.

O’Keeffe’s company is regarded as a 100% vegan organization.

This is so because none of the suppliers or producers partake in any form of animal testing or extraction.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

faqs o'keeffe's vegan

Are O’Keeffe’s Products Only For Persons With Diabetes?

O’Keeffe products are very suitable for persons with diabetes as the first products were designed to help persons with diabetes.

However, they are very much also suitable for people without diabetes. 

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Therefore, is O’Keeffe’s lip balm vegan? I believe this article has not only answered the looming question of the lip balm, but also the entire brand.

There are no animal derivatives in any of the O’Keeffe’s products. The brand is situated in Europe and complies with laws that forbid using animals in research.

Only human subjects have been used for product testing. No raw ingredients or products were tested on animals.

Both vegan and no animal testing was done on the products. In none of their products, do they use any byproducts or extracts of animal products.

I appreciate you reading all the way through; I hope this was useful.

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