is it haram to kiss your baby on the lips

 Is it haram to kiss your baby on the lips? In Islam, so many things are “haram” or “forbidden,” and you’ll be sinning if you willingly do them.

You might have seen photos of David and Victoria Beckham kissing their children on the lips.

Those photos quickly went viral on social media and generated some controversy. It may not be a huge deal in European cultures. 

But, when you’re a Muslim, it’s natural to worry about what your religion says about it.

So, is kissing on lips allowed in Islam? Or is it haram?

No, kissing your baby on the lips is not “haram” in Islam, but it’s not “disliked” by Islamic scholars.

Tip: Engage in physical contact by hugging, high-fiving, cuddling, holding hands, sitting, lying, and standing with them to make your presence known.

Why Do People Kiss Babies on the Lips?

why do people kiss baby lips

In western societies, kissing on the lips and cheeks is quite common for children, adults, friends, and other family members.

They don’t do it in a sexual way, but take it as a platonic means of showing love and affection.

Family relationships, cultural standards, experience with demonstrative love, and interpersonal communication all play a role.

In our view, kissing on the lips is merely one of many healthy and affectionate physical gestures.

Is it Haram to Kiss Your Baby on the Lips to Show Love?

No, it’s not haram, mainly because there’s no definitive answer to this question in the Quran or Hadith.

When there’s nothing to confirm something through the Quran or Hadith, it’s up to the religious scholars to gather on one point.

In most cases, they consider other similar rulings and draw a conclusion.

What Do Experts Say?

what does expert say

According to most experts, kissing your baby on the lips is “Makruh” at most, but not haram or sinful.

It’s important to understand the difference between Haram and Makruh.

A makruh is something that is despised but not sinful, while a haram is something that is strictly forbidden and entails a sin if you commit it.

Can You Kiss Your Baby on the Mouth?

When kissing a baby on the lips is tagged as “Makruh, it means you may want to avoid doing it, but you don’t sin if you do.

The Sunnah shows that parents are allowed to kiss their children. If the kids are still little, there’s no harm in mom and dad giving them smoochies on the lips.

Kissing a Baby to Show Affection

to show affection

Some evidence suggests that kissing a young child on any of his body parts is allowed in Islam.

Also, doing so is no harm, especially if you kiss your baby on the head, cheek, or forehead.

Plus, many maintain that it’s fine to kiss your kid on the lips because they’re so innocent.

Kissing them, they say, does no harm and is an excellent way to show affection.

For many, kissing on the lips comes down to their “upbringing” and how they’ve been raised.

If you’ve been raised by “lip-kissing” parents, you’re likely to use the same way to show affection to your kids.

In this case, the thought of kissing being anything other than a gesture of familial love would never cross your mind. But, Islam wants you to be careful and forbids you to do something that could lead to a bigger sin.

Tip: Be sure to compliment younger children and thank them when they follow your commands and behave nicely. 

Why Is It Makruh or Not Permissible to Kiss a Baby on the Lips?

why is makruh or not

There are so many reasons why many scholars believe that one should avoid kissing their babies on the lips. For instance:

There’s a Chance of Trial

For some religious scholars, the possibility of a trial, or fitnah, is a major deterrent.

This is because some children may falsely believe it is OK to kiss someone of the opposite sex on the lips. And it’s likely to cause further issues as they get older.

No One Knows Your Intention or “Niya”

With the desire to sin, it is forbidden to kiss a baby on the lips, whether it is your own or someone else’s.

Even if you don’t intend any harm by your actions, others may not be able to judge your intentions.

They may make wrong assumptions, which is why it’s considered “Makruh” in Islam.

There’s a Risk of Infection

the risk of infections

Babies are also more likely to become ill because of their delicate immune systems.

Therefore, there is potential to spread infectious diseases by kissing babies on the lips.

Besides these, you must understand that rulings for kissing younger children are different.

In fact, as per the teachings of Islam, you’re not allowed to sleep with your child when he becomes 10.  

Therefore, kissing a teenager on the lips is certainly not advisable and is never appreciated in Islam.

Tip: Gaze into your baby's eyes while talking, singing, and making other expressions, as it helps them associate specific words and specific emotions.

Ways to Show Affection Besides Kissing Your Child on the Lips

other ways to show affection

From an Islamic point of view, kissing on the head, cheek, or face is acceptable between parents and kids, and close blood connections.

But to kiss on the lips is neither desired nor acceptable.

Scholars have determined that physical contact between a mother and her grown sons is unacceptable.

However, the rulings are a bit lenient in the case of a mother kissing her daughter.

You don’t really need to kiss your baby on the lips and indulge in something that’s makruh.

You can always try other ways to show affection, which is important because intimacy between children and parents has its positive effects.

How Do You Bond with Your Newborn?

Your touch, smile, or snuggle can go a long way in making your infant feel secure and ready to start exploring the world around them.

All through childhood, your child’s development and happiness will benefit from this.

Parental bonding is vital for your baby’s physical and mental development.

Human touch, such as hugging, talking, and holding a newborn, causes the brain to produce chemicals that help the baby feel safe and secure.

Ways to Bond with Your Baby

ways to bond with your baby

A loving touch from an adult helps your newborn feel secure and strengthens your bond.

Providing your infant with something to look at, listen to, and feel can also help you bond with your baby.

This stimulates your baby’s brain into action, which is essential for its development.

For great results, you can always experiment with the following:

Try Cuddling

It’s important to constantly interact with your infant by touching and cuddling them.

All contact, no matter how slight, may be felt by a newborn from birth.

For example, when you’re changing your baby’s diaper or bathing them, try gently stroking them.

Respond When They’re Crying

The cause of your baby’s distress may not always be obvious. On the other hand, if you answer, you show your newborn that you care.

And, they’ll immediately feel that, which consoles them a little.

Hold Your Newborn Often

hold your baby often

Besides kissing, one option to build a bond and show affection is to rock your baby or hold them skin to skin. You might also use a sling or baby carrier.

Talk to Your Baby

The best way to reassure your infant is to talk to them constantly. You could share your current activities or tell each other stories.

Your newborn will benefit from this as you assist them in becoming familiar with your voice.

As a bonus, it will aid your newborn’s future language development.

Don’t be Afraid to Sing Songs

sing baby songs

Make music and sing it. The rhythm of the music will likely appeal to your newborn.

It’s possible that listening to some relaxing music will have the added benefit of making you both feel more at ease.

Even if you forget the song’s melody or the words, your newborn won’t care.

Tip: Focus on making bedtime special by sharing the top highlights of your day, as connecting before sleep is vital for their development.

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It’s important to remember that Islam is viewed as a religion of moderation and too much of anything is not encouraged, and the same is true when you ask, “Is it haram to kiss your baby on the lips?” 

While it may not be strictly forbidden in Islam, it is best to refrain from kissing babies on the lips unless absolutely necessary.

You can always try many other ideas if you want to show some affection or are worried about bonding.

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