is it bad to wear mascara everyday

Is it bad to wear mascara everyday? Well, be prepared to get mixed answers to this question because it depends on so many factors. 

I have a love-hate connection with my mascara. I really like how it makes my eyelashes stand out and look thicker and longer.

In the last ten years, I have worn mascara almost constantly and experienced no ill effects.

Does that mean it is going to be the same for everyone out there? Probably not!

But, ultimately, it is about the quality of the mascara you use and some other factors.

You should be alright so long as you take the proper steps to remove it, replace it once a month to avoid bacterial growth, and it does not irritate your eyes. 

Is It Bad To Wear Mascara Everyday?

wear mascara

It is no secret that mascara is a staple in many women’s (and my own) beauty routines. 

Mascara quickly becomes an indispensable beauty product, but its long-term effects on your eyelashes may leave you concerned.

At least that is going to be the case when you hear so many horror stories, both online and in the real world around you.

So, is wearing mascara every day bad?

Probably not! But, there is always a catch, isn’t it? 

Listen To The Experts

Even if you ask the experts, they generally believe that mascara does not necessarily harm your lash hair. 

But, the practice is not always safe, especially when you do not know how to remove it properly.

What it means is that you can wear mascara daily without negative effects if it is removed thoroughly after use. 

If you remove your mascara by tugging and rubbing, your lashes will become brittle and fragile over time. 

Know The Science-y Details           

know the details

It is important to note that microscopic oil glands line your eyelashes, nourishing the hairs and shielding your eyes. 

Therefore, a buildup of the product is possible if you wear mascara daily and neglect to remove it thoroughly.

In addition, the glands become clogged when there is a buildup over time. 

As they get clogged up, you develop all sorts of issues, including viral infections, meibomianitis, sties, watery eyes, blurred vision, and so on.

Tip: If you love wearing your mascara, learn to play safe, and avoid applying expired mascara to maintain healthy eyelashes. 

The Downsides Of Overusing Your Mascara

downsides of overusing mascara

No doubt, you can wear mascara without ever developing an issue, especially when you know how to remove it properly. 

But, why do so many people seem concerned about its safety anyway?

Well, it is mainly because you can now find all sorts of mascara and similar products in the markets that are substandard and dangerous too. 

Here are a few reasons why mascara can put you in trouble. 

Harmful Ingredients

If you do not pay attention to the quality of your makeup product, you are inviting trouble. Unfortunately, the same holds for mascara. 

When your mascara is packed with unregulated chemicals like fragrance, petroleum, preservatives, and colorants, it is never safe to use.

The possibility for skin problems, including redness, itching, irritation, allergic reactions, and eczema, goes up considerably with substandard products. 

irritated eyes

Increased Injury Risk

If you consider yourself an expert, it is all good. But, if you are a beginner and apply your mascara in a hurry, things can go wrong.

If you are in haste while applying mascara, you could stab your eyes and scrape your cornea, causing your eyes to become red and irritated for days

Tricky For People With Contact Lens

When contact lenses are added to the mix, the danger of wearing mascara multiplies.  

Mascara can harm contact lens wearers since they must be more vigilant about protecting their eyes.

When used properly, mascara poses little risk of causing eye irritation, but when applied improperly, it can irritate or even infect the eyes.

using contact lens
Tip: It is important to choose an ophthalmologist-tested and approved mascara if you wear lenses or have sensitive eyes. 

Improper Removal

The biggest issue making wearing mascara a bit dangerous is your inability to remove it properly. 

It is usually an ordeal to get rid of your mascara at the end of the day, or whenever you decide to.

Some people opt for various all-natural methods, such as removing it using a cotton pad soaked in coconut oil. Others try commercially available products. 

Whatever the case, just do not be careless when doing so.

An Important Consideration

No matter how impressive your mascara is, not removing it carefully could make your eyelashes significantly thinner in no time. 

Treating Yourself With The Best Quality Mascara

best quality of mascara

When you want to wear your mascara daily, you should be very picky about its quality. Know that mascara itself is not bad, but many ingredients can irritate your eyes.

When making a purchase, know that certain ingredients increase the risk of getting irritated eyes.

Some of them include:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Parabens
  • Retinyl acetate
  • Coat tar dye
  • Aluminum powder
  • Formaldehyde
  • Fragrance
  • BHT and BHA

How Do You Safely Wear Mascara Every Day?

Mascara not only draws attention to your makeup but also gives it a unique flair. 

For example, we may get our eyelashes to look darker, longer, thicker, and curlier with the help of good-quality mascara.

But, you have to understand how to follow the best-use guidelines to ensure you wear your mascara without worrying about anything.

Here is what to bear in mind: 

Do Not Forget To Condition

condition your lashes

It is a good idea to condition your lashes regularly when you wear mascara. You can use an all-natural oil, such as jojoba or avocado for that. 

Be sure to use a different mascara wand for conditioning to ensure it is clean and does not get infected.

Make Use Of A Mascara Primer

Using a mascara primer is a good idea because it creates a sticky, yet silky, basis for your lashes.

The use of a primer makes your mascara more adherent and extends its wear time.

Tip: Mascara applied after a primer not only adds volume and curl, but also helps the curl last longer. 

Use Waterproof Mascara Sparingly

use waterproof mascara sparingly

While you can definitely use it, leave it for some special occasions. Your regular mascara will work just fine in most situations.

Waterproof mascaras are fine to use, but only in moderation if your eyelids can withstand the drying effects of the formula.

Additionally, avoid curling your lashes after applying mascara, as this can cause them to split or become brittle. To avoid peeling and oxidation, use a primer.

Tip: It is a good idea to replace your mascara every couple of months to ensure no bacterial infestation makes it dangerous for use. 

Apply It Correctly

Getting the best quality mascara is half the battle. You have to learn how to apply it properly.

The best way is to begin from the root and then move to the tips.

It is also essential to not do a hasty job. Instead, you need to wait and apply the second coat once the first one dries completely.

apply mascara correctly
Tip: Avoid slathering too much mascara because additional layers result in clumping and damage your lashes in return.

Choose The Best Mascara

There are a plethora of mascara options out there, but you need to pick the one that works best for you. 

To avoid any problems, stick with tried-and-true brands of ophthalmologist-approved mascara.

Before buying mascara, make sure you read the label carefully and pay attention to what is in it.

You should educate yourself about harmful ingredients, which helps you pick the best products. 

Be Sure To Remove It Before Bed

remove your mascara before bed

Never go to sleep with mascara on. You can try many different products and natural hacks to remove your mascara quickly. 

Remember, you will get better results from oil-based mascara removers, so look for them. 

Do Not Ignore The Shelf Life

No matter the quality, mascara usually has a short shelf life.

This is usually due to the wand applicator’s proximity to your eyes, which are among the most delicate parts of your body.

If you want to ensure the product will not harm your eyes, you should check the expiration date both before you buy it and on a regular basis afterward.

Ideally, you need to renew your mascara every six months if you want to keep your lashes in good condition. 

tube of mascara


Is it bad to wear mascara every day? Well, it is not, but ultimately, it comes down to how closely you follow the guidelines for safely wearing your mascara. 

The quality of your makeup products always matters, so consider the ingredients in your mascara before finalizing a purchase.

And do not forget to take a short break from mascara every once in a while to help keep your lashes in good shape.

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