how to touch up makeup after sweating

In this article, I will show you all the instruments you need on how to touch up makeup after sweating.

Maybe you just got hot and sweaty and now you are looking to touch up your makeup.

You are right, sunlight can be quite unforgiving, or even if not sunlight, you can have several intense activities in a day that will leave you sweating rivers.

They just should not be the reason you lose your makeup.

To quickly touch up your makeup after sweating, give yourself time to relax before cleaning up any mess with the use of wipes.

We All Sweat!

Sweating is a common human body function and anyone who doesn’t make themselves sweat is in for a very unhealthy lifestyle. 

Now, they say protection is better than cure. So, quickly before we get the cure, maybe we can help protect.

protect makeup sweat

How To Protect Your Makeup For Sweaty Activities

In your day-to-day activities, regardless of what you do, whether you are a teacher, police officer, security guy, or CEO in some leading tech firm, you will break some sweat.

You do not necessarily have to be involved in rigorous activities.

Even just by the functioning of the brain, you will realize your lips and body become salty and hotter. In most circumstances, you may not even realize that you are sweating. 

On a good day, a healthy human being will not skip breaking a sweat.

sweaty woman

While addressing, ladies, since they are the ones who put on makeup, sweating might actually mess up your makeup. No woman enjoys this a tad bit.

So, before things get out of hand and come asking for how to touch up makeup after sweating, how would you protect your makeup? 

Even if it is not necessarily on a hot day but every day, how do you protect your made-up face? 

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to achieve this.

Solution #1: Begin With Minimal Skincare

If summer just set in, and the sun is blazing and glaring hot atop your head, then a little reduction on how much makeup you put on will set you free. 

You will quickly need to change your makeup skincare routine to a lighter version.

The days of making it thicker are out and thinner films will save you during this hot season.

minimal skincare
 Tip: The lesser the makeup and skincare you apply the better.

Solution #2: Use A Primer

Unlike the previous season when you would just go without a primer, this season you either have it or lose it. Get a primer to set the foundation and the base for the makeup to stick during the day. 

Primers that stick help your body in controlling the oils that cause the makeup to trickle down.

There are several types of primers in the market today, fashioned to meet the needs of various types of skins.

Be wise as to go for the water-resistant ones, these repel excessive oils.

Solution #3: Use Lesser Foundation

lesser foundation

If you embrace top-notch beauty, that can wait. This is not just the right time to put on heavy foundations. Just like with the minimal skincare idea, tone down on this one. Would you?

Solution 4: Drink Lots Of Water

Finally, do not take this as an assumption. Taking a lot of water helps and it does a lot. Do you know why drinking lots of water play magic? Here is why.

You always need to hydrate your body. In fact, it is advised that a normal human being should gulp down at least 8 glasses of water on a good day. 

On a very hot day, and with makeup, you should do even more. Just like water is used in the automotive industry as a coolant, so does it function in the human body.

Drink lots of water to hydrate so that your body sweats even less.

How To Touch Up Makeup After Sweating – A Step By Step Guide

touch up makeup

Just above is a prevention technique to see to it that your makeup doesn’t fall off. If sadly, you tried your best but it still did, all hope is not lost.

I have seen and heard of people who sweat as early as eight in the morning. Such that once they arrive in the office, they are fully sweating.

Perhaps you are working on a project whose submission is due and the deadline is closing in, and you might end up sweating while trying to meet the deadline.

Thankfully you succeed by a whisker. At least your boss won’t be frowning at you. 

But then, how will you be submitting your report and findings when sweat has messed up a better part of your makeup?

Sit tight and I will show in brief but detailed steps on how to fix makeup after sweating.

Here we go.

Step #1: Cool Down

cooling down

The first step on how to fix makeup after sweating is allowing yourself to cool down.

Cooling down doubles as a way to stop sweating and relax your brain from speedy functioning. Just a few minutes ago, you had been embroiled in a series of activities. 

Maybe you were racing to catch up with the rest of the team or to meet the deadline. You were probably exercising or it could be because of the type of job you do.

Cooling down is king if you must touch up makeup after sweating.

It is much faster if you want to speed up the cooling down process by putting something colder like a bottle of ice behind your neck.

 Tip: Do not use a fan since it might splash away more makeup.

Step #2: Now Set Your Face

set face

Remember you are taking these tips for a touch-up process. That is you do not have to start all over when perhaps you may not even have all the time to do it from scratch.

So, quickly, set your face for the makeup following being satisfied that indeed you have cooled down. 

You can use setting powder followed by a setting spray to restore everything like it was. And because you won’t have gone for a shower before the touch-up, you risk getting your skin greasy.

Note: It is, therefore, advisable to use oil spray although in controlled amounts to put things in place.

Step #3: Do Away With Any Excessive Mess

Finally, blot your face. This is a way of getting rid of excessive moisture while checking up any other parts that require to be touched up.

Remember you need a mirror to do this. Check everywhere from your cheeks to your lips to ensure there is no sight of greasiness. 

do away excess mess

If any, use wipes to touch them away, cautiously and professionally.

If there are any places that appear to be smeared, greasy, and messy, touch them up with the wipes fully.

Check again to ensure that you are set and that your makeup is back in place.

Tip: While touching up makeup, cover yourself to avoid sweat and makeup from dripping onto your outfit.


All said and dusted, it is a bet that we stopped there. I hope that you found this article quite helpful in as much as how to touch up makeup after sweating is concerned. 

While this article provides answers and the cure, the clarion call is that you do not always have to be touching up your makeup every time you sweat. 

There is the abstinence part. This calls for the use of minimal skincare, the use of a primer, lesser foundation, and intake of enough water each day. 

This would help to keep makeup intact even when you are sweating like crazy. In the meantime, leave your comments if you have found this article any helpful.

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