how to refresh makeup after work

You spend a lot of time looking good using the right makeup techniques, but you still end up wondering how to refresh makeup after work. It’s common for those who work a 9-to-5 job.

Imagine this: It’s 3 P.M. You look in the mirror of the office restroom and notice that your face has literally melted due to all the hard work.

You ask yourself how on earth this could have occurred. You know you’ve been sitting at your desk for the past five hours.

But still, your hair looks like it has been through a storm at sea (and not the sexy, beachy kind).

Yes, you may be doing something wrong, but know that it’s possible to eradicate certain issues to help your makeup last longer. And, of course, feel refreshed again!

Tip: Be sure to exfoliate your face often, especially with dry, bumpy or patchy skin, to remove dead cells and help your makeup look fresh longer.  

How to Refresh Makeup After Work and Look Awesome?

makeup after work

It’s natural to feel tired and look out of sorts after a full day at work.

But, what if your office time isn’t over and you have to look your best to attend a meeting? 

Then, you may wonder how to refresh makeup during the day. Whatever the case, there are ways to help you look refreshed in no time. 

Make Use of Oil Blotters

The biggest issue is to get rid of dirt and grime.

Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you sweat while taking care of your daily tasks at work. That sweat can quickly hurt your gorgeous look.

What to Do?

Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything other than using an oil blotting paper to look fresh again.

You should keep one with you all the time. These papers work flawlessly to remove sweat, oil, and grime and restore your face to its original glory.

oil blotter

Even if some touching-up is required, it’s better to start with a blotting paper to prep your face first. 

Take Care of Bloodshot Eyes

No matter how good your makeup looks, those bloodshot eyes will always make you look worn out.

And it’s hard to avoid tired eyes if your work involves staring at a computer screen all day long. 

What to Do?

If you don’t want your eyes to resemble those of a teenage boy living off Doritos and video games, try refresh tears.

Using the right natural tears will restore the natural luster to the eye area.

Applying a thin line of black liquid liner to your upper lids can help you look less tired.

Tip: Make use of your primer before applying makeup because it keeps moisture in your skin and prevents a cakey appearance after many hours. 

Tackle Your Dry Skin

People with dry skin are more likely to face issues while trying to make their makeup last longer.

use a face mist

What to Do?

You may achieve the look of having just run through a hyperactive sprinkler by using a facial mist and liberally spraying it on your face.

Say goodbye to your dry office-face, and say hello to your incredibly dewy spa-face in no time! 

Deal with Dark Circles

When your makeup begins to wear off, your dark circles become more evident.

So even when you use a long-lasting concealer, don’t rely too much on it to take you through the day. 

What to Do?

Bring a concealer stick to cover up blemishes and under-eye circles as they appear.

Just dab on problem areas (particularly redness around your nose) to look more awake and refreshed. 

Make Blush Your Best Friend

Do you dread that lifeless complexion after a day at work? You’re not alone!

It usually happens because your blush often fades away easily. 

use a blush

What to Do?

Tap into the power of blush! You’ll be amazed to see how quickly it revives your tired-looking skin.

You can use any blush you like, but cheek sticks are the quickest and easiest to apply.

Cream blush is also a great choice because you don’t need a brush.

The results will be even more spectacular if you choose a blush that also soothes your skin. 

Take Care of Escaping Concealer

No matter how carefully you apply your concealer, it tends to go out of place quickly.

You look tired and dull when it begins to gather in any fine lines you have under your eyes. 

What to Do?

Be proactive, and don’t let the “concealer trouble” go out of hand. 

If you react now, you can easily blend in the excess and avert a possible makeup disaster. 

Play with Your Lipstick

use lipstick

Not being careful with your lipstick means it won’t last the day.

Drinking and eating at work can make your gorgeous lipstick fade into nothingness. 

What to Do?

Carry your favorite lipstick with you. Usually, you can make things better with simple touchups.

If you want to go to a party right after work, simply reapplying your lipstick may sometimes work wonders by pulling your face together. 

Refresh Your Foundation

Mid-day meltdowns are common and can make it difficult to go anywhere right after work.

Well, you shouldn’t let that foundation stop you from living your life, right?

What to Do?

Make use of powder. Touching up gets a lot simpler with the help of powder. It works great to give you a complete look. 

reapply some foundation

Reapply Eyeshadow When Needed

When you’ve already done the hard work with your makeup and only want a quick fix to perk-up your look, don’t ignore the eyes.

It’s common for your eyeshadow to disappear through the day.

You can mitigate the “fading” effect by using a primer, but you may still need to do some fixing. 

What to Do?

Get your eyeshadow and reapply. But, this time, go with the smallest amount because you’re just improving on what you’ve already done. 

All you have to do is refill your crease and you’re probably good to go.

Remember, less is more here. What you have left on the brush from your earlier application may do the job! 

Fix Bad Mascara

When your mascara needs help after a day at work, you need to react sensibly.

fix bad mascara

Many women make the mistake of using another coat of mascara on top of their previous application.

It’s a big no-no. Why?

Your eyelashes become hard after the first application, so another coat is only going to give you crunchy, spidery lashes. Eww! 

What to Do?

Play smart and make use of your eyeliner instead of revitalizing mascara.

Simply add it to the outer corners of the eyes, which will amp up your look.

Tip: Choose products carefully for dry skin and opt for those that contain hyaluronic acid and hydrate your skin for better results. 

How Can You Help Your Makeup Last Longer?

how to make makeup last longer

Identifying and fixing problem areas quickly can surely help you maintain your look well past your office timing.

But, still, it’s a good idea to learn how to prolong the life of your makeup. 

Make Use of Setting Powders

Setting powders with mattifying and setting properties are great for reducing the oil and shine that may occur throughout the day.

They can also prevent liquid and cream products from smudging as you move throughout your day.

Utilize Setting Sprays

If you have dry skin and are looking for a product that can help set your makeup and provide a dewy look, you may want to try setting sprays.

They provide an easy, quick fix while still giving you the coverage of setting powders.

Use Makeup Carefully

Knowing how much is enough is the key to keeping your makeup intact for longer.

apply makeup carefully

Don’t use a thick layer of foundation for full coverage. It doesn’t stick to the skin and will come off after a few hours.

To apply your makeup products, use a thin layer and dab the product into your skin with a makeup sponge or finger.

And choose long-wearing products such as waterproof mascara or long-wear lip liner, eyeliner, or eye stains.

Tip: Always check your beauty products' expiration date because older products lose their efficacy and don't last long, requiring constant touchups through the day. 


Irrespective of your skin type, you just can’t stop your makeup from fading or smudging throughout the day.

But, you can learn how to refresh makeup after work and avoid going through the same beauty routine for a night out.

So, follow the tips, and don’t forget to take steps to ensure your makeup last longer and requires fewer touch-ups throughout the day.

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