how to protect henna in shower

You want your henna tattoo to last as long as possible, but you do not know how to protect henna in the shower.

Do not fret, you are certainly not alone!

The effects of henna last from a few weeks up to a month until they start to fade and crumble.

The henna design will stay longer if you take care of your skin using moisturizer.

You also need to avoid harsh soaps and lotions and refrain from touching or massaging them during the waiting period.

Taking good care of your design increases the likelihood that it will last for weeks.

But, all that would not be possible unless you protect it in the shower. So, does henna come off in shower?

Prolonged exposure to water can always damage your henna and keep it from darkening.

Learn what you can do to protect it and prolong its dazzling effects.

Tip: Henna paste penetrates the skin more rapidly at higher temperatures, so drink something warm before applying Henna if you feel cold. 

How to Protect Henna in the Shower for Long-Lasting Results

how protect henna in shower

To put it bluntly, henna hates water. Even too much washing can affect it negatively.

Keep your hands from getting too dirty and wash them as little as possible until after the event for which you had the henna applied.

If you want a black stain somewhere else on your body, do not wash it, and do not use soap. Minimize the time spent cleaning and drying if you must. 

How Long to Wait to Shower after Applying Henna?

Under no circumstances should you be using water to remove your henna paste.

It’s better to continue with your “no-shower” routine for as long as you can.

The oxidation process is slowed by water, leading to a faint stain. In fact, using soap will make the problem much worse.

Paste on the skin can be removed by scraping it off gently.

After getting henna, you should wait at least 12 hours before getting in the shower.

Do not scrub or use soap on the henna pattern when you go into the shower. 

Things to Do on How to Protect Henna in Shower?

things to do protect henna

As mentioned already, it is better to avoid a shower, a hot shower in particular, after applying henna to your body.

But if you really have to, you can try the following hacks. 

Make Use of Some Oils

Try some non-exfoliating balm or go with an oil to protect your stain. Cocoa butter or coconut oil can be used to seal in the pattern, but any oil will do.

Coating it with an oil or something will create a barrier and keep the moisture from affecting your henna design. 

Cover it Up

If you have henna in your hair, on your hand, or where you can cover it up while taking a shower, go with it.

The goal is to limit the exposure to water, and covering it up will do just that. You can wear a shower cap if you have applied henna to your hair.

If you take a shower after scraping off dried henna on your hands, you can consider wearing gloves in the shower.

Tip: Be sure to scrape off henna paste gently once it has dried and move your hand along the artwork to avoid damaging your skin in the process. 

How to Help Henna Dry Faster to Shower without an Issue

help how to dry faster

The idea is to make your henna tattoo dry up faster so you do not have to worry much while taking a quick shower.

For this, you can try many different options.

Use the Mixture of Sugar and Lemon

To make the mehndi darker, use the age-old home method of mixing sugar and lemon juice.

But, do not use too much of the concoction.

Sugar aids in keeping the mehndi in contact with the skin, which allows for greater dye penetration.

On the other hand, lemon juice works as a catalyst for the release of the dye and enhanced coloration. 

How to Do It

  • Put some sugar into some water and bring it to a boil.
  • Add some lemon drops to the mixture.
  • Apply the mixture to your mehndi when it dries off. 

Expose Your Design to the Fumes of Cloves

expose to cloves fumes

Running your hands through the fumes of cloves over a hot skillet is another popular home method for intensifying the mehndi color.

Cloves’ volatile oils help seal in the henna’s dye, so the artwork lasts for weeks rather than days.

Together, the lemon-and-sugar concoction and the fumes are just magical.

How to Do It

  • Take a pan and put some cloves in it.
  • Set the heat to a medium flame.
  • Once heated, rub your palms over the pan to inhale the aromatic vapors.
  • Make sure your fingers do not fall out of the pan for as long as possible.

Try Out some Balms

try some balms

It is believed that the active ingredients in balms aid in developing the henna’s color and ability to penetrate the skin.

These moisturizers increase blood flow to the skin, darkening the skin’s pigment.

Some contain menthol, an ingredient that has been shown to increase pigmentation.

How to Do It

  • After removing the henna, use a balm on your hands as you would hand lotion.
  • Completely conceal your henna artwork with the balm.
  • Leave it there overnight to absorb naturally.
Tip: Let the Henna paste sit on the skin for as long as possible and no less than 5-6 hours to improve the color and stability of your artwork. 

How to Make Henna Last Even After a Shower

how make henna last longer

Helping henna dry off quickly is a way to ensure it won’t get damaged during a shower. 

Of course, you have to take other precautions like covering your tattooed part of the body. 

Moreover, you can try many other ways to protect your henna design and lower the risk of losing your design after a quick shower. 

Leave It on Longer

Do not exfoliate the skin for 4-6 hours after applying the henna paste. The longer the tattoo paste is left on, the darker the final tattoo will be.

The same holds true with tattoos; the darker they are, the longer they will last.

Steaming your henna tattoo while the paste is still on can keep the henna moist, avoid cracking, and release more colorant, all of which contribute to a deeper stain. 

Keep It Dry for As Long As You Can

keep dry longer

After you scrub off the henna paste, let your tattoo dry for at least 12 hours.

The darkening process will be disrupted, and the lifespan of your tattoo will be reduced if you expose it to humidity during this time. 

Limit the Exposure to the Sun

If you want your henna tattoo to look its best, protect it from the sun.

You should wait at least 48 hours before exposing it to direct sunlight. In the meantime, keep the area covered. 

Apply Some Lemon Juice

Apply a few drops of lemon juice to your tattoo.

When sealed with lemon juice, Henna is protected from things like shaving and exfoliating, as well as other potentially damaging factors. 

Moisturize the Area

Apply some baby oil or massage oil daily to the area where the tattoo is to keep it moist.

Maintaining the health of the upper layers of the skin with moisturizing helps your tattoo last for a longer period of time. 

Protect from Chlorine

protect henna from chlorine

Stay away from chlorinated water during the initial stages of getting and darkening your henna tattoo.

Any exposure to the chlorine found in swimming pools can cause your tattoo to fade quickly.

If you are going to be in the water, you should cover your henna tattoo with a seal spray bandage. 

Say No to Steam Rooms

Right after getting your tattoo, you should stay away from steam rooms and saunas.

You should avoid saunas because of the heat and how much they contribute to the skin’s regeneration process.

This will trigger the natural exfoliation of your henna design.

Tip: Use natural vegetable oils like corn oil, canola oil, and olive oil if you want your artwork to last but stay away from baby oil and petroleum jelly. 


You need to be patient if you want your henna tattoo to look dark and compelling, and learning how to protect henna in the shower is a great idea.

The process takes time to complete and leaves you with a dark stain. 

During that time, you need to learn how to protect henna in the shower and the steps you can take to expedite the drying process. 

Remember, the results you get after applying henna depend heavily on your aftercare.

So, educate yourself and get stunning henna tattoos every time you try them.

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