how to make lip fillers last longer

Lip fillers are a great way to get luscious lips, but it’s also natural to worry about how to make lip fillers last longer.

Despite Kylie Jenner’s high-profile lip reduction in 2018, lip fillers remain one of the most sought-after non-surgical beauty procedures.

These injectable dermal fillers can instantly improve your appearance by adding contour, volume, and shine to your face.

So, yes, it’s popular…

Yet many people are still curious about the durability of the effects. And they want to know how to extend the time they feel alluring after getting the procedure.

So, how to make my lip fillers last longer, you ask?

You should choose your fillers wisely, get prepared before the procedure, and follow a proper aftercare routine to make them last longer.

Tip: Avoid OTC skincare products after getting a filler because they contain weird ingredients, usually very harmful to the fillers. 

How to Make Lip Fillers Last Longer and Stay in Shape?

lip filler last

When it comes to lip enhancement, everyone seems to agree that hyaluronic acid (HA) is the best option.

HA is a filler naturally created by the skin and is effective because it draws and holds water, which results in full, supple lips. 

Can You Make Your Lip Fillers Last Longer?

The moment you get up from the treatment couch, it’s natural to fall in love with your freshly plumped lips. 

That’s when you’re ready to do everything and crossing your fingers that the volume doesn’t gradually disappear over the following months.

Even while fillers aren’t permanent and will degrade over time, there are ways to delay the need for further filler injections into the face. 

Factors You Can’t Control?

While you can take many steps to ensure the longevity of your fillers, certain factors are beyond your control.

For instance, people with a faster metabolism are likely to notice shorter filler results.

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This is because their bodies break the filler compound quickly, and there’s nothing really they can do about it.

Similarly, you can’t do much about getting a filler in a highly mobile area. Lip fillers, for instance, are extremely popular, but as they go into the most active part of your body, the results may not last long.

That being said, you can do quite a few things to prolong the amazing effects of lip fillers. 

Be Prepared Before Your Appointment

You should begin getting ready for the procedure well before you enter the treatment room.

As a very delicate part of the face, the lips are especially susceptible to bruising. We suggest using Hirudoid cream before the injections.

Also, be sure to avoid taking any blood thinners, such as fish oil and aspirin before the treatment.

Exfoliate your lips with a gentle scrub to help eliminate dry skin cells and reveal smooth, healthy-looking lips and improve product absorption.

Keep doing it even after the procedure, but limit it to once every two weeks.

lip exfoliation

Finally, pay attention to hydration because it helps keep your lips moisturized. Don’t eat any spicy that could irritate your lips and result in unsatisfactory results.

Take Your Time to Choose Your Filler

Fillers should be selected with consideration for both aesthetics and lifestyle.

To get the desired appearance and feel, you will select a specific filler, the composition of which will determine how long the filler will last.

It’s an important decision and it can be quite expensive, so why make haste here? 

Maintain a Good Aftercare Routine

Proper aftercare can work wonders for the life of your lip fillers, so don’t ignore it!

After receiving an injection, you should follow the basic instructions.

Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours and drink lots of water with ice as needed. You can expect less edema and bruising with these guidelines. 

Consider UV Protection

We all make an effort to put on sunscreen, but is that something you always do?

use sunscreen

As your skin is thin and delicate after the procedure, the sun’s rays can cause considerable damage after prolonged exposure.

Burning and drying the skin can deplete hyaluronic acid, which is present in the skin and, you guessed it, filler.

Use mild sunscreen in the morning to extend the effects of your filler.  

Tip: Be prepared to experience some discomfort after the procedure, but be sure to talk to your doctor if you notice severe pain. 

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Fillers benefit from avoiding sugar as much as possible. Consuming sugary foods and drinks might hinder your skin’s ability to retain moisture and have a clean complexion.

Further, it promotes internal and external inflammation, which might hasten the degeneration of fillers.

You may reduce inflammation and improve internal hydration by consuming less coffee and dairy.

You may keep your lip fillers longer in place and improve your overall health by eating a diet high in natural, whole foods.

Opt for foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats, such as nuts, veggies, seeds, fruits, and grains. 

balanced diet

Learn to Manage Stress

When under pressure, your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol.

It speeds up the breakdown of whatever artificial substances you may be using.

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives, but learning to manage your stress well can extend the life of your fillers.

To combat stress, try going for a long walk. Meditating, running, making a meal, and simply reading a book can also help manage stress better. 

Stop Putting Your Fillers Under Strain

 Give your fillers a break every once in a while to extend their lifespan.

If you want to avoid disturbing the fillers while you sleep, sleeping on your back is recommended.

Don’t be harsh on your skin, and don’t scrape or press on your face throughout your skincare regimen.

Moving and poking fillers causes them to degrade more quickly, so the gentler you are with them, the longer they will survive.

Be Careful When Exercising

Maintaining a healthy fitness routine is beneficial to both our physical and emotional health.

No doubt about that, right?

exercise carefully

But, pushing yourself too far can result in overtraining and a dramatically accelerated metabolism. This can hasten how quickly your body breaks down the fillers.

We’re not telling you to give up your workouts because of your lip fillers – we can’t commit this sin! We just urge you to do it moderately!

Keep in mind that those who exercise a lot may need to get their fillers touched up more often than the typical person. 

Don’t Ignore Maintenance Appointments

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t completely eliminate the need to go for a touchup or a routine maintenance appointment.

Interestingly, a great way to prolong the effects of your fillers is to get some more filler!

Ideally, you should go for a follow-up visit once every 4 months. But, don’t ignore any problem with your fillers and arrange an early appointment if needed.

Tip: Take your time and do your research when selecting a doctor and opt for the one who specializes in lip enhancement.  

How Long Do Most Fillers Last?

how long fillers last

Before you take a step to preserve those amazing results, it’s vital to know how long your fillers are likely to last.

Your metabolism is the most important element in determining how long your dermal filler will last. But, other factors such as injection site, product formula, and dosage also play a role.

So, how long will you continue to enjoy those luscious lips?

The results of lip fillers might last anywhere from a few months to many years, depending on your metabolism and the specific substance used.

Lip fillers made of hyaluronic acid have an average longevity of 6-9 months, while some patients have reported even longer. 

What Do Professionals Have to Say?

Professionals often say that fillers start to fade about three to four months after treatment, mostly due to lip mobility.

This is why many people choose to have touch-ups before their filler completely metabolizes.

The good news is that some filler will remain, so you may gradually use less each time you visit the clinic.

Just follow the tips we’ve mentioned and you can easily make your fillers last considerably longer.

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Tip: Opt for high quality retinol products to boost collagen, improve your skin, and keep your fillers in the best condition. 


Lip fillers can add a touch of elegancy to your personality, and it’s natural to look for hacks to learn how to make lip fillers last longer?

They usually look good for a few months before starting to break down. Thankfully, you can take many steps to change it and extend their life considerably.

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