how to make hair extensions soft again at home

Hair extensions can get damaged when not used properly, and that is when people think about how to make hair extensions soft again at home.

We all know that investing in a set of hair extensions is not cheap.

That is why it is so annoying when your well-maintained hair starts to break off, frizz, and mat.

How to soften hair extensions and deal with premature drying?

Try not to freak out!

Your dry, damaged hair extensions can be restored to velvety smoothness by keeping a few things in mind.

Tip: Never swirl your fingers into your extensions, and stay away from using a blower or dryer to avoid any damage.

Why are Your Hair Extensions No Longer Soft?

hair extensions no longer soft

It is natural to rely on extensions when your natural hair doesn’t grow as quickly or is on the thinner side.

Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you treat your hair extensions with heat protectants and other preventive measures, they still dry out and become frizzy.

Why does that happen, you wonder?

Human hair extensions can become dry and frizzy without the natural lubrication of the scalp’s sebum (oil).

Sebum, an oil secreted by the scalp, is rich in beneficial substances and responsible for your hair’s silky smoothness.

As your extensions are not surgically linked to your scalp, those extensions do not benefit from your scalp’s natural oil and can get dry over time. 

How to Make Hair Extensions Soft Again at Home Like a Pro?

In order to restore dry hair extensions, natural remedies are the most effective option.

This is because using high-quality, natural oils is similar to how your scalps produce sebum to keep your hair supple and hydrated.

Since hair extensions cannot absorb sebum, you have to use something else to fix the gap. 

Using the Right Oils

hair oil

The correct natural oils can hydrate the hair deep down.

Unnatural treatments, in contrast, merely coat the hair (usually with some form of silicone).

This is to disguise the dryness and provide the impression that the hair is smooth.

The chemical only acts as a mask, as the hair is still completely dry. Because of this problem, people have been preparing their own DIY hair masks out of different oils for hundreds of years. 

How Do You Repair Your Dry Hair Extensions?

When it comes to softening your hair extensions, you need to pick a remedy based on the type of extensions.

Your extensions made of human hair need different treatment as compared to extensions made of synthetic hair.

How to Repair and Soften Human Hair Extensions?

You can try a number of ways to revive your human hair extensions.

So long as you keep using natural products, you do not have to worry about causing any damage to your extensions. 

Method # 1

You can try this method when you have a set of hair extensions made of natural hair. 

use natural hair extensions
Step #1: Begin with Brushing

Be sure to brush your hair extensions well to get rid of any tangles and make them look smooth. 

Step #2: Use an Appropriate Shampoo

Use a pre-shower extension treatment before you wash your hair. Make sure your hair is dry before applying.

You should use enough to cover the length of the hair extensions from the middle to the ends.

You may need to use more for full coverage of particularly thick hair extensions. 

Step #3: Consider the Type of Extensions

If you have clip-in hair extensions, you can condition your hair right up to the attachments.

Spare the scalp or bonds; instead, focus on the lengths of your natural hair between the extensions. 

Step #4: Soak Your Extensions

Place them on a dry towel to restore clip-in hair extensions and let them sit overnight.

Plait your hair if you have permanent hair extensions, and leave the treatment in while you sleep.

natural blonde hair extension

It is chemical-free and non-drip, so it will not ruin your pillows.

Step #5: Rinse Them Properly

Next morning, use your regular shampoo followed by a conditioner to wash the treatment out of your hair extensions.

Since the treatment is chemical-free, it may easily absorb into the hair extensions and revive the hair from the inside out.


That is all you have to do to have soft, silky, smooth hair extensions! 

Method # 2

You can try another natural remedy to help soften your human hair extensions.

  1. Take some extra virgin olive oil in a bowl.
  2. Place it in the microwave to heat for one minute. 
  3. Take it out when it is only warm to the touch.
  4. Drop your hair extensions into the basin, covered in olive oil.
  5. Place the extensions in a plastic bag, seal them, and leave for an hour.
  6. Take them out and rinse using your regular shampoo.
  7. Brush them lightly and be careful because the strands are damp
  8. Apply conditioner to prevent a greasy smell and make combing easier
  9. Lay the hair extensions out on a cloth and let them dry overnight. 
dry flat hair extensions

Method # 3

The method is quite suitable for synthetic hair extensions, but it also works pretty well for natural hair. 

Step #1: Fill the Sink

Get a clean sink or tub and fill it halfway with hot water.

Squirt some sulfate-free shampoo into the water and work it with your palm so it spreads out and lathers up.

In the case of synthetic hair extensions, stick to a shampoo designed specifically for them. 

Step #2: Submerge and Clean

In order to ensure that all of the hair is thoroughly cleaned, it is best to wash the wefts separately.

Weft-by-weft washing may seem laborious, but it eliminates tangles and promotes shiny, clean hair.

Carefully submerge the hair in water and use your fingers to rub it until the shampoo can permeate. 

To dry, you can either lay it flat on a washcloth or drape it over the side of the sink.

lay flat hair extensions
Step #3: Refill the Basin for Conditioning

Stop using soapy water and replace it with fresh, hot water. To avoid getting burned, please exercise caution.

 Next, add 2 tsp of your preferred conditioner using a spoon and whisk the mixture thoroughly. 

Tip: Add a drop of silicone to hot water to help condition your hair extensions in a better way. 
Step #4: Submerge Extensions

Put your extensions in the water at once using a spoon. Practice some care and don’t burn yourself in the process.

You should soak the hair for up to 20 minutes so that the conditioner can reach the cuticle.

Step #5: Lay Your Wefts on a Towel

Prepare a flat surface with a clean cloth and carefully transfer the wefts to it, making sure to lay the hair evenly so it does not get tangled.

There is no need to remove the conditioner or drain out any excess water. 

Step #6: Use a Hair Mask
hair mask

Get those wefts and use your preferred hydrating hair mask to thoroughly coat the extension lengths.

Arrange the wefts parallel to one another on the towel. Stop the process after 30 minutes and all extensions have been saturated. 

Step #7: Rinse Out

Use tap water to fill the basin and put wefts separately into it. Pick each and rinse it out. Squeeze the hair length gently to remove excess water.

Tip: Under no circumstances should you wring out your extensions to remove the excess water or you will damage them. 
Step #8: Detangle

Do not wrap the hair in the towel, and use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle it.

Begin at the ends and work your way to the other end of the weft. Remove knots from each weft before continuing to the next.

Leave it to air dry!

How Do You Help Keep Your Extensions Soft and Smooth?

keep hair extensions soft

You need to follow different steps and use products appropriate for synthetic extensions to avoid any damage. Here is how to proceed. 

Detangle Hair

Use a detangler and gently brush out your synthetic hair extensions. You may even want to spray some high-quality detangling product on it.

Always make use of a wide-toothed comb or stick to a board-bristle brush to keep your extensions from becoming dry.

Do it gently because rough brushing can do more harm than good and even leave you with more knots.


If you notice your synthetic hair extensions shedding excessively while brushing, know that it is past saving. It is time to get a new set! 

Wash Your Extensions Properly

Both natural hair and synthetic hair extensions need regular washing. Ideally, you should wash your synthetic extensions once every couple of weeks.

If they start to look dull or stringy, get in the shower and give your synthetic hair extensions a good wash with a mild shampoo.

wash hair

Afterward, condition with a product formulated for artificial hair and blow dry it completely.


Drying the roots and natural hair underneath the extensions is essential to prevent the growth of mold and mildew

Limit Heat Exposure

This is especially true for synthetic hair extensions. You can damage the synthetic hair by using hot styling tools on it.

All you have to do is wash synthetic hair extensions, and the original wave, curl, or straight pattern will be returned.


You should use the low heat setting even when you have heat-friendly synthetics. 

low heat curling iron
Tip: Be sure to comb through your extensions after they become dry and you will get even better results.


Learning how to make hair extensions soft again at home can help protect your investment.

You need to pay attention to proper aftercare, but things can still go wrong.

That is when you can try different methods to help soften and repair your damaged extensions.

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