how to know if your salon uses mma

In this article, I will explain to you “how to know if your nail salon uses MMA?”.

This has become a matter of grave concern out there and must be stopped. Have you been going to nail salons, and feel like how they carry out the nail extension affects you negatively?

Then, here are the secrets of what those salons are doing.

In this article, you will also get to know if they are doing it right, why you should avoid them and what to do.

You can tell if a nail salon uses MMA by looking out for certain signs. These signs include the cost of the extension, and the odors of the types of products in use, amongst others.

What Is MMA?

mma definition

MMA is the abbreviation for Methyl Meth Acrylate.

The FDA in the USA, warns people who receive nail extensions with MMA, that it is not cool. You are to keep off it, lest you “burn” as you watch.

Why would some fraudulent salons want to burn us in the name of cost maximization?

Leave alone the FDA, there are the other reasons listed in this article why you should say NO to MMA.

Why Is MMA Dangerous?

why mma dangerous

Whatever you do, your safety must come first, if anything you do puts your life or health at risk, then of what good is it?

Run away from it and do not look back. Nail extensions are a common thing. Salons are all over the place. Some are doing genuine business, others are doing dubious businesses.

As long as they are maximizing profits, they do not care about the safety of their clients.

Of course, extended nails are a good thing, they add to one’s beauty, and there is a good feeling that comes with it. 

However, lately, most random salons have held their clients at gunpoint. Clients are giving their money in exchange for unbefitting services.

MMA is what they are using to fleece us. I know this, I will share it with you, and then, go be vigilant and on the lookout. Help us stop this nonsense.

Say NO to MMA. Here are some reasons you should avoid MMA.

It Is Too Hard

mma is too hard

It is interesting but annoying how salons think of the hardness of this product and deem it as a good reason to use it.

And they know too well that MMA is made of acrylic which is a very hard substance.

That is where the trouble begins. It becomes extremely difficult to get rid of it when the time comes.

It calls for a lot of drilling that ends up in the destruction of the nail bed.

Note: Drilling may lift off the nails, causing them to break and you will live to regret it. 

MMA Is Solvent Resistant

The fact that MMA is a solvent-resistant compound means that it will take you a lot of trouble to get rid of it.

That will involve a lot of soaking your nails into acetone which is also a dangerous chemical. 

Tip: There are very high chances of nail deformities arising from the use of MMA.

How To Know If Your Nail Salon Uses MMA

how to know mma nails

You need to use salons that take your safety seriously. That is salons that do not use MMA in nail extensions. But how do you know if your nail salon uses MMA

Well, there are several ways to detect red flags. These salons do not care about the after-effects of MMA on your nail beds, so using it maximizes their profits in total disregard for your safety. 

Now, if you walked straight into a nail salon and asked if they use MMA, none would be sincere, you need to be smarter.

Do not walk in to ask, instead, look out for signals that MMA is their culture.

Below are some of the aspects you should treat as red flags and proceed with caution before settling for a nail salon. 

MMA Nails – How To Tell

how to tell mma nails

Lower Nail Extension Costs

Truth be told, nail extension comes at a relatively higher cost. Of course, prices might vary from salon to salon.

But someone coined a cliche that goes, “if the deal is too good…” you know the rest. This is the very first red flag.

I do not intend to mean that all cheap salons use MMA. However, MMA is a cheaper nail extension product compared to EMA which is the desired product to be used.

So, most nail salons go for MMA which leaves the stores at a lower cost as compared to EMA which is a lot more costly.

Tip: Lower costs should not however be the only reason you dispel a salon. Go deeper to ascertain if indeed MMA is in use.

A Sweet Fruit Like Smell

mma has sweet smell

MMA has a fruit-like smell, it is so strong that you would want to puke or worse fall sick.

Unlike MMA, EMA has no strong scent, and you will be okay after using it. Therefore, raise the question of when the smell coming from the salon’s container smells sweet like fruits.

Think twice, raise questions and demand to be told whether it is EMA or MMA. The record should be set straight.

A Secretive Salonist

secretive salonist

I believe you are capable of reading an individual’s body language. That is the art of being smart. Pose a question and watch out for how the salon attendant answers.

Check to see if there is eye-to-eye contact if they attempt to hide the product from you or take you through corners in a  bid to dodge the questions.

That should be a good enough sign that should get you worried and more interested to understand whether they are using EMA or not.

Expect to be lied to but maximize their body language to make informed decisions. 

Tip: MMA has been banned by FDA from being used as a nail extension product yet salons still use it and those who do hide it. 

Itching  Nails

As soon as the salon attendant starts to use this product, a strong fruity scent hits you.

With time, you start feeling like your nails are itchy or any other parts the product reached.

It is uncommon for nail extension products to cause you itchiness, and neither does EMA.

Therefore, it is a good enough sign when you feel itching, that the salon is using MMA on you.


Unlabeled Container

unlabeled product container

Other than looking out for suspicious body language and a secretive salon attendant, there are other things to take note of.

You will realize that the container carrying the product has no label, indications, or manufacturer details on it. Isn’t this a warning sign?

Tread softly and protest, demanding to know that indeed it is EMA and not MMA in use. Otherwise, why would a true product be unlabeled? 

What To Do If Your Salonist Uses MMA for Nails?

what to do mma

This is a campaign to make sure that salons do not put the health of their customers in jeopardy and the high possibility of permanent nail destruction.

But it is also one to ensure that there is transparency in the whole thing. 

Salons should stop hiding and provide quality services. MMA nail extensions done in secret can never be a quality service.

That is why this article calls upon everyone to shun salons that use MMA. Leave them negative reviews and warn potential clients of the risk they might walk themselves into. 

If worse, report them for law violations and get your nail extension from a better salon in town. 

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You came looking for answers and you are leaving with them. That is everything on “How to Know If Your Nail Salon Uses MMA?”

It is my hope that you do not fall victim to this big crime. Stay far away from salons that want to use MMA on you.

They won’t show it, but I believe with my guidance you will know it. Say NO to MMA and share widely.

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