how to hide extensions in very short hair

You can make your short hair look great with extensions, but it leads you to how to hide extensions in very short hair.

Don’t blame yourself if you always get the itch to alter your look but then realize that a lob isn’t what you need.

Thankfully, you don’t have to live with a hair disaster because all you have to do is wear clip-in hair extensions.

With these extensions, you can have short hair but enjoy long hair without any commitment or damage to your natural hair.

But, whether you opt for clip-ins or put your money on tape-in, semi-permanent extensions, learning how to hide it is important.

Tip: Go for tape-in extensions if you want something that would last up to eight weeks, but remember that it may take longer than clip-ins to install. 

How Do You Apply Hair Extensions?

how to apply extension

Handling the basics of applying for extensions properly is half the battle. If you can manage it correctly, you’ll be able to conceal it easily.

Here are the steps to follow: 

Step #1: Clean Your Hair

Your hair should be freshly washed and conditioned before you put in the extensions.

Clip-in extensions won’t stay in oily hair as effectively as in clean hair.   

Step #2: Work on the Top Half of the Hair

Tuck the top layer of hair behind your ears. If your hair is quite short and you’re having trouble keeping it in place with a hair tie, try using clips instead.

You’ll clip the extensions at the part separating your upper and lower hair layers. 

Step #3: Tease Your Hair Carefully

tease hair carefully

The area of your hair where you will be clipping in the extensions should be lightly teased with the brush or comb.

Doing so creates a shelf, and the extensions may be more firmly clipped in. 

Step #4: Clip in the Extensions

Get hold of your hair extensions and remove the clips. Keep the clips above the shelf you made.

Before you snap the clips shut, make sure the placement suits your needs.

After you’ve clipped in your extensions, you should check they blend with your natural hair in the mirror.

Tip: Be sure to learn how to style your extensions before attaching them to your hair, making it much easier to wear them. 

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair with Ease

how to hide extensions

Even while short hair can be stunning, exciting, and seductive, you may occasionally long for a new look.

You can use extensions to try out new hairstyles, colors, and lengths without committing to a permanent change.

Clip-in extensions are the best option among the several types of extensions available.

This is because they are simple to wear at home and look great with short hair. 

Tape-in extensions may also work great for people with short hair.

If you’re looking for a more versatile, short-term solution, clip-in hair extensions are the way to go.

If you’re looking for something that will last for quite some time, tape hair extensions will do the job.

How to Hide Your Clip-In or Tape Hair Extensions

The answer to how to hide tape extensions in very short hair is pretty much the same as for hiding clip-ins.

The slight difference may be in the standard installation like you have to be more careful to not let tapes stick to the scalp.

The idea is to not restrict the movement of your natural hair, which makes your tape extensions more visible.

Here are some other tips to help you learn how to hide your extensions in short hair: 

Go with Shorter Hair Extensions

go to shorter extensions

Pick anything that isn’t too long. In general, shorter extensions look natural, especially on shorter hair.

Choose lengths of 16–18 inches for your extensions.

If your hair is less than chin length, you may want to consider even shorter extensions.

If the extensions are too long, you can either cut them yourself or take them to a hairdresser. 

Consider the Thickness

Ensure the extensions you choose are thick. This is crucial if your hair is cut in a blunt style.

If your hair isn’t already getting thinner at the ends, extensions won’t integrate as well.

A more seamless and natural-looking transformation can be achieved by using thicker extensions.

Check the thickness of the extensions against your own hair to be sure they’ll blend in. 

Pick the Right Color

pick right color

To hide your extensions in shorter hair, the color of the extensions must match your natural hair color.

You’ll have more luck finding well-matched extensions if you buy them in person at a beauty supply store rather than online.

That way, you can compare the extensions to your natural hair, examine them in a mirror, and get professional feedback before committing to a set. 

Here are some other tips to consider:

  • It’s okay to order online if you’ve used extensions from a particular brand before.
  • Opt for human hair extensions because it’s possible to dye them to match your hair.
  • Go with an ombre set of extensions in case the ends of your hair have highlights.

Finally, understand that the hair extensions should be more subtle than the natural hair on top, and should instead blend in with the nape.

If you want your hair to look natural, try using two clips of slightly different shades to mix them in. 

Take the Bottom Section of the Hair Away

take the bottom section

It’s a fantastic hack for masking the obvious transition from shorter to longer hair at the back of the neck.

Section your hair and clip the rest of your hair back, leaving just a small section at the bottom.

Put the remaining hair on your nape to one side, backcomb it, and then twist or braid it before pinning it flat with bobby pins.

Start clipping in the first weft of extensions here. If you do it properly, it’ll work great to hide your extensions even when you have short hair. 

Go Higher When Attaching the Extensions

Hair extensions for short hair should be clipped in so as to completely conceal your natural hair as much as possible.

The extensions you wear will naturally rest much higher on your head, and that’s great.

Do the same with the remaining hair extensions until you reach the crown of your head and clip them in. 

Play Around with Wefts

play around with the wefts

After reaching the widest point of your head, which should be in line with your eyebrows, clip in two wefts with three clips on each side of the widest point.

You should place them next to each other, so they overlap just a little bit at the rear.

You can also consider making a single lengthy mega-weft. Simply position it to cover the whole of back of your head to conceal it properly.  

Tip: You may want to braid your natural hair if it's too short and then put in the extensions to conceal better. 

Play with Face-Framing Pieces

You may modify the length of the sections of your 3-clip wefts closer to the front of your face by cutting them shorter.

This will allow you to adjust the length to be more proportional to your desired look.

And this also produces layers that frame the face and flow into shorter layers in a smooth and more natural manner.

Try using extensions made of human hair, since this will allow you to cut and style them in the same manner as your own natural hair.

play with the face framing

It is strongly suggested that you visit your hair salon in order to get your extensions trimmed by a qualified professional.

In addition, clip in your individual clip wefts at any spot where you think there is a need for more volume and length.

This will serve as the finishing touch. Finally, place a few in the area directly behind your ears.

Be sure to begin inserting the darker ones, then go on to insert the lighter ones closer to your face. 

Go for Waves and Curls

Finding the right style for your hair will help hide extensions more naturally. 

And curling your extensions ahead of time is a time-saving tip.

A hair extension carrier may be used to quickly and easily secure your extensions in place before you curl them.

go with waves and curls

If you’ve done it already, congratulations: you’re over the toughest part! Only a few curls are here and you can easily combine them with your natural hair with the extensions.

You can use a straightener to curl the shorter ends inward after you’ve clipped in your wefts.

Alternatively, you may curl each shorter strand by wrapping it around a section of one of the natural strands.

To finish the style and make the change seamless, curl the top layer of your hair.

Tip: Store your hair extensions properly and have a dedicated dresser draw to keep them protected and in good condition for weeks. 


Learning how to hide extensions in very short hair can help you feel more confident when wearing one.

You can try many tricks and hacks, but ultimately, you have to get the basics right.

Work with a professional to gather how to wear your extensions properly. And be ready to play with some styles to conceal your extensions better.

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