how to hide colored hair for work

Learning how to hide colored hair for work can be frustrating but it is something you often cannot avoid.

You know you have spent a lot of money, time, and energy making it into a bright work of art. But what is the use when you cannot flaunt it?

It is quite discomforting, but you know there will be times when you need to fit in with the collective mass.

But, thankfully, having to hide your hair color from your boss should not be stressful.

Whether you want to know how to hide dyed hair for work, or you want a quick fix to attend a job interview, here is all the help you need.

Tip: Double-check with your company about their policy about hair color before going for a new tint. 

How to Hide Colored Hair for Work with Ease?

how to hide colored hair

There are a few situations in which wearing bright hair colors to the office would be inappropriate.

You just cannot go with your colored hair if it violates your company’s enforced dress code. Of course, it is a good idea to talk to your boss, even before going for new hair color.

Nevertheless, here is how to make it work for you. 

Pick a Style and Color Carefully

Whether you have a job or you will be starting a search soon, always consider how over-the-top your new hair color will be.

Going for a new color without considering how it would be perceived in a traditional business setting is not a good idea.

When you know you cannot wear brightly colored hair to work, you have to be a bit considerate when making the switch.

Also, remember that some hairstyles and hair colors are easier to keep a secret. 

What to Consider?

  • Do not make a drastic change to hair color or it will be hard to conceal.
  • Consider getting a single streak of color to make it easier to hide for work.
  • Go with hair highlights to stylize without drawing undue attention to yourself.
  • Dye your hair a shade or two away from your natural color to hide it better. 
highlighted hair

Opt for the Right Hairstyle

A great way to hide your colored hair for work, an interview, or another professional setting is to pick an appropriate hairstyle

Braid It

Braiding your hair is the quickest and most common way to cover up a terrible hair day. And it is just as useful when you have hair highlights and not an overly bright color.

Braids last longer and look better on unwashed hair. All braid styles, whether tight Dutch braids, loose untidy braids, or ponytail braids, can help hide dirty hair and make it more manageable.

Tight braids may also help. Use a glossing spray throughout your hair to make it look like the shine is intentional.

To complete the appearance, take a toothbrush, spray it with hairspray, and use it to tame any remaining stray hairs. 

A Cool Option

Instead of tying the scarf in a knot at the base of your hair, drape it over your strands and the dangling end.

use scarf

Then, improve the look by tucking the extra fabric under the knot. Once done, knot the scarf to secure it in place. 

Go with a Bun

Hair that is pulled back, styled sleekly, and pinned in a tidy bun can distract from a head full of unnatural color, especially if there is a lot of root showing.

If you know how to do it, a bun hairstyle can often help you hide those streaks of colors with ease. It works when you have those highlights right at the tips.

An upside-down topknot is a better option here. Effortlessly chic, this hairstyle is suitable for both the office and a trip to the farmers market on the weekend.

  • Do a low ponytail with your hair.
  • Put some volume on the top by teasing it.
  • Wrap the ends of the teased section around your ponytail’s base.
  • Hold the smoother bottom section and flip it over the teased area. 
  • Pin it and mix it with your fingers. 
hair bun
Tip: Experiment with different hairstyles to identify what works best for your type of colored hair. 

Make Use of a Spray

If you need a quick solution, say for an interview, you can cover your colored hair with a temporary spray.

Sprays of black and brown hair dye can hide brightly unnatural hues like purple, blue, pink and aqua. Typically, they are created for coloring in grey, but they can be used with any vivid shade.

When you re-wash your hair after applying one of these sprays, they usually come out easily.

So, you do not need to worry if you fail to get the job after your interview. It takes a quick wash to restore your hair to its original glory! 

Opt for Hair Mascara

If you have a lot of color, you might be able to cover up your rainbow with dark-colored hair mascara.

Mascara for hair is a versatile product that temporarily alters the color of small sections of hair.

Similar to eyelash mascara, it is typically packaged in a thin tube and comes with a wand-like applicator.

hair mascara

How effectively it works will depend on how much color you have. You use it pretty much the same as you use your eyelash mascara.

Hair mascara is basically designed to color grey hair, just like colored hairspray.

But you can use it to cover any color you like and remove it with a single wash. 

Go with a Scarf

There are so many ways to use a scarf and make an appealing style statement.

The best part is that it provides a permanent solution to hiding your colored hair at work.

For instance: 

The Twisted Headband

It won’t cover your entire head, but it still takes the attention away from your colored hair.

Start with a square scarf folded in half diagonally. Now gently roll it up from the wide end and move to the narrow ends.

For added height and stability, you can tie a knot in the middle of the scarf once rolled up. 

The Bandana

A style made popular by your very own Lizzie McGuire, wearing a bandana can help you easily hide your hair color.

You can do this by folding a square scarf in half, tucking the ends into your hair, and leaving the third corner free. 

use a bandana

The Bandana Cap

Like traditional bandanas, the bandanna cap evokes the 1970s rather than the early 2000s. 

Be a Barbie Girl

Be a Barbie girl and conceal your colored hair in the workplace with the help of a few strategically placed hair accessories.

It is possible to draw attention away from your hair color by using accessories such as hairbands, bobby pins, flower clips, scrunchies, and so on.

Tip: Use cotton swabs dipped in temporary hair dye to quickly cover up your colored hair. 

Go with a Temporary Hair Dye

When you have to deliver a presentation at work and need to change your hair color, a temporary hair dye might help.

It does not damage your hair and usually wears off after a few washes. It may well be the only thing you need to have a natural, short-term hair color change. 

temporary hair dye

Don Natural Looking Wigs

You could always wear a wig over your freshly-dyed hair to avoid drawing attention to yourself at the office.

 Available hair lengths range from short and spiky to long and beautifully braided. You can even change their color to complement your hair. 

Consider Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the quickest way to turn your hair color from black to brown or blonde to red.

These are available in different shades and textures, giving you a range of options from which you can choose.

Human hair is the most common material for hair extensions. Synthetic ones are available but not desirable because they cannot withstand heat.

Based on your needs, you can opt for many different types of hair extensions, including tape-ins, sewn-ins, glue-ins, and halo extensions. 

Go with a Hat

When nothing else works, wearing a hat is probably the best bet.

If you know what you are doing, hats can be a stylish accessory. Here are a few tips to make a choice:

  • Buy a hat flattering your facial features and suit your style.
  • Measure the hat’s proportions to ensure a good fit.
  • Choose a smaller hat if you want to avoid looking dwarfed,
  • Consider the setting and pick a hat designed for a formal setting.
  • Always do your hair before putting on a hat.
wear hat
Tip: Make use of a temporary root touch-up hair spray to help hide your colored hair better. 


Although you should not be judged for the color of your hair, it is an unfair world out there.

And when your company does not allow colored hair, you can still pull it off by learning how to hide colored hair for work.

So many hacks are available, but ultimately, the best idea is to talk it through with your boss to enjoy your colored hair better.

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