how to cover a bruise without makeup

Bruises on highly visible areas like the arms, face, and legs can hit your confidence, so you should learn how to cover a bruise without makeup.

An injury will typically result in some degree of bruising. This is because even a minor impact can rupture the capillaries just under the skin, causing blood to pool there.

Being bruised is an annoyance if your job requires you to be watched, photographed, or filmed.

Makeup and other concealing techniques can hide the appearance of bruises on the face and body.

But, the question is, “what should you do if you do not have your makeup kit around?”

Well, there are ways to discover how to cover up a bruise without makeup.

At least, they can help you manage things for a short time. This way, you do not immediately need to use any makeup to conceal your bruise.

Tip: Apply some vitamin-K cream on your bruise to help reduce swelling and make it go away quickly.

How to Cover a Bruise Without Makeup Quickly and Effectively

how to cover a bruise

We are well aware that many of you have seen makeup tutorials on strobing, contouring, and the like to cover a bruise.

We also know you are tired of those lengthy procedures.

Everybody gets bruises, and sometimes it is necessary to hide them. But, fortunately, makeup is not always the answer. 

Use an Interesting Accessory

Today could be the perfect time to flaunt your most eye-catching necklace or pair of dangling earrings!

Wearing an accessory that catches the eye is an excellent technique to distract from the bruise without actually covering it up.

Use jewelry to draw attention away from the bruise; for instance, a necklace with a large pendant or huge hoop earrings would work. 

Try to Brush It Off

Brushing off the marks with a toothbrush is another method many people swear by.

 Use a new toothbrush with sturdy bristles to scrub the area thoroughly. This will increase blood flow, which will eventually fade the scars.

However, too much force may aggravate the situation, so be careful.

If you have applied further pressure, causing the redness to spread, put an ice pack on it and wait for it to melt.

In time, the redness will fade away on its own. 

Paste It Nicely

paste in bruise nicely

There is always the option of trying toothpaste, which might work.

Spread a little bit of the toothpaste on your bruise and rub it in gently. Once the tingling ends, you can remove it with a warm washcloth and a light rubbing motion.

You should try again if the marks have not faded after 24 hours.

Cover It with Clothing

Depending on where your bruise or mark is, you can try clothing accessories to cover it up.

The option works when you do not have time to use other hacks.

Sometimes, all you have to do is wear a turtle neck or high-necked shirt to cover any bruise on your neck.

Those love bites on your neck can be concealed with a stole or scarf. Keep your hair down; it will help disguise it as well.

Here are some other options:

For a Bruise on Your Arm or Leg

For bruises on your arms or legs, covering them up is as simple as donning a long-sleeved shirt or pair of slacks.

It may not be a good option when the temperature is extremely hot. 

For a Bruise on Your Forehead

the bruise on forehead

If the bruise is right on your forehead or close to your hairline, you may find that wearing a headband, scarf, or hat offers some degree of coverage.

For a Bruise on Your Eye

Do you have a bruise close to the bridge of your nose or around your eye?

You should consider wearing a pair of sunglasses or regular glasses to cover it up. 

Try a Strong Lip or Eye Look

The hack does use some makeup items, but not much.

You may bring focus to your eyes by applying black eyeliner and several coats of mascara, or you could emphasize your lips by using bold red lipstick.

Making your eyes stand out or using a bright lip color might draw attention away from a bruise.

Be aware that this will not hide the bruise, but it could assist in distracting from it.

Tip: Find a comfrey cream known for its healing powers and apply it on your bruise regularly to reduce its appearance and heal faster. 

How to Quickly Fix a Bruise with Minimal Makeup

how quickly fix bruise with makeup

While you can cover your bruise using clothing accessories and other tricks, sometimes you just cannot get the same results as you would from makeup.

Thankfully, there are ways to hide your bruise with minimal makeup.  If you have a bruise under the eye, here is a remedy to help you out.

By the way, it will also work for bruises on other areas of the body. 

Step #1: Moisturize Your Skin

Begin by moisturizing. Under-eye concealer application will be easier if you first moisturize the skin in that area.

Wrinkles and fine lines often first form in the delicate skin around the eyes, thus it is important to maintain that area well moisturized. 

Step #2: Use a Concealer

To neutralize the blue, you must get a concealer or corrector in a peachy shade. Try that out first.

Under-eye concealer is ideal, but the foundation would serve in a pinch if you do not have any.

Never rub or press too hard; instead, apply it to your skin with a light touch. 

Step #3: Use a Different Concealer

The bruising still needs to be covered, so go locate a concealer with a heavier consistency.

use a different concealer

Do not make a triangle under your eyes. Remember, we are not going for a dramatic contour here, just trying to hide the bruise.

Gently dab your concealer onto the spot in question. Simply pat it with your fingertip rather than rubbing it or wiping it. 

Step #4: Apply Generously

If you feel like you need some additional product, go ahead and apply it.

If you find that a brush makes it easier to target the damaged region, by all means, use one to apply your concealer. 

Step #5: Use Some Powder

Applying powder over the concealer helps set it and prevent it from creasing.

Be careful not to apply too much, as you do not want it to have a cakey appearance.

Well, that’s about it. You should have concealed your bruise after all these steps.

Be sure to check on it again throughout the day. The makeup application should hold up.

But if you will be out for a long time, carry the concealer and powder to touch it up.

Tip: Apply aloe vera gel directly to your bruise to reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery. 

How to Treat Your Bruise Naturally without Makeup

how treat bruise naturally

Sometimes, you have no choice but to cover a bruise to deal with something that needs immediate attention.

But, eventually, you will have to work on treating the bruise. Try these remedies and you might never have to use makeup. 

Use Ice Therapy

The use of ice on an injured region can help decrease blood flow by constricting blood vessels.

This can lessen the severity of the bruise and the associated swelling.

A bag of frozen veggies, ice, or a reusable ice pack wrapped in a cloth or towel can all do the trick.

Apply ice for 10-minute intervals to the sore spot. Do not reapply for another 20 minutes. 

Try Heat Therapy

After some time, you can proceed by trying heat therapy.

Applying heat can improve blood flow and circulation, which helps to release any trapped blood. 

Heat will help loosen your tensed muscles and alleviate discomfort.

A hot water bottle or heating pad can be helpful. One alternative is to take a long, hot bath. 

Keep It Elevated

If you have a bruise on your legs or arms, you may want to elevate it and keep it above the heart to reduce pain.

keep bruise elevated

Compression and pressure can be alleviated by simply increasing elevation.

Rest and relaxation are crucial to recovery, and this is your time to indulge in both.

Give Arnica a Shot

The homeopathic herb arnica is great for treating bruises because it helps reduce inflammation and swelling.

Topical arnica ointment was found to be beneficial in reducing laser-induced bruising in a 2010 study.

You can get it in a gel form and apply it to the bruise several times daily for the best results.

Tip: Increase your vitamin-C intake and use creams, gels, or serums containing vitamin C to trigger the healing of your bruise.


Accidents can happen at any time and often leave you with unsightly bruises, and now you learn how to cover a bruise without makeup.

Sometimes, you simply need to be creative with your clothing accessories to manage them well.

On other occasions, a few makeup items would do the trick. But, ensure you take steps to accelerate the healing process to get rid of a bruise naturally.

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