how soon can you repeat keratin treatment

Ever wonder how soon can you repeat keratin treatment? Well, keratin continues to be the buzzword at hair salons, not just among girls with curly hair who want to tame their curls.

For a long time now, straight hair has been the preferred style, and a Keratin treatment appears worthwhile.

When performed correctly, a keratin treatment helps you get the sleek, silky hair you’ve always wanted but also enables you to save time by not having to blow dry and flat iron it every day.

But, the results are not permanent, and that is when you have to educate yourself about, “How often can you do keratin treatment?”

No sooner than three months if it contained formaldehyde. You can do it in 45 days if it didn’t have formaldehyde.

The Simple Procedure of Getting a Keratin Treatment

the simple procedure of keratin treatment

A keratin treatment is a chemical process typically performed in a salon and can make the hair appear straighter for up to six months.

It gives hair a deep glossy luster and has the potential to minimize frizz.

Step # 1: Start with Cleaning

The first step in the process is to have your hair cleaned, and then a specialist brushes the treatment onto your wet hair, which remains for approximately half an hour.

Step # 2: Blow Dry

Some cosmetologists believe the best way to apply a treatment to dry hair is to first blow dry. Expect that to happen depending on what your stylist thinks.

Step # 3: Flat Ironing

Afterward, they lock in the treatment by flat ironing the hair in small areas using a straightening iron.

Because the whole process can take a few hours, make sure to bring a book or something else to do in peace and quiet!

Note: Top hairstylists agree that a keratin treatment is ideal for curly or frizzy hair, but those with thin or somewhat straight hair should abstain from the therapy.

Why Do Women Love Keratin?

why women love keratin

Keratin is a type of protein that is produced by the body on its own. Keratin is what gives hair and nails their structure.

Various keratin treatment options are now available to reap many benefits. Most of these products may contain keratin extracted from feathers, wool, or horns.

Even while keratin can be found in some shampoos and conditioners, the best way to acquire the advantages of this protein is to have a salon professional treat your hair.

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to get a professional keratin treatment:

You Create a Healthy Appearance

Keratin reduces frizz by smoothing the cells that overlap to produce hair strands.

When hair dries in this manner, it has less frizz and a more radiant, healthy appearance.

Also, it can temporarily bind hair back together, minimizing the appearance of split ends.

You Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

enjoy long lasting results

Keratin treatment has the potential to last beyond 6 months if you take care of it by only washing your hair 2-3 times a week.

Your Hair Becomes More Manageable

Your hair becomes more manageable. Keratin treatments are helpful for people with thick or frizzy hair because they smooth the cuticle and reduce static.

It helps your hair dry faster if you frequently use heat styling tools.

Your Hair Grows Faster

Keratin can fortify your hair, making it less prone to breakage. As a result, your hair may appear to grow faster as fewer of its ends will be shedding.

Deciding on How Soon Can You Repeat Keratin Treatment

can get keratin treatment again

While creating long-lasting effects is one of many benefits of keratin treatment, it eventually needs to be repeated.

As it’s not cheap, it’s natural to be concerned about how often keratin treatment needs to be performed for optimum results.

For a clear answer, you have to consider three important things:

  1. What type of keratin is used and where?
  2. How strict your hair care habits are?
  3. What is the texture of your hair?
Knowing these points will help you confirm how soon can you repeat keratin treatment in your particular case.

1. What Type of Keratin Used and Where?

type of keratin used

Keratin treatments can be broken down into three distinct categories: classic, express, and formaldehyde-free formulas.

The Classic Formula

People with thick, wavy, or curly hair are the ideal candidates for the classic formula.  

The Express Formula

This treatment rapidly straightens, heals, conditions, and strengthens the hair.

Outstanding outcomes include hair that is elastic, supple, and silky, with a healthy sheen and a brilliant natural glow.

Similarly, formaldehyde-free formulas are used for the straightening effect of a keratin treatment.

The effects of these treatments often persist between two and four months, though this varies significantly from one treatment to the next and from person to person.

Type of Treatment

the type of treatment

It’s important to know what kind of keratin treatment was used on your hair to properly care for it afterward. Therefore, it’s smart to check with your stylist.

You could repeat the process 3-4 months after your treatment if the chemicals used were potent enough.

But, be sure to practice some care because some harsh chemicals can cause your hair to fall out if used frequently.

The Formaldehyde Effect

Remember that the time between keratin treatments will vary based on whether or not the person received formaldehyde-based treatment.

Similarly, whether keratin is applied at home by the individual or by a specialist will have an impact too.

Formaldehyde is detrimental to the health of hair, but is still widely used and sold in the hairdressing industry. 

If you do it at home and think the product contains some formaldehyde, never repeat the procedure sooner than three months.

Note: Formaldehyde has numerous adverse health effects, including nasal and pharyngeal tumors, leukemia, and respiratory issues.

The Specialist Hand

specialist hands

Going for a professional keratin treatment at a salon is probably the better idea. These keratins are applied in a very cautious manner.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you don’t do it more frequently than once every six months.

Remember, as these are concentrated products, there has to be a significantly longer waiting time between treatments.

2. How Strict Your Hair Care Habits Are?

Do you love washing your hair every day? Then, you’ll most likely need to apply your own keratin much more frequently than you would otherwise.

In most cases, you can repeat it after 45 days.

But, after those regular washes, you might consider using it sooner. Just ensure you stick to a formaldehyde-free formula.

Even if your hair-wash routine is quite regular, you should not be repeating the keratin before 30 days. 

3. What is the Texture of Your Hair?

the texture of hair

How often keratin treatment should be used also depends on the texture of your hair. It makes no difference if you have curly hair or straight.

But, your keratin treatment will turn out differently depending on whether you have thick or fine hair.

Thin Hair

You shouldn’t get another keratin treatment for 45 days if you have fine hair.  

Thick Hair

You’re in luck! Straight or curly, thick hair is far more robust than thin hair. It might be challenging to manage it, so you can repeat the treatment after a month.

Note: Add 15 days to the time you wait between treatments if you have fine hair that is also damaged.

How to Increase Time between Treatments

how increase time between treatments

Considering the overall cost and effort involved in getting a keratin treatment, it makes sense to take steps to prolong the time needed for a subsequent treatment session. 

Here are a couple of things to help:

Stay away from Cheap Shampoos

Keratin-treated hair requires mild shampoos containing micro keratin so that the treatment can be maintained for a longer period of time and continue to look as though it was just performed.

Avoid anything that contains sodium chloride and sulfates. Since sulfates are surfactants, they wash away the oils your scalp and hair produce.

Additionally, they compromise the acid mantle that prevents bacterial infections on the scalp.

Stay away from a Clarifying Shampoo

away clarifying shampoo

Because they strip the hair of buildup and debris, clarifying shampoos are ideal for use before a keratin treatment.

However, you should use them prior to your treatment because they aid in keratin absorption, but not after that.

Because the high pH of clarifying shampoos helps to open the cuticles, allowing for a more thorough cleaning.

Keratin treatments quickly fade when exposed to alkaline water because it degrades the keratin and causes it to escape from the shafts through the cuticles.

Note: Avoid using headbands after treatment or it will kink your hair and make it look patchy.


You’ve come this far, now you know how soon you can repeat keratin treatment.

Remember, keratin treatments are useful for taming unruly, thick hair. The cuticle of the hair is smoothed by the treatment, making the hair more reflective. 

While effective, these treatments may be rather pricey, and the formaldehyde found in many formulations is toxic if inhaled. 

Therefore, it’s important to choose the correct formulation and remember the general guidelines about how soon you can repeat keratin treatment to avoid causing further damage to your hair.

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