how often should you paint your nails

Are you asking how often should you paint your nails? You’re in luck as you just came to the right place.

Nails paint a bigger picture of who you are. They are some kind of obsession and have a lot to do with looks. 

It starts from how often you paint them, what you paint them with to how you care for them.

In this article, I will explain to you how to paint your nails like a pro, how often you should paint your nails, and so much more.

Paint your nails at least twice each month, allowing two weeks of rest between each painting.

Mistakes You Make While Painting Your Nails

mistakes painting nails

The painting of nails is a game that needs the best players and there are rules. If rules aren’t followed, then the game is lost.

And there are mistakes people, even the most talented nail polishers, make while painting nails, and they are as follows. 

Poor Timing For Painting Nails

poor timing on painting nails

Nail polishing, as this article wants to establish, isn’t something to mess around with. Like a football match, there is the time factor and it is of much essence.

One mistake people make is failing to know how often they need to be painting those nails, and that way, mistakes are made.

This article will help you figure out that in a more detailed fashion.

In the meantime, next is another mistake people make while painting their nails.

Tip: It is best to know how often you should be polishing your nails with paint.

Painting Dirty Nails

Polish and dirty nails are like a derby with bad players. Everything goes into shambles.

One thing you must know and a mistake you must never make is to paint nail polish over dirty nails.

This is more of commonsense, intuition would tell you not to.

Painting dirty nails make the polish not stick to the surface as well as making it not visually appealing.

Poor Maintenance

poor nail maintenance

Maintenance begins with the painting of nail polish on clean nails. Thereafter, your nails are going to be beautiful and sexy.

But how do you keep them that way? Nail maintenance is no hard game.

It is determined by the player and how you win depends on how you behave. So that is, do not go in the dirt with polished nails. If you must, then use hand gloves.

From time to time, it is highly recommended that you keep your nails moisturized daily by applying cream and oil, and finally, apply coatings that are dry to increase the shine.

Painting the Polish in a Crazy Way

If you haven’t applied nail polish before, then get some classes, and read through some directions that will guide you on how to do it.

Learn how often you should paint your nails, what to paint, when to paint and how to remove them.

In this case, if you paint your nails haphazardly then you are in for a rude shock.

Polish must be applied expertly, in narrow and thin strokes, giving the first coat time to dry before moving to the second and, above all, timing it best.

Missing the Basics

missing nail basics

The smallest things you assume and fail to do while painting nail polish matter the most.

Most people, for example, tend to skip adding a base coat when it is more sticky than nail polish.

Something else you might be missing out on is not sealing it with a top coat. Be on the watch out, not leave out the basics.

How Often Should You Paint Your Nails?

how often to paint nails

So how often should you paint your nails? Nail polish is a good thing, however, as much as it is, you always need to control how much you apply it.

There are negative implications that come with doing it often. Just above, I showed you a brief step-by-step guide on how you should apply polish to your nails.

How often you should paint your nails is determined by several various factors.

Below is a breakdown of how often you should be painting your nails based on the applicable factors at play:

Factor #1: Type Of Nail Paint

nail paint type

The type of paint you are using has a hand in how often you should be painting your nails. There are three types of them.

The Basic, The UV gel polish, and the Normal paints.

In the event you are using the basic nail paint type, then you are at liberty to paint, peel off and repaint any time you want to.

On the other hand, allow a time frame of between two weeks and a month between painting your nails with the UV gel paint type.

Lastly, a week or two for the normal paint type is okay.

Factor #2: How Soon It Wears Out

how soon nail color wears

A dermatologist friend of mine suggested that it is unnecessary to replace nail paint very often, and I fully support it.

So what do you think about waiting until all the paint has worn and faded out?

Although others think and suggest that by the time all the paint has worn out, your nails won’t be a going concern anymore.

It will take about three months minimum for low-quality or basic paint to fade off.

And likely take a maximum of an extra three to six weeks for a quality nail paint to fade off. So, if waiting until all the nail polish has worn out sits well with you, then you have the go.

For the sake of the nail bed, you do not have to wait for long before replacing the paint. If the polish is left on the nail for a long time, it is likely to damage the nail bed and the cuticles. 

That is why it is recommended that you paint your nails often. That is to say, you should paint your nails at least twice in a good month, allowing two weeks for each polish.

Does Painting Your Nails Damage Them?

paint nails damage

So is it bad to paint your nails all the time? You know, some risks and dangers come with painting your nails often. That is why you should not do it daily.

Allow your nails sometimes between each painting.

That too should be based on the type of nail paint in question. From time to time leave them to sit without paint for a month or two.

Nail paints are made of chemicals that, in time penetrate the nail bed.

The penetration ends up peeling and splitting your nails. In worse scenarios, this might lead to complete nail damage.

Tip:  It is terrible and dangerous to have your nails painted all the time.

How To Tell That Your Nails Need A Break

nail break from polish

There will come a time when your nails will need a break from the consistent polishes.

Doing it a lot, you realize it may damage your nails, and therefore breaks between polishes are necessary. 

How would you tell that your nails have seen a lot of polish and that they now need a break?  

Here are a few pointers:

  1. When your nails grow dry and brittle.
  2. Thin nails
  3. Several white spots on your nails
  4. Peeling nails.


From this article, you have learned how to apply nail polish like a pro.

In question, however, what you were a lot interested in, was how often should you paint your nails. That, too, has been addressed.

The ball is now in your court.

Keep your nails beautiful and polished. But also have in mind that a lot of polish will affect the health of your nails detrimentally.

In the worst cases, you risk losing your nails and nail bed. That should not happen.

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