how much lipstick does a woman eat in a lifetime

Do you know How Much Lipstick Does A Woman Eat In A Lifetime? This appears to be a scary subject.

Lipstick, eating, and lifetime in one sentence can be quite disturbing. But do not fret. 

If you are a lady or a man whose girl puts on lipstick then draw closer, come and learn.

Truth be told, lipstick is eaten, not as food but accidentally, and by the time a standard lady perishes, she has consumed a specific amount of lipstick. 

By the end of a woman’s lifetime, any lipstick user has consumed between four to nine pounds, it is harmful. What factors affect this intake?

Can that be controlled?

Factors That Determine The Amount Of Lipstick A Woman Eats In A Lifetime

factors that determine amount

It is wise that I begin by giving you the reader a disclaimer. You should not find this article as a discouragement for the use of lipstick.

This is an honest, informative, and educative post. 

So now, although the lifetime and lifespan of a woman vary from continent to continent, state to state, driven by a few factors, the most standard woman applies lipstick and in one way or the other, we all come to perish.

It is not the lipstick that causes the perishing, we will get to, later on, understand whether it has a hand in how quickly one dies or not.

But out of saying anxiety and the desire to reveal and get to learn new things, we must tell how much lipstick a woman consumes before her death. 

And to better understand and to get to know the right figures, we must first assess any factors that may have a direct effect on the intake of lipstick.

So here they go.

how often make up

Factor #1: How Often Makeup Is Used

The level and rate at which how often makeup is worn varies from one user to the other.

That is how often do they do it? Is it a norm to others and not to others? 

To those, it is, those who will wear makeup every morning, noon, and night, whether they are going out or not, then their precedented intake is high as compared to those who use it on only special occasions.

Factor #2: The Type Of Lipstick

There is a wide range of lipsticks that differ between the manufacturing industry’s colors and more.

lipstick type

While none of the lipsticks available on the market evaporates by themselves into the thin air, it is either washed off or ingested. 

However, in the recent past, lipstick firms have upped their game and now produce smudge-proof ones, aimed to last on the lips much longer and nowhere else. 

But at equilibrium, the type of lipstick still remains one of the fashionable determinants of how much lipstick one consumes in their lifetime.

Tip: By type, we mean the quality of the lipstick in question.
how much lipstick woman eat

How Much Lipstick Does A Woman Eat In A Life Span?

The question of how much lipstick the average woman eats in their lifetime is a figurative and cumulative one.

It is astonishing but realistic that women swallow lipstick.

Lipstick has always been there and how it is washed off a woman’s lips is a totally different subject. 

But for this show, if it is not wiped down before bedtime, it is kissed away, that’s funny. Or, it will be washed away by water during bathing time.

Do These Lipsticks Evaporate?

lipstick evaporate

Lipstick doesn’t evaporate and does not expect it to.

That is to say, not all of it will end up washed, a considerable amount is swallowed just by the passing of the tongue on the lips while eating while drinking or anything that might act as a passage for it down the gut to the bosom.

So, then how much of it is eaten? Is there a figure?

Can it be trusted? And if lipstick is eaten, does it have side effects? Is it dangerous?

This article seeks to answer this question following hard and very informed research. So here we go.

Is This Fact Or Cap?

applying lipstick

Based on our statistics, every woman purchases between 18 to 27 bottles of lipstick each year.

While they may not use all of them because of the change in taste and color, it is approximated that the average woman will consume between 4 and 9 pounds of lipstick over their lifetime. 

The lifetime of an average woman on the entire globe sits at 55.

One pound equals 0.5kgs, and therefore at the maximum of 9, by the time the woman dies, she is tallied to have gulped down 4.5kilograms of lipstick in their lifetime.

So much for something not considered edible. 

So, say that if the average woman begins to use lipstick at the age of 18, between then and 55, which is a sum of 37 years, in the 37, she has eaten up 0.12kilograms of lipstick each year.

That equals to 0.26pounds of lipstick.

How Real Are These Figures?

real figures

Remember these figures remain figurative, the thing still remains that they may differ from woman to woman based on their lipstick behavior.

In the meantime, we have provided you with an average based on our statistics. 

So now, It is true and evident that at least 4.5kgs totaling 9.9 pounds of lipstick are eaten by the average woman during their lifetime, is it dangerous?

Does it affect them in any way?

Tip: The average woman with a lifespan of 55 years consumes 4.5kgs of lipstick.

What Happens When You Eat Lipstick?

eat lipstick

Are you now worried that you will have consumed that much lipstick by the time death knocks at your door?

I understand how petrifying it is to talk about these two subjects in one article, but then the truth must be told. 

After all, you do not need to be afraid, lipstick is here to stay. Asking means you are looking for guidance and guidance you get.

Lipsticks have always been fashionable all along and nothing can come between them and beauty.

But for the note, take this, Lipsticks, based on the brand may contain toxins that may affect your health either mildly or seriously based on your habits.

Does anything happen to you when during your lifetime as a result of the consumption of lipstick?

Sit tight.

Are There Any Effects?

effects of lipstick

Following our research, there are several lipstick brands doing rounds in the fashion and beauty markets, and women are a lot after them, blindfolded by looks and not interested in the effects.

While these effects may never show, if you would be afraid to consume food with chemicals and metals, then you should still be when it comes to using lipstick with these substances.

Even though none of them have been linked to cancer, there is still the risk as a result of the intake of the metals present in them. 

Therefore the clarion call to all women is, to tread carefully and softly while handling this substance, in as much as they add beauty and glory, there might be a danger with them in the hiding, a little caution and responsibility will help out a lot.

Tip: Better use conventional lipstick, this one isn't dangerous and can be licked.


This article, basing its facts on research we carried out sought to answer the question how much lipstick does a woman eat in a lifetime.

Here, we came to the realization and conclusion that the average American or Non-American woman with a lifespan taken to be 55 years, will consume at least 9 pounds or 4.5 kilograms of lipstick in their lifetime.

These are not high quantities nor should they discourage you from using lipstick.

However, you need to be more careful with the quality and the brand of the lipstick in use. Take precaution.

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