how much bleach to mix with developer

If you ever feel confused about how much bleach to mix with developer, know that you are not alone.

The question baffles so many people, especially those who are trying it for the first time.

You know you have to use a bleaching agent to achieve a lighter hair color.

And you undoubtedly already know that bleaching and highlighting your hair are bad for it.

Bleaching solutions do damage your hair, that much is true. They can cause your hair to become frizzy, brittle, dry, and breakable.

If you do decide to lighten your hair, taking the appropriate precautions can help you maintain it healthy, nourished, and looking its best.

And that is when it becomes essential to know how much bleach to mix with the developer.

You need to use two parts of the developer to every one-part bleach to make it effective without being too harsh on your hair.

Tip: Apply bleach to unwashed hair because natural hair oils add a protective layer and help during the bleaching process. 

How Much Bleach to Mix with Developer to Make it Work?

how much mix bleach and developer

Ideally, you need to ensure that you get a fairly runny mixture because it simplifies the application process.

It allows you to apply it evenly without having patchy results. And of course, you can finish the application process quickly too.

For that to happen, you can stick to the standard bleach-to-developer recommendation, which is one part bleach to two parts developer.

What If You Need a Thicker Mixture?

The only time you may want to use a heavier mixture that will not drip is when going for a balayage.

You may want to do the same if you have a particularly small spot, like a patch of dark regrowth, that you want to highlight.

In this case, you can easily get a thicker mixture by going for 1 part developer and 1 part bleach.

Tip: Always use a tail comb to make fine segments and apply bleach segment by segment for better application. 

What are Different Hair Volume Developer Strengths?

different hair volume developer strengths

It is important to cover the fundamentals of hair developer levels first so that you can comprehend the differences between them.

A “developer “ chemical is used with hair dye or bleach to lift the cuticle. This allows the dye or bleach to penetrate more deeply and produce better results.

The number (10,20,30,40) on the developer box indicates that it includes hydrogen peroxide.

Below, we will go further into the strengths that make developers so formidable. 

10 Volume Developer

 If you want to go from your natural hair color to one shade darker, a developer with 10 volumes is your best bet.

Because of the modest peroxide content (3%), It only lightens your base color by the same amount.

So, it is great for going from a lighter to a darker hue or no-lift hair coloring. 

20 Volume Developer

the 20 volume developer

It is most commonly utilized when working with either temporary color or permanent dye.

Its amount of peroxide, which is 6%, makes it ideal for covering 100% of gray or white hair.

It also helps you with a beautiful color that will stay very long.

Just remember that, unlike 10 volume developer, it lights the hair by a couple of levels by opening your hair cuticle. 

30 Volume Developer

It is comparable to the 20-volume developer, but it contains 9% more peroxide. It lightens the hair’s natural color by 2-3 levels rather than just one.

If you want a hair color that is no more than 2-3 levels lighter than your natural hair color, try the 30-volume developer.

Similarly, it will work great if you have dark hair and are looking for curls that range from light brown to honey blonde. 

40 Volume Developer

It is the most powerful of all the developers, and it has the potential to make significant changes to the color of your hair.

Because it contains a high concentration of peroxide (12%), 40 volume developer has the ability to lighten your hair by up to four levels.

Tip: Be sure to moisturize your hair before bleaching to avoid harsh chemicals that heat up your hair and cause any damage. 

How Long Does 30 Volume Bleach Take to Work?

how long bleach will work

Are you looking for a dramatic change in your hairstyle?

One of the most effective strategies for reducing the darkness of your natural curls is to use bleach with a 30-volume developer.

Any 30 volume bleach will swiftly lighten your hair, but be sure to mix it properly and do not keep it in for an excessive time. 

Mixing the 30 Volume Developer and Bleach

Knowing how much 30 volume developer to mix with bleach is crucial and affects the end results.

Generally speaking, a 1:1, 1:2, or 1:3 ratio will be required (bleach to developer ratio). Standard bleaching measurements for curls are 1 part bleach to 2 parts developer.

Using this method, you may make a thick paste that is easy to spread without a lot of fuss.

Consult the box or ask a professional colorist if you need help determining the appropriate amount of developer and bleach to use.

You need enough bleach solution to coat all of your hair, so prepare accordingly.

Shoulder-length curls require about four ounces of developer. 

How to Mix

how to mix the developer

Put the developer and bleach powder into a plastic basin using gloved hands.

Each item is available independently, or both can be purchased together in a convenient bundle.

Make sure there are no bleach lumps by thoroughly mixing the bleach and developer until it has the consistency of pancake batter.

Do not mix and color with products from other brands unless you know what you are doing. 

How Long to Keep It?

It is recommended that you keep bleach with a volume of 30 in your hair for no more than 15-30 minutes.

The precise amount of time required is going to be determined by both your natural hair color and the outcome you want.

For instance, if you want to lighten your dark her a little bit, you will probably only need fifteen minutes of processing time.

how long should keep it

If, on the other hand, your hair is quite dark and you want blonde hair, the process will be more difficult.

In this case, you should remove the bleach from your hair after no more than half an hour.

It is important to read the directions that come with a do-it-yourself hair color kit before using it at home.

In the instructions that come with certain kits, it is recommended that the bleach be left in for no longer than 25 minutes.

How Long Does 20 Volume Bleach Take to Work?

Always remember that if you keep the 20 volume bleach in your hair for too long, it could cause serious harm.

There is no one-size-fits-all guideline for how long to leave the bleach on your hair because different hair hues, textures, and curl patterns require different amounts of time. 

How Long to Wait?

Using a bleach with a 20 volume developer on your hair for longer than 30 minutes is not recommended.

But thirty minutes is hardly a short amount of time, isn’t it?

The optimal time to rinse out the bleach is before the 30-minute mark.

However, this time period is flexible based on your hair’s natural color, desired shade, and type.

how long should you wait

Do you have dark brown hair and want to become blonde? In this case, you will need to apply and let the bleach sit in your hair for longer. 

Mixing the 20 Volume Developer and Bleach

Knowing how much 20 volume developer to mix with bleach is vital.

A dye-to-developer mixture should be mixed at a ratio of 1 to 1. For instance, if your dye is 60 ml, you need to use 60 ml of the developer.

You never deviate from this ratio, no matter if you are just coloring the roots or your complete head because it is essential to the process.

The only variable that would change is the quantity of each product you use, but the ratio would remain the same at 1:1.

Tip: Make use of purple toning shampoo and conditioner for several weeks after bleaching to avoid brassy tones. 


Using bleach in your hair is quite like using any hair color but, to get the best results, you need to know how much bleach to mix with developer and the strength of the developer too. 

Mixing it incorrectly or leaving it for too long can harm your hair.

So, take your time, pick the best product, mix it right, and use it as directed to get good results.

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