how many grams of hair extensions do i need

How many grams of hair extensions do I need? It helps to ask this question. It allows you to find the answers before going for a hair extension. 

Nonetheless, it lets you plan and have a budget.

So by the time you are seeing your stylist, you have or know how many grams of hair for full head extensions you will need.

If you want to know more as far as this topic is concerned, then let us get right in.

The number of grams of hair extension you need come in varied choices, from 50 to 200 grams and more. Your pick depends entirely on the type of hair you have and the length you desire.

How Many Grams Of Hair Do I Need?

grams of hair need

When you set out to find hair extensions for you, you will find several extensions with varied weights.

The lightest sits at 50g and the heaviest can weigh even more than 200g. 

The weight of hair extensions you go for is therefore decided by you and based on a few aspects.

So quickly, before we proceed, below are the few aspects that determine how much weight of hair extensions you would need.

The Style You Desire

If you are a stylish person and like the best there are, then hair extensions are no less.

They come packed in different styles.

If you would love one that looks extremely better than the rest, then unlike the ordinary ones, there might be more grams attached to it. 

hair extensions style

Do you love Kim Kardashian or Beyonce style?

Or maybe you love those that appear to be thick and thought heavy when in the real case they are too light? 

Then this type of style might well come with more density and weight attached to it.


The budget for the hair extensions is a decisive factor when it comes to how many grams you will be going for. 

If you do not have enough money for the classic ones, then the others can work as well and still be good for you.

Generally, you can bargain and agree on any of these types and settle on one you can pay for.

Hair Extensions You May Need

hair extensions types

Hair extensions come packed in various types. From the closure type to men’s pieces, to bundles together with so much more.

Some of these types are meant for varied responsibilities, while some might be meant for topping up the weight on your hair. 

And the others for length and others for thinning, then all these demands can be met by the various weights on offer.

Therefore, I can’t say that I would know how many grams of hair extensions you would need.

However, I can provide guidance on how to figure out the quantity in terms of the weights that you will be needing for that hair extension.

So, below is a broad overview of the several types of grams you should pick from. For only that which fits you.

The 50g Class of Extensions

50g hair extension type

50g Hair Extension

The 50g hair extension is the lightest of all. That too means that it is the least costly of them.

Do you intend to thin your hairstyle, add less volume to your natural hair or change the view of the side areas of your hair?

Then this is the extension you should be going for. 

This weight comes packed with Micro and Nano rings. The 50g hair extensions remain the most undisputed hair thinner.

This is especially for making the sides of your head appear thinner than at the back.

Tip: 50g of hair extension equals a quarter a head of an extension.
smaller hair extension

50g Clip In Hair Extension 

Although it is uncommon to find a clip hair extension of this weight, it happens.

Especially when there is the desire to add more volume to the weight of the hair and to make it appear more stylish. 

Usually, clip-in hair extensions are never thick but only thinner, for they are meant to only improve the length of the hair. 

50g Before And After 

If all you want to do with a hair extension is to make thicker hair with similar length, then the 50g before and after comes in. 

Note: That is the final of the 50g hair extensions weight. 

100g  Class Of Extensions 

100g hair extensions type

100g Hair Extensions 

This is mostly a half-head type, it weighs between 100 and 150 grams. It is essential for improving the thickness and slightly the length of the hair.

For individuals with thick hair and those who would love to make it longer, then this is their best pick.

100g Clip Hair Extension

No hair extension weight is better than this for people who boast light, fine hair.

Nonetheless, this weight stands out as the best weight for the addition of more volume with very little harm to your hair. 

100g clip hair extension
Tip: The 100g clip hair extension is no good for adding length to the hair.

100g Before And After

Finally, for the 100g class of extensions, you might need the 100g before and after extension.

You’ll do this when you want to add some more thickness and length to your hair.

150g Class Of Extensions

The 150g hair extension class is designed for people whose hair thickness ranges from medium thick to extremely thick.

thicker hair extensions

This is usually what they need to go for. It stands out as the best hair extension to add more length as well as volume to your hair. 

Tip: For individuals with extremely thick hair, they will need more than 200g of hair extension. 

200g Hair Extensions And More

Regardless of the hair, you want to make, the 200g and more is only suitable if you want to add more length to your hair.

There will be a lot of hair needed for the accomplishment of this procedure since so much hair will be used.

The minimum number of packs you will need here ranges from four to five.

People with thinner and finer strands of hair must keep off this type since it is likely to damage their hair. 

What Is The Right Weight For A Full Head?

right weight for full head

Following what you just read above, hair extension weights fall between the 100 and the 200 grams margin.

These weights are suitable for medium and thick types of hair. 

And currently, some hair extension industries are manufacturing even lighter weights. There recently are the 120g and 180g hair extension packets. 

And now, amongst all of them, what would be the right weight for a full head?

It starts with understanding what the term full head means.

It is just that, a full head is used here to mean the entire human’s head. And obviously, the sizes vary. 

apply hair extensions

Usually, most full heads have been thought and seen to occupy between 150g and 200g of hair extension. 

Those using micro rings and bonds have a hair extension limit of 200g. Nothing more, only less.

Any heavier weight beyond 200g tends to make the head a lot heavier. 


How many grams of hair extensions do I need? From reading this article, you come across various hair extension weights. 

Each suit a particular function, while others have a shared function but with a few differences. It is, therefore, up to you to check and emerge with an answer. 

This article only helps you to discern whether you need 100g, 150g, 200, or more grams of hair extension. I hope that you find this article quite helpful.

If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to write to us in the comment section below.

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