how long do permanent hair extensions last

How long do permanent hair extensions last?is people’s first question after using this styling option.

People of all ages covet locks that appear thick, full, and healthy. But for some, no amount of castor oil or other hair supplements would make a dent in their limp, thin hair. 

Is it true, though, that you can never again have the look of long, thick hair that you've always wanted? No way!

*cue dramatic music*

Try permanent hair extensions to resolve the issue. But, as these extensions don’t come free, you may want to know, “How long do hair extensions stay in your hair?”

Permanent hair extensions last between 6 and 12 months, but a lot depends on how much care you practice.

How Long Do Permanent Hair Extensions Last with Proper Care?

hair extensions last with proper care

Your hair extensions are permanent if applied using fusion, tape, flat tips, or hand-tied wefts all over your head.

When using tape-ins to add volume to your natural hair or using clip-ins for a one-off effect, however, you don’t.

On average, permanent extensions last four to six months before needing to be replaced. But with proper care, you can easily make them last beyond a year.

Tip: Always opt for hair extensions made of natural hair even if it costs more because of their quality and longer lifespan.

Major Factors Affecting the Longevity of Permanent Hair Extension

Although so much goes into determining how long your hair extensions might last, the following factors can have a considerable impact.

  • How You Wash Your Hair and When
  • How Logical Your Sleep Habits Are
  • How Responsibly You Use Styling Products

How You Wash Your Hair and When

how wash your hari

Despite popular belief, you can still wash your hair with extensions. If you want to, you certainly can.

Care for your natural hair and scalp just as you would if you weren’t wearing extensions. 

Avoid Excessive Washing

Don’t wash the extensions as often as you would your natural hair, as doing so may loosen the installation and shorten the life of the extensions.

Some professionals advise cleaning and conditioning your extensions every other week or at the very least once every month. 

Avoid Over-Shampooing

As the stylist put it, over-shampooing or over-conditioning the roots of your hair will lead to a short-lived adhesion to your head.

If you have keratin bonds or micro-links, you should take great care to avoid letting the beads slide out of place.

If you want your new extensions to last, be delicate when washing your hair, especially near the roots. 
avoid over shampooig hair

Wear the same style for as long as you can in between washes, and when you do wash, be gentle with your roots.

After you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, let it dry naturally. To put it another way, this will make it easier on your organic foundation.

It’s recommended to use a diffuser while blow-drying curly extensions.

Tip: Stick to the lowest heat setting possible when using a blow-dryer on your permanent extensions to avoid damage. 

Don’t Overlook Your Scalp

When using hair extensions, giving your scalp the TLC it needs is important.

Unfortunately, the scalp is typically overlooked in favor of other parts of the skin, the biggest organ in the human body.

So choosing the right items is just as crucial as using them correctly.

A good product consists of a sulfate-free shampoo that turns water into foam and a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes. 

It’s even better if it contains essential oils, such as tea tree, and a hair balm that repairs and protects.   

How Logical Your Sleep Habits Are

how sleeping habits are

Once you get your extensions – permanent or otherwise – your sleep habits matter a lot. Avoid traditional nighttime hairstyles, and don’t tie up in a low bun or topknot. 

Make Use of Silk

To avoid damaging your hair extensions overnight, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase or covering them in silk before bed.

Here’s how to get your extensions ready for bed. 

Step #1: Brush Your Hair

Before you go to blend, brush your hair nicely. Be gentle when brushing where the extensions meet your natural hair (near the roots).

Step #2: Wear the Scarf

To keep hair from straying, wrap a silk scarf around your head, bring it around the back, and knot it around your forehead.

That’s all you have to do!

But, in case you prefer a wavy look the next day, you may want to plait your hair into two loose pigtail braids.

Tip: Get your extensions installed by a professional or improper attachment would cause pressure to the follicles and trigger hair loss. 

How Responsibly You Use Styling Products

how you use styling products

Understand that a haircare product is good only if you know how much and how often to use it.

You rarely need to use various styling products when you have straight hair extensions. Therefore, know what you truly need. 

Use Products for Hydration

Hair extensions call for unique care because natural oils can’t make their way down the hair shaft.

Therefore, always go for hair care items that are moisturizing and mild. It’s important to think about the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner.

Pick items that don’t include sulfates, are gentle on the skin and have loads of hydrating moisture. 

Use Dry Shampoos Sparingly

You should probably hold off on using dry shampoos on your extensions if you regularly use them on your natural hair.

It can quickly dry out your hair extension. Therefore, restricting their use will extend the life of your extensions and keep them looking beautiful.

Make Use of a Wavy Spray

use wavy spray

 Add a wave spray or a curling mousse to your routine if you’ve got wavy extensions.

Seek a product that includes babassu oil to add moisture and condition to your hair.

 And remember, the key to creating carefree, mermaid-like waves is a gentle application and minimum manipulation.

Tip: Try using a mousse, as the curls created by a mousse are softer and shinier when dried and combed through.   

How Do You Make Permanent Hair Extensions Last Longer?

Hair extensions might be costly but are well worth it due to their stunning appearance.

Following certain experts’ recommendations can help you prolong the life of your permanent hair extension.

Opt for High-Quality Extensions

gp fpr high quality extensions

If you want your hair extensions to last, get only the highest quality, 100% human hair options.

Like anything else, their shine, shape, and beauty won’t last long, no matter how much effort you put into them.

Use Proper Aftercare

Washing your extensions is advisable. With semi-permanent extensions, you shouldn’t sleep with them wet or you’ll have a terrible time detangling them in the morning.

If you wear clips in or other short-term extensions, make sure they’re completely dry.

Invest in the required tools, such as brushes, to maintain them.  And lastly, use conditioner on a daily basis, exactly like you would with your natural hair. 

Avoid Over-Styling

Semi-permanent hair extension methods such as fusion bonding and micro-links can be used for up to six months.

As a result, you might feel compelled to experiment with other styles. However, it’s possible to overdo things, and you should try to prevent this at all costs. 

Restrict Heat Styling

restrict the heat styling

To extend the life of your hair extensions, be sure to limit heat styling.  Overusing curling irons and other heat-styling products can damage hair by making it brittle and prone to breakage.

Also, keep in mind that extensions typically require less maintenance than our natural hair while styling with heat.

Therefore, limit the amount of time the flat iron and other similar instruments spend on your hair.

In addition, because they are made from real human hair, you can put a heat protectant on your extensions before you style them with a blow dryer or flat iron. 

Follow Proper Storage Instructions

If you use clip-ins or a wig you take out at the end of the day, be careful to put it away safely. Be careful not to just unclip or remove them and throw them away. 

Carefully take out the add-ons and put them away in a cool, dry location or on your wig stand.

proper storage intsructions

Setting up a hair routine that reduces this to a simple 1- 2 step process each day is the best approach to make sure you stick to it.

Keep the extensions in an airtight container for long-term storage after ensuring they are clean and dry. 


Permanent hair extensions are trendy, but unlike their name, they’re not going to last forever. How long do permanent hair extensions last

Well, it depends on the quality of the extension, the experience of the stylist, and of course, your aftercare routine.

By following the right instructions, it’s possible to stretch them to a year. 

So, be sure to learn how to care for them!

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