how long do makeup brushes last

Are you interested to know how long makeup brushes last? Then you came to the right place.

Your instruments of makeup are very vital assets of your life. Makeup brushes are no less in fact what would makeup do without them?

But has it ever occurred to you that maybe these brushes expire? Oh, it did. So then how long do makeup brushes last? 

What are the signs to show it is time you replaced them and how do you make them last much longer? Here are the answers.

How much makeup brushes last depends on the quality and the user. A standard quality brush with a responsible user should last for two to three years. 

Do Makeup Brushes Expire?

makeup brush expire

Unlike baking soda or honey which lasts indefinitely, most other things at one time come to their expiration.

Makeup brushes are no less. Although there is no known time, nor an indication for when they expire, they also do not last forever. 

They may outlive most things in your home you thought they would never, that is if you care and maintain them appropriately. 

But the time comes, when you can no longer use makeup brushes. In one way or the other, they reach their expiration.

Time, they say, is the cause of most problems and the answer to many. 

So makeup brushes will expire, whether they have remained unused on the shelf for twenty years, in one way or the other, they will be a going concern no more. 

Tell Tale Signs That Your Makeup Brushes Have Expired

signs makeup brush expired

Now, before we get to find out how long do makeup brushes last, we must be able to identify the looming signs that speak of their expiration.

How would you tell that you no longer use that makeup brush and that you should bin it? 

Below are some of the indications that makeup brushes can no longer drive their purpose as best as they should and that you should throw them away.

It Is Shedding

Depending on how you use your makeup brush, at times it just might be normal for it to shed off some of the strands.

But when it grows worse and finally gets worse, please bin it.

I am sad to report that at this juncture that your makeup brush is gone and should be replaced. 

old makeup brush shape

Clumps fall off in plenty and in a few days, most of the strands are gone. This is just one sign that your makeup brush’s days are over. 

The Original Shape Is Gone

You know, makeup brushes are dealt a big deal with hands. For heavy-handed people, their hair brushes are likely to lose shape in the long run. 

However, if they are washed and cared for regularly, the shape always goes back to normal.

In the event that the shape is beyond repair, then toss it away and get a newer one. 

The Handle Is Broken

If your makeup brush’s handle is broken, be as good as to dump it immediately. Quickly get another brush.

After all, what would you be doing with a makeup brush without a handle? 

Tip: Broken or fractured handles have crevices where bacteria and germs hide, thrive, and multiply, hence you should replace such brushes immediately. 
stained brush

The Makeup Brush Is Stained

Following the use of a makeup brush for a very long time, with proper care, they in time become stained permanently. 

No matter how hard you wash them, the stains just don’t appear to leave. At this juncture, it is best that you replace the brush. 

How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last?

If you are asking “how long do makeup brushes last” just know that it is entirely dependent on several aspects.

That starts from how often you use them, their quality, the levels of care and maintenance, and above all else how they are stored. 

how long make up brush last

Speaking from neutral ground, all things being equal, makeup brushes last pretty long.

If the makeup brushes are cared for and maintained well, why wouldn’t they last long?  

If they are stored in good places and washed regularly then expect your makeup brushes to last between two to three years in good condition 

Tip: Makeup brushes last between one year and three.  

How Long Should You Keep Makeup Brushes?

You realize that we are speaking of how long makeup brushes last.

But then this is totally different from the question in place: how long should you keep makeup brushes? 

One to three years represent the length of time these brushes can last in good condition.

However, what are the recommendations? Can makeup brushes be replaced before this time? 

make up brushes set

Although you can use your makeup brushes under constant care until this period elapses.

Below are the recommended time frames for the various types of makeup brushes. 

It is much better when you get your brushes replaced over and over after the below-stated time frames elapse.

Below are the guidelines on how often to replace the various types of brushes.

  1. The powder eye shadow makeup brush must be replaced after every 2 years following constant care and maintenance. 
  2. The cream eye shadow makeup brush is best replaced twice a year in a time frame of six months between each replacement. 
  3. The pencil eyeliner makeup brush being what it is, durable should be replaced once every two years.
  4.  The mascara is replaceable after every three to five months. 
  5. The liquid eyeliner is to be replaced every three months. 
  6. The lipstick and lip gloss makeup brushes also serve as lip liners that must be replaced once every two years. 
Tip: You can sometimes skip replacing any of these brushes if they still appear to be in good condition. 

How To Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

make brush last longer

So then you now should be looking forward to more months or even years before you replace your various makeup brushes. 

But then there are things you can do to even extend this time or have the brushes in good shape until they attain this age. 

Below are some of the things you need to do to make your brushes last longer. 

Step #1: Clean The Brushes Much Often

Depending on the usage, from time to time it is good practice to clean your makeup brushes. You can use baby shampoo and, or liquid soap.

You also need to be extremely careful when handling the brushes so that the strands of hair are not pulled off. 

Tip: Washing brushes often helps to remove the chemical build-up. 

Step #2: Use Carefully

use it carefully

You do not need to be aggressive while using these brushes. If anything, be too cautious and professional with how you do it. 

Do not push the brush with a lot of effort on your skin or into the makeup or else you will damage the strands. 

Step #3: Store The Brushes Properly

How you store these brushes sums it all up. Cleaning them well but storing them badly doesn’t help much. 

Once the brushes are washed, leave them dry and store them away in makeup brushes containers from dust and children. 

You can get containers to store them in while the side with brushes is kept facing upwards. 

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From this article, I’m certain we have answered the question; how long do makeup brushes last?

You realize that it is anywhere between one year and three years if there is proper care and maintenance. 

However, it is even recommended that you do not wait for this time to elapse before replacing them.

It is also how to get your makeup brushes to last even much longer. 

I hope you find this article helpful and to steer your journey in makeup brush maintenance. I cannot wait to hear from you.

Be as good as to talk to us through the comments section.

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