how hot should wax be for hair removal

Do you want to know how hot should wax be for hair removal? Then stick around to the end.

In this post, you are yet to learn this and a lot more as far as waxing is concerned.

Heating wax to the right temperature helps a long way in getting the best waxing results.

Overheating wax will get your skin burned, while underheating won’t let it work properly to stick hair follicles as it should. 

The best wax temperature for hair removal is that which wax is not too hot nor too cold. 105.5F and above is the most recommended waxing temperature. 

How To Tell If Wax Is Too Hot Or Too Cold

too hot or too cold wax

Waxing is no mean feat. However, the earlier you realize that temperatures play a pivotal role in how good your waxing ends, the pro you get.

It must attain the best temperature if it should work properly.

To reiterate, the temperatures must not be either too hot or too cold. Now, how would you tell if your wax is still too cold or if it fell too hot? 

Below are three of the most appropriate ways to tell whether the wax is too hot or too cold. 


The easiest and fastest way to tell how good the temperature of the wax is is by the use of a thermometer.

Unfortunately, most people can’t seem to have one. The thermometer used in checking wax temperatures is absolutely different from the others.

infrared thermometer

This one is an infrared thermometer with body wax. It is very important that you get this thermometer on hand so that your work is made a lot easier.

To use it, and to get truthful results, ensure that you stir the wax well. The reason is, that the temperatures might vary at the base and the top.

Stirring ensures that the distribution of heat is fair and the results are the right ones. 


I believe you are smarter. So do not worry if you do not have the infrared wax thermometer checker on hand.

It is also easy and fast to check the progress of the wax’s temperature simply by looking at it.

check wax consistency visually

If the wax appears to be moving thickly, just like honey does, then it is hot enough for waxing.

However, when it falls to runny, it makes it quite difficult to even be picked with an applicator stick.

The temperatures will go overboard, making it not ideal to work with. 


You do not want to get burned, but applying very hot wax to your skin will get you burned.

Therefore as soon as you realize that your skin is burning from the wax, stop immediately.  Allow it to cool by stirring it for some time. 

How Hot Should Wax Be For Hair Removal?

how hot wax should be

Most people imagine that the wax temperature for hair removal must be categorized as too hot. And that leads us to ask, “what temp should wax be for hair removal?”. 

There are various types of wax and each of them has a different suitable temperature it should attain to be able to wax effectively.

If you attempt waxing your hair when it is too hot it is dangerous and will get you burned.

Below thus, is a breakdown of the four types of wax with their rightful waxing temperatures.

Hard Wax

hard wax pebbles

Unlike soft wax, this one is thicker and is even easy to remove just by the use of your hands. You won’t need to have waxing strips to pull it off.

To be used, it needs to attain a temperature of 130F, similar to that of honey. 

Tip: Hard wax works best when used on the face and underarms. 

Soft Wax

Unlike hard wax, which is less painful or even not painful at all, soft wax tends to be too painful.

This happens since it tends to adhere easily to the skin and will peel off the outermost skin layer.

That is why it is best used at its rightful waxing temperature. At 86 – 104F soft wax is at its best workable temperature. 

Sugar Wax

use sugar wax

Sugar wax is applied to the hair in a process known as sugaring.

It is a less painful waxing method as compared to soft and hard wax one since it does not adhere to the skin. 

Sugaring is best if the process is done at a wax temperature of between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Cold Wax

Cold waxing is considered the easiest and the least painful waxing method of them all.

It involves the removal of hair using little heated wax applied to a strip before being slightly warmed up in between your hands.

Cold wax is lukewarm to a temperature of 54F before being used. 

Tip: Cold wax is the best wax to be used in private parts. 

Why Wax Might Not Be Removing Hair

why wax not removing hair

Whether it is the hard wax that is less painful or the soft wax that is too painful, all of these waxing methods have some pain involved.

Now, imagine having gone through a tough job and you start by heating your wax to the right temperature, then something goes wrong. 

While carefully doing it, holding a breath to let the pain pass then interestingly but awfully, all of the hair isn’t gone.

There may be remaining a trace of hair or two. That’s too sad. 

Here is a quick guide that will ensure you do not leave behind even the smallest hair.

Whether you are a starter or a professional, this quick guide will save you the strain and the anger. 

Not Heating The Wax To The Desired Temperature

not heating wax properly

Failure for the wax to attain the ideal temperature for waxing will render them useless. There are various types of them and each has a different waxing temperature.

That is hard wax at 41 degrees celsius or 105.8 F, soft works at 86F, sugar at 72, and cold wax at 54. 

Failure of any of these wax to reach its desirable waxing temperature then it won’t work on your hair. There will be traces of left hair all over. 

Not Cleaning The Skin 

Before waxing, it is important that you clean and leaves your body to dry in anticipation of when you need to wax.

Any traces of dirt on your skin will deter wax from functioning appropriately.

Always clean the body and the areas with the hair you want to clean with a soft piece of cloth. 

Remove The Strip Technically

remove wax strips

This is when most wax removal experiences fail.

Either the person removing the strip is in fear of the pain the client is feeling or the client is petrified and expresses that they are in a lot of pain.

Remove the strip technically. 

That doesn’t mean that you should tone down the pressure with which you are peeling off the strip.

Neither does it mean that you have to put your client into so much pain.

Remove the strip with considerable energy to maximize the removal of hair.

Using The Wrong Amounts Of Wax

wrong amount of wax

There is no amount of wax that we can say suits a specific hair treatment well.

Therefore you will need to be keen with the amounts of it you are applying on whichever part of the body you are waxing.

Do not be mean with it, neither should you be extravagant 


By reading through this article, you now know ‘how hot should wax be for hair removal?’

This article made you realize how vital the right temperature is as far as waxing is concerned. 

I, too, highlighted four of the most common and best types of wax with how hot they should be. It should not be too hot or too cold. 

So cheers to your best waxing experience yet.

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