why do guys want to see you without makeup

Why do guys want to see you without makeup? It is pretty confusing, isn’t it?

When asked whether they like a woman better with or without makeup, most men indicate they prefer one without. 

However, in our observation of real-world interactions, people are much more likely to approach the girl who is wearing makeup than the one who is not.

So, do guys like makeup or no makeup? And more importantly, why would they want to see you without makeup?

Different guys have different reasons, but it is mainly because they are often curious about how you look naturally and how much you may be using.

Tip: Consider curling your eyes even when supporting a no-makeup look to create an impression. 

Why Do Guys Want to See You without Makeup and All?

does guys want to see without makeup

Instead of delving more into why they want to see you without makeup, you should be more focused on what you want.

Maybe it disturbs you that people would assume that you do it to attract guys. You are not trying to appease “the masculine gaze” by doing this, are you?

But, the truth is that makeup gets you more attention. Many online surveys have confirmed the same.

In fact, dating sites have found that women in makeup attract three times as many suitors as those who go without it.

So, is everyone trying not to impress men with their killer makeup look? Probably not!

C’mon, let us face facts.

Women often use makeup as a means of increasing their sexual allure. Most women are heterosexual, and most of them, if not all, are actively trying to attract male attention.

Putting on makeup is the bare minimum that most women do in the hopes of making themselves more attractive to men.

Why Do Men Think Differently about No-Makeup Look?

men think differently with no makeup look

What guys think no makeup is more attractive, of course, you cannot give a sweeping statement here.

Men will tell you they like women without makeup. We have all heard it, after all.

” Lipstick is disgusting; why do you need to cover your face in makeup?

To be honest, that is how it reads to most women; they do not pay any attention to remarks like this. 

Men with Different Views about No-Makeup Look

The truth is that not all men want to see you without makeup. It varies from person to person, and so do their reasons.

Of course, being with someone who is heavily made up is hard.

Some men prefer girls with minimal makeup only because that is how they will wake up looking naturally.

Who would want to share a bed with someone who can supply enough concealer to hide the gaps in the wall?

men different views on no makeup look

But, on the other hand, we have seen macho men’s jaws drop when they accidentally catch a glimpse of the Miss Universe contestants on television one Saturday afternoon.

Or, perhaps, while perusing the new Transformers film’s scantily clad female lead.

So, it all comes down to the man in question. Not all of them like makeup, but most just cannot resist the refined looks you get after makeup.

Tip: Avoid thin, drawn-on brows and go for a fuller, more natural arch if you stick with minimal makeup.

Should You Be Concerned about What Men Think about Makeup?

should I be concerned men think

Of course, not. But, you should definitely consider certain points when deciding between makeup and a no-makeup look. 

What Kind of First Impression You Want to Make?

The fashion world is rife with daring and sophisticated options that are sure to catch your man’s attention.

With a traditional application of winged eyeliner, you can instantly make your eyes look bigger and more feminine.

If you are not quite at the point where you can make that fine line on your eye, a cosmetic stamp can help. It is the same style, but simpler to achieve.

So, you seem even a little makeup goes a long way in changing your appearance. 

What Type of Relationship do You Have with Your Man?

what type of relationship with man

Just how well acquainted with him are you? Has he already seen you without makeup? Moreover, have you questioned him about it?

It is surprising how often people will answer your questions directly after you ask them.

Of course, you should not alter who you are to please him, but it still helps to know.

Take comfort in the knowledge that you deserve love regardless of his response. 

How is He as a Person?

This one is a little too simplistic, but you can figure out more about his preferences by looking at the things he enjoys doing.

Your thick eyeliner will undoubtedly win him over if he is into punk rock.

Maybe if he is into the theater, he would find you more endearing with some brightly colored makeup, etc.

Tip: Be sure to play with your hair color to change your whole personality even when you cannot play with makeup.  

What are Some Interesting Makeup Looks Men Always Love?

what soeme interesting make up looks

Women are always interested in learning about new beauty trends, so makeup tutorials are a great place to start.

Truly, they want to learn and perfect every aspect of makeup application, from strobing and contouring to winged eyeliner to matte lips.  

If you want to woo a man, you should know that some cosmetic styles are especially attractive to men.

We guarantee that he will be in awe of your attractiveness if you choose these options. 

Go with Smokey Eyes

To achieve the classic smokey eyes look, you should start by blending on some grey and matte black eyeshadow to your eyelids.

Now simply apply a thick line of kajal to your waterline and finish with liner and a large amount of mascara.

No one can resist that sexy look! 

Get a Hint of Blush

get hint of blush

There is nothing more alluring than a glowing, just-washed face. Applying foundation is optional.

Men find that colored cheekbones make you look more attractive since they look natural while drawing attention to your face.

We encourage you to move on with it. 

Do Some Mascara Magic

We promise you, women, that the vast majority of guys adore heavy eye makeup.

And a gorgeous coat of mascara is the finest method to bring out the drama in your eyes.

Rather than using the standard black mascara, use a more daring color like deep green or royal blue to catch his attention.

Do not be shy; bat those eyelids. 

Go with Bold Lips

There is a stunning array of bright lip colors, from oranges and pinks to reds and deep plums.

Choose your favorite and use it the next time you go out with your partner.

Focus on your lips and minimize eye makeup. It is only a matter of time before he leans in for a kiss.

Make sure your color lasts through a make-out session by investing in smudge-proof products. 

Find the Right Eyeshadow

find a right eyeshadow

With the plethora of makeup palettes available nowadays, this should be straightforward.

If you wear royal blue or even green eyeshadow, he will not be able to take his gaze off of you.

Make this look work for you by pairing nude lips and a touch of blush with brilliantly colored eyelids. 

Let Those Brows Talk

Her makeup is incomplete if a woman does not have perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Having fuller, more realistic brows can make you look years younger.

Fill in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or a dark brown shadow that complements your natural brow color.

You can mold them into any form you choose to finish off your ensemble. We think he is going to really enjoy this one! 

Keep It Light When Needed

keep makeup light

If your guy prefers only a little makeup, there is nothing wrong with keeping it light.

Just remember that subtle makeup, especially around the lips and eyes, exudes a feminine air.

Use lip gloss in a light pink or peach shade, and eyeshadow in the same color category.

Putting on some mascara will finish off your outfit. Your man would like you more when you dress like the girl next door.

Catch Him with Cat Eyes

Everyone adores the timeless cat-eye look. Both sexes do it!

Use a sheer eyeshadow over your eyelid and finish it with a dramatic winged liner.

Tip: Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food, and manage stress to help you feel beautiful without needing makeup.

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While it is natural to think about “Why do guys want to see you without makeup?” do not let it hurt your confidence.

You will meet all kinds of men, and they may or may not appreciate a no-makeup look. 

Just consider the man you find exciting and then proceed accordingly. And if your makeup is to please yourself, no one should tell you to do otherwise.

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