can you dye your hair after taking out braids

Can you dye your hair after taking out braids? This is a million-dollar question for those who love braids but are equally in love with hair dyes.

Braiding your hair is an excellent way to protect your natural hair. But, the effects depend heavily on how efficiently you install those braids.

Once you get your hair braided, you have so many things you can or cannot do, like swimming may be off-limit unless you take precautions. 

But, it is just as important to know what you can do after taking out braids. Like, is it okay to color your hair after you take out your braids?

Yes, you can dye your hair after removing your braids, but it is better to wait at least 3 weeks for your hair to regrow and have enough hair oils.

Tip: Be sure to deep condition your hair after taking out braids but opt for the thickest conditioner to restore the much-needed moisture to your hair.

Can You Dye Your Hair After Taking Out Braids or Not?

dye hair after braids

This is a common concern among those who wear braids and are considering dying their hair.

Yes, you can use hair dye once the braids are removed. You should think about a couple of things, though.

Should You Immediately Dye Your Hair After Removing Braids?

If your hair is soft and manageable after taking out braids, you can go ahead and dye it.

But, it is better to avoid doing it right away.

Experts believe you should give your hair at least 3 weeks before removing braids and using hair color.

You need this much time to restore your natural oils and hair texture. 

When Will Your Hair Grow Back after Taking Out Braids?

For starters, you need to consider the time it takes for your natural hair to grow back after taking out braids. 

In most cases, it takes about a couple of weeks, so you may want to hold back from dyeing until then. 

What are Other Factors Affecting Your Decision to Dye? 

factors affecting decision

Whether or not you decide to color your hair after removing braids depends on a number of factors.

The list includes the products you use, the frequency with which you wash your hair, and the thickness of your hair. 

What Does Thickness Matter Before Dyeing?

If you have not taken the right care while wearing braids, your hair may not be the healthiest when you remove braids. 

If your hair is thin, dyeing right after removing braids is not a great idea.

You should avoid dying your hair while it is in Ghanaian twists if your strands are thin and unhealthy.

If you go ahead and color your thin hair, you increase the risk of your hair breaking and the texture changing over time. 

Should You Worry About Losing Hair After Taking Out Braids?

How much hair you lose when removing braids is another consideration for those looking to color their hair.

hair fall

Some people’s hair falls out once they remove their braids. If the hair loss is severe, you may want to avoid braiding altogether.   

You can go ahead with dyeing if you do not notice any hair loss issues after removing braids. 

What To Do?

A good way to prevent this from happening is to let your hair grow out before taking out your braids.

Hair development oils, conditioners, shampoos, etc., are just some examples of things you can use to foster a healthy scalp and robust hair.

Tip: Consider having a "braiding break" after 5-6 weeks and going without braids for a while to help maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Can You Get Braids Soon After Dyeing Your Hair?

You know it is better to wait to dye your hair immediately after removing your braids. But, what about getting braids after dying hair?” 

When Should You Get Braids After Dyeing Your Hair?

when to get braids after dyeing

How long is too long to wait before getting braids after dyeing your hair? It is tricky to answer that!

Whether or not the braids turn out the way you hoped for could be affected by many things. And this also includes the color you used or the style of braiding you opted for. 

Braids are recommended, but not done, for at least two weeks after coloring your hair.

This will allow your hair to heal from the dye’s chemicals and minimize any staining on your scalp.

Tip: Consider trimming your hair after taking out braids, especially if you have not done it before getting your hair braided. 

Should You Dye While In Braids Or After Taking Them Out?

Yes, it is up to you to call the shots!

There are certain effects of coloring braided hair that you might not like.

colored hair braids

Although there are several factors to consider, you will have the most luck dyeing your hair after removing your braids.

What To Consider When Dyeing While In Braids?

Before you decide to take the plunge, you need to consider a few possible outcomes of coloring while in braids.

Be Ready To Deal With Mottled Color

With braiding, the exterior of the braids will absorb the color more so than the inner side of each plait. 

While your hair is in braids, the dye job will look uniform.  But when you take the braids out, the new color will marble with the old.

Perils Of Using Permanent Hair Color

If you do not wash out the dye and shampoo it out of your hair, the permanent color will keep processing your hair.

Removing all of the dye from the inner side of your braid without damaging the strands is a challenging task.

There is also a risk of chemical burns to the scalp, especially with French braids and cornrows.

hair dye

Temporary Hair Color Is Not The Way To Go

You will not have to worry about any lift or destructive chemical reactions with temporary dyes, but there is more to it.

Everything changes when you leave your temporary hair dye in for longer.

If you take out your braids before the color has completely washed out, you may end up with an even more mottled appearance.

Dangers of Coloring Braided Extensions

Your braids will turn out differently if you use extensions and decide to color them.

Another consideration is that previously dyed human hair extensions may not take the new dye as well as virgin hair.

What about synthetic extensions?

The chemical treatment may destroy synthetic extensions, but the color will have no effect on them.

What Should You Do After Taking Out Braids?

taking out braids

You know you should not dye your hair right after removing your braids.

But, this leaves you with another question, “What should I do after taking out those braids?”

Detangle Using Your Fingers

After removing braids, the first step toward maintaining healthy hair is to detangle it with your fingers.

We know your first inclination is to grab a comb and work through the tangles and knots.

But if you do so, you will probably end up tearing off healthy hair and shedding.

Detangling with your fingers is gentler on your hair and does not take much time.

What To Do?

After taking down the braids, carefully separate the roots to release any buildup.  Then, use your fingers to detangle while you wash your hair.

Clean Your Scalp

It is important to remember to clarify and cleanse your scalp after removing a protective style.

While wearing braids, it is natural to use oils and products to keep your scalp hydrated and relieve flakiness and itchiness.

shampoo hair

 As a result, our scalps are probably full of oils (both artificial and natural) that we employed to prevent these symptoms. So, be sure to clarify it!

What To Do?

To cleanse, you need to use some powerful shampoo. Stay away from mild cleansers and co-washes, as they are not going to work.

You may also consider using apple cider vinegar to cleanse your scalp.

Tip: Wait for a few days, or even weeks after removing your braids and going for them again, as it helps prevent any damage caused by braiding.


Braids. We appreciate them year-round, but especially when it is cold outside, when we are on vacation, or when we are too weary of dealing with our hair. 

To make them look great, proper aftercare is essential.

But, it is equally important to know what you can do after taking them out. Like, can you dye your hair after taking out braids? 

Well, you can, but it is better to hold the thought for a few weeks to avoid damaging your hair.

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