can you dye hair extensions while in your head

Can you dye hair extensions while in your head?

You may have this question in the back of your head if you’re in love with your hair extensions. But, it also intrigues those who are still new to hair extensions and want to know their limitations.

Hair extensions are becoming a trend among women because they allow women to express their individuality and unique features. 

With hair extensions, you will be able to change your hairstyle easily and look elegant and beautiful at the same time.

The ability to dye your hair while wearing extensions is a major worry for most people because more than 75% of women use hair dye.

But, again, the confusion is, “Can I dye my hair with extensions in?”

Yes, you can dye your hair extensions as you like, but you may want to let a professional do it to avoid any issues.

Tip: Be sure to mix plenty of dye before you start because you will likely need more than you think.

Can You Dye Hair Extensions While in Your Head Already?

dye hair extension

It is an excellent option if you want to change your hair color, hide your roots, lighten your current shade, or hide the grays.

Sadly, it is not something you should try at home.

It is unlikely that you will be able to acquire the desired level of coverage from your home color box dye, even if you use it carefully on the extensions.

Hiring a professional stylist from a salon specializing in hair extensions is preferable to doing it yourself.

They will be able to assist you in choosing the proper color for your extensions and color the extensions themselves.

Should You Dye Extensions When Already In?

Dyeing your extensions before you install them is a much simpler process.

The reason is that your natural hair is likely to be processed much slower than your extensions.

Therefore, applying hair color to your natural hair while having your extensions in could result in a spotty, mismatched disaster.

Take extra precautions to avoid staining the keratin in your bond, nano, or micro ring hair extensions.

applying dye to hair extension

After you have finished dyeing your hair, give your bonds a thorough shampooing.


The dye can cause the keratin rings to slip, the connections to break, and the nanos to shed or disintegrate.

So, proceed carefully!

Can You Dye All Types of Hair Extensions?

Probably not!

You need to know that since synthetic hair is plastic, it cannot be dyed. You can take this liberty with human hair extensions only.

Not sure what type of hair extensions you have?

Get a burn test done on the hair extensions to determine if they are synthetic or not.

How do you do it?

Cut off a little piece of your hair and hold it over a candle. It is more likely human hair if burning hair gives forth a noxious odor.

If it begins to melt, know that your extensions are made of synthetic hair. 

Can You Darken or Lighten Your Hair Extension?

darken or lighten extension

Hair extensions can be made darker, but lightening them is highly improbable.

The vast majority of hair extensions have been dyed. As a result, bleach is required for lightning.

The cuticle of most hair extensions is never in good shape because of the harsh treatments they undergo.

You might still be able to pull it off if you do not want to go more than two shades lighter with your hair extension bleach.

But only attempt to bleach your hair extensions if you are okay with throwing them away once you are done!

What If You Want to Go Darker?

It is usually a different story when you want to darken your hair extensions.

You will find it easier to learn how to dye hair extensions while in your head if your goal is to go darker.

Still, you may not need to leave the dye on as long as directed because the extensions absorb the color more quickly than your original hair.

hair dye

Remember that wet hair is darker than dried hair, so you may want to check the color every few minutes.

In other words, be patient and let the color morph into a shade darker than what you had in mind.

Tip: Always start from the roots of your hair and then gradually move towards the tips for an even application.

What Types of Hair Extensions Can You Dye?

It is true you can dye hair extensions, but can you do it with whatever type you have?

Let’s find out.


If you wonder, “can you dye hair extensions?” when your hair is held in place by tape, the answer is yes.

However, you should avoid the tape region as the dye may deteriorate the adhesive.

tape extension

Furthermore, this necessitates that you give some thought to how far darker you want to go.

Keep in mind that if your extensions are more than two shades lighter than your natural hair, it may be apparent, especially if you have fine hair.

Weaves, Clip-Ins, and Wefts

Coloring these hair extensions is probably the simplest option, but you still need to adhere to the same guidelines as with tapes.

In addition, the glue that keeps your weaves or wefts in place may be weakened by coloring the top of your extensions, causing your hair to shed.

Taking extreme caution while dying hand-tied wefts is crucial so as not to stain the knots.


It is not recommended to color over the knots in your hand-tied wefts, as they are much more sensitive than machine-made wefts.


You can dye these extensions but be cautious.

ring extension

Avoid getting tint near the bonded area of your hair extensions, as this will damage the keratin and lead to hair loss.

This is especially critical for custom hair extensions, whose bindings are weakest in the first four weeks after installation.

It means you will cause irreparable damage to your hair extensions if you apply color to them during this time.

Tip: Never rub your extensions while trying to dry them after coloring or you risk damaging them. Instead, squeeze and pat!

How to Dye Hair Extension in Your Head Like an Expert?

It is quite encouraging to know that you will not face any issues while coloring most hair extensions.

Yet, keeping a few points in mind will help get better results.

Work with a Professional

work with a professional

Be sure to work with your colorist before you begin the dyeing process.

If you choose an experienced colorist, they will help identify the correct color during consultation.

Try to Darken Your Hair

If you really want to change the color of your extensions, be sure to go darker.

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to lighten your hair extensions.

There is a chance that the chemicals used to make the extensions will react with the lighting agents, causing damage or other problems to occur.

Go with a Lighter Shade

It means you should go darker than the existing color but it is better to go a shade darker only.

If you want to dye the extensions yourself, start with a color lighter than the one you want.

go lighter shade

To achieve the desired shade, apply a lighter shade first, then blend another shade on top.

In this approach, you may easily get the desired tone or intensity, as you already have a solid foundation color to work with.

Opt for Semi- or Demi-Permanent Dyes

It’s always a good idea to use demi-permanent hair dye for roots, toning, and shadowing the hair.

  • The dye has many advantages, including the following:
  • It offers fine color coverage without completely penetrating the cuticle.
  • It adds luster and helps maintain a smooth cuticle.
  • It has strong staying power when applied properly.
  • It can be applied over blended colors while still revealing depth.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Consider your skin tone before deciding on a color for your dye.

Warmer dye colors look best on fair skin, whereas ashy dye colors complement darker skin.

Not sure what to pick? Consult professional stylists if you need help deciding what shade will look best with your extensions.

skin tone

What to Consider

Keep your extensions in good condition after dying them to extend the life of the color.

You should use a sulfate-free, hydrating shampoo and conditioner made for dry, damaged hair. And also, use a moisture mask once a week minimum.

Tip: Be sure to give your extensions a thorough brushing session right before you apply a new color.


Your hair extensions can work wonders to improve your confidence. But, sometimes, you want to change your look, which warrants a change of color.

So, can you dye hair extensions while in your head?

You can – even though it is easier to dye when not wearing the extensions.

Still, work with a professional colorist to pick the right shade and avert a possible coloring disaster.

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