does moroccan oil protect hair from heat

Does Moroccan oil protect hair from heat? You may be looking for the answer if you just cannot live without your flat iron and silky straight hair.

It can indeed be difficult to achieve the desired outcome while straightening your hair. Flat iron is available, but it is not for everyone.

You call for trouble if you overuse styling tools, especially if your hair is already dry and damaged.

So, should you simply drop the idea of using heat styling? Probably not!

You just need to be cautious and opt for something that works as a heat protectant, like Moroccan argan oil.

Superfoods are well-known for their ability to provide optimal nutrition on all levels.

But did you know that Moroccan hair oil provides the same nourishing and protective effects for your hair?

But, is Moroccan oil a heat protectant?

Yes, Moroccan argan oil serves as a heat protectant and prevents damage when you use it before you flat iron your hair.

Tip: Using Moroccan argan oil is a great choice as a heat protectant because of its high smoke point of 420F. 

Does Moroccan Oil Protect Hair From Heat?

protect hair from heat

Because of its conditioning qualities, Moroccan oil has been heralded for quite some time as a savior in the treatment of dry, damaged hair.

But does it live up to the hype, and will you end up looking greasy?

Turns out, it is an effective remedy for damaged hair and serves as a good heat protectant as well.

It contains nutrients, keratin, antioxidants, and vitamins because of which you can rely on it as a heat protectant. 

What Is Moroccan Hair Oil?

The native Moroccan argan tree yields the argan nut, the kernels of which are used to produce Moroccan oil.

The fruit is normally sun-dried to extract the oil, and then the nuts are harvested, split, and pressed for the oil.

Moroccan oil is one of the rarer oils, and the high price tag reflects its scarcity and the fact that the cultivation of these trees is largely confined to a single country. 

Can Moroccan Oil Prevent Heat Damage?

can moroccan oil prevent heat damage

In addition to its protective qualities, Moroccan hair oil is known for its ability to enhance the condition of dry hair.

It helps to soften and smooth coarse strands and impart a stunning sheen to locks of any texture.

Here are some reasons why you may want to include Moroccan argan oil in your haircare routine. 

You Can Use It On Dry Or Wet Hair 

A few drops can be worked through clean hair to create a protective barrier before applying heat.

If your hair is dry and needs a short pass with the flat iron in between washes, or if you have any stubborn strands, the oil can help.

This oil is also useful for daily usage as a shield against the harmful effects of the sun.

You Can Use It Without Being An Oily Mess

prevent oily mess

You will not find a more lightweight oil than Moroccan oil. Who, after all, desires a layer of greasy oil over their hair?

The grip that Moroccan oil offers last all day without feeling heavy. The soft aroma is also delightful. 

You Can Expect Healthy Hair

The abundant nutrients in the oil have a genuinely transforming effect on dry, heat-damaged hair.

In fact, it is almost magical how it can repair split ends, restore hydration to dry hair, and impart a perceptible shine to all hair hues. 

You Can Use It On All Hair Types

Yes, even if it has been Brazilian blow-dried, permed, colored, or is otherwise unmanageable.

This is because the oil contains only natural compounds, such as vitamin E, Omega-9, coenzyme Q10, Omega-6 and melatonin.

These nutrients work efficiently to actively restore lost shine to the hair. 

Is It Safe To Use Moroccan Argan Oil?

is it safe to use moroccan oil

It is… at least for most skin types!

You may want to avoid using it, though, if you have excessively oily skin quite prone to breakouts.

Moroccan argan oil contains a good amount of oleic acid, a comedogenic ingredient. In other words, it can cause acne.

Therefore, using too much Moroccan oil on acne-prone skin could trigger inflammatory breakouts.

Tip: Keep your hair well-moisturized and conditioned to lower damage caused by heat styling. 

How to Heat Style Your Hair After Using Moroccan Oil?

Keep in mind that Moroccan oil is lightweight and potent. Therefore, you do not really need a lot of it to experience its benefits.

As a result of its comparative lightness, argan oil can work wonders on dry, damaged hair, restoring both moisture and luster. 

styling hair with oil

How To Use It?

Take a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand. Then, use your fingertips to massage it in your hair.

Towel-dried hair is ideal, and it is even better to work it in your hair before brushing in the morning.

How to Flat Iron Hair by Using Moroccan Argan Oil?

When using a flat iron, you need to do more than just turn it on, smooth it through your hair, and call it a day.

That is not how it works.

In order to achieve shiny, smooth, straight hair, you must master the proper techniques, and that also includes using Moroccan oil during the process. 

Step # 1: Wash Your Hair

Get rid of buildup from previous styling products and grime using a moisturizing or smoothing shampoo and conditioner. 

wash hair

Step # 2: Dry Your Hair

Ensure that your hair is completely dry before you go any further. For this, you should not rub your hair hard or you will end up dealing with frizz.

All you should do is squeeze your hair gently with a microfiber towel to get rid of excess moisture. 

Step # 3: Blow Dry

When your hair is about 80% dry, you can now switch to blow drying.

Depending on how much time you have, wet wrapping your hair may be a good idea to add shape and volume.

Ensure that the nozzle is facing downwards while blow drying. 

Step # 4: Use Moroccan Oil

Once your hair is almost dry, it is time to introduce Moroccan oil.

You should have it in your routine haircare, but do not forget to use it right before you flat iron.

using moroccan oil

Using Moroccan oil as a heat protectant shields your hair from heat damage, hydrates it, and adds a nice shine to your strands. 

Step # 5: Section Your Hair

Iron your hair in little sections rather than grabbing handfuls of hair at a time.

It is quicker to straighten your hair if you divide it into sections between one and two inches thick.

Use a clip to secure the top layer of hair while you begin working on the bottom layers in portions.

It is important to move the straightening iron smoothly and steadily.   

Step # 6: Finish by Using a Serum

For additional protection, you may want to finish your flat iron session by using a high-quality serum. 

Not only will it improve shine but also help to fix any errant flyaways.

use hair serum
Tip: Try shea butter when nothing else is available to protect hair from heat because it has a smoke point of 420F. 

What Else Can You Use To Protect Hair From Heat?

One of the best things about Moroccan oil is that besides serving as a natural heat protectant, it saves your hair from drying out as well.

However, there are a few alternative oils to consider, which work great as a heat protectant because of their high smoke point. 

Coconut Oil

With a smoke point of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, this oil is one of the most sought-after natural heat protectants.

coconut oil

It is best to use only a small amount of coconut oil on your hair because it might make your hair greasy quickly. 

Grapeseed Oil

Due to its high smoke point of 42°F, grapeseed oil can withstand high-temperature applications.

You only need a few drops of grapeseed oil, so do not use too much to prevent a glossy, greasy finish. 

Almond Oil

Due to its high smoke point of 430F, almond oil is a great choice when using a higher heat setting on your styling tools.

Besides keeping harmful elements out, this oil contains vitamins that promote hair growth and keep your locks healthy.

almond oil
Tip: Use Moroccan oil but also ensure that you do not rush when flat ironing your hair. 


Does Moroccan oil protect hair from heat? Of course, it does. In fact, it does much more than that. 

Regular use of Moroccan oil for hair care provides your locks with a high-quality superfood for straight, curly, and any other type of hair.

With Moroccan hair products, having beautiful hair is not reserved for a select few but is instead a given for everyone. The question then becomes, “Why wait?”

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