does massaging lip filler break it down

After you get a lip injection, it’s natural to ask, “Does massaging lip filler break it down?”

In fact, you may have many other questions related to lip filler aftercare, and it’s essential to find answers to them.

Thanks to the surgery’s short duration and minimally invasive nature, your trip to fuller, more attractive lips can be accomplished in a single office visit.

Because the surgery is long-lasting, you’ll require regular touch-ups (every 12-18 months) to keep your lips looking full.

While going for those visits, you can always ask your doctor, “Does massaging filler break it down?”

So, what do you think is right? Should you massage or not?

No, massaging lip filler does not break the actual product but can help a bit in breaking down a lip filler lump.

Tip: Don't be afraid to get lip fillers removed if they're expired and cause unsightly bumps.

Are You Supposed to Massage Lip Fillers?

supposed to massage lip fillers

It’s normal to experience discomfort for a few days following the treatment, such as mild swelling and stiffness.

However, following a thorough lip filler aftercare routine will hasten the healing process and leave you confident in your new lips.

And massaging can be part of your aftercare routine!

Should You Always Massage Your Lip Filler?

Probably not!

The filler may be absorbed by the body more rapidly if you have a massage. Still, it takes a long time (weeks of careful massage twice a day) to see any improvement in practice.

Let Your Doctor Decide

After receiving dermal filler injections, your doctor will provide specific instructions for aftercare.

They may urge you to gently massage your lips after a certain treatment, but this will depend on your unique anatomy and the aesthetic outcomes you hope to achieve.

Lip massage is not recommended unless specifically told to do so by your doctor.

Tip: Be quick to tell about any allergic reactions to notice immediately after getting a lip filler. Don't wait for it to improve later! 

The Role of Massage in Dealing with Filler Lumps

the role of massaging lips

When you get a lip filler, your lips will appear fantastic. However, most people experience anxiety when dealing with the lumps caused by the filler.

 Lip filler lumps are a typical side effect and shouldn’t always be a cause of concern.

After getting filler, it’s usual for patients to experience some swelling and bruising, especially around the lips.

However, it could be a significant problem if the lumps are uncomfortable.

What to Consider When Massaging Lip Filler Lumps?

Following lip filler surgery, normal bodily reactions, such as bumps, swelling, bruises, etc., are possible.

Yet most people are alarmed by the discovery of a lump, especially if it is tender.

Here’s what to consider:

Don’t Let Lumps Frighten You

do not let lumps frighten you

Please understand that you’re not alone in your experience of lumps. And your doctor hasn’t committed some unspeakable act against you if you have begun to feel them.

Typically, an allergic reaction is the root cause of the lumps.  So, don’t panic!

Time to Take Before You Massage

When the discomfort sets in, count backward the number of days since your filler injections.

You can consider massaging if it has been at least two or three days.

And if it hasn’t, the only thing that will work is cold press on the bumps.

Tip: Get your lip filler from a certified esthetician who does it with a clean and sanitized device.

Does Massaging Lip Filler Break It Down and What are the Alternatives?

what are the alternative

Subcutaneous lumps after dermal filler injections are frequent and normally fade with time.

The hyaluronic acid typically causes these beneath the skin to migrate into the surrounding tissue.

An excess filler can be removed relatively easily, and the results are usually quite satisfactory.

What to Do When a Lump is Stuck

When it’s stuck to the skin, there’s no other option but to have it cut out using a scalpel.

Hyaluronidase enzyme injections are often effective in removing lumps that have become embedded in deeper tissue.

It’s effective for removing a lump from the skin because it disrupts the connection between the filler and the cells in the tissue.

What to Do When a Lump is Not Stuck

what to do when lump not stuck

If the lump is very close to the skin’s surface, it may gradually disintegrate and work its way to the surface over the course of a few weeks.

Most filler lumps can be massaged, but you will need to be very careful. It’s possible to massage the lump out after softening it with hyaluronidase if it’s really stubborn.

Moreover, manually manipulating subcutaneous or superficially located lumps can facilitate their removal before getting Hyaluronidase injections.

Proper Techniques to Massage Lip Filler

 Typically, a certified dermatologist will demonstrate the procedure for you. But, here’s what you should know:

Massage Technique to Follow

Step #1: Clean Your Hands

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. It’s even better to use clean gloves if you can.

Step#2: Try a Lip Scrub

try some lip scrub

Make use of lip scrub. This will help get rid of the flaky skin that’s contributing to your lip bumps.

Apply some lip balm if your lips are dry and cracked. It will help keep your lips supple and hydrated while you massage them.

Step #3: Squeeze Massage

Grab your lips gently with your fingers and press lightly. Then, squeezing with two fingers, maintain pressure on the lips.

Keep going at a slanted angle, spending extra time at the nasolabial fold and anywhere else you feel a lump. If it hurts, don’t force it.

Step #4: Keep Pressing Gently

Once that’s done, you can rest your lips softly against the inner surfaces of your teeth.

If you’re experiencing any swelling or bruising, this should help. You can also utilize creams if your doctor recommends them.

Tip: Don't be hasty and talk to your doctor in detail about the best lip filler treatment considering your unique medical history.

Tips to Remember for Proper Lip Filler Aftercare

tips to remember for aftercare

Whether a cosmetic operation is intrusive or non-invasive, aftercare is essential.

It reduces unpleasant effects and facilitates speedy recovery. The following advice will be of great assistance to you while you recover.

Try Icepacks

To reduce pain and swelling, wrap an ice cube in a towel and apply it to your lips.

That’s something you can do multiple times a day. Make sure the ice is not directly on your lips.

Avoid Exercising

After getting lip fillers, you shouldn’t work out for at least 24 hours.

As your blood pressure rises during exercise, you increase your risk of experiencing further swelling and bruising.

Instead of pushing through the pain, rest and let your lips heal.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrated is always a good idea, but it’s especially important after getting cosmetic work done, like lip fillers.

It aids in a speedier recovery for the body.

Eat Healthy Food

eat a healthy food

Consume a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Avoiding salty foods for a few days can help alleviate lip swelling.

Stay in the Shade

Any exposure to heat can cause or aggravate swelling. After getting lip fillers, you should avoid staying in environments with temperatures above normal.

This may include saunas, heated rooms, gyms, and direct sunshine, for at least 48 hours.

Think Twice Before Taking Painkillers

Always be sure you connect with your doctor before using any pain medication to decrease discomfort.

Because traditional blood-thinning medications have the potential to make the bruising worse, it’s advisable to inquire about other treatment options.

Maintain Good Sleep Habits

Getting good sleep is essential for recovery, but know how to avoid hurting your lip filler.

For the next 24 to 48 hours, you should make an effort to sleep on your back with the pillow elevated.

However, it's important that you refrain from sleeping on your face until your lips have completely healed.

Avoid Make Up

avoid the makeup

After the treatment, don’t use any cosmetics or skin products.

Wait 24 and 48 hours before applying lipstick or any other lip makeup to your lips or the area around them.

Know When to See Your Doctor

With proper aftercare, you can recover easily after your lip surgery. But, you may want to talk to your doctor immediately if:

  • You notice intense swelling or bruising for over a week
  • You see signs of vascular occlusion
  • You notice an outbreak of cold sores


The use of lip filler is a popular anti-aging procedure among women in their 50s and beyond, but it works for most people quite safely. 

But, you should know everything about proper aftercare, which often includes knowing the answer to “Does massaging lip filler break it down?” 

Ideally, you should not meddle with your lip filler even if you notice a lip filler lump.

Instead, let your doctor decide, based on your unique circumstances, how beneficial massage will be in your case.

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